Sharon Wyatt
Ex-GH sexpot battles possible disfiguring disease
Posted Wednesday, April 06, 2011 3:55:00 PM
Former General Hospital star Sharon Wyatt will undergo surgery this week for a medical condition that the actress feels was brought on by a prescription medication. Wyatt appeared as Tiffany Hill on GH from 1981 to 1994.

Beautiful Sharon Wyatt (ex-Tiffany Hill Donely), will undergo surgery on her jaw Friday for osteonecrosis, also known as bone death. While on General Hospital, critics regarded Tiffany Hill as "a sexpot with savvy," and Sharon is concerned about how the disease will affect her chances for getting future roles. Sharon, 58, was concerned about being able to read lines, when she said to Daily News, "I'm afraid how it's gonna affect my speaking." She also added, "I just want my jaw back. To tell you the truth, I like the way I look."

Wyatt believes that the osteonecrosis was caused by the Merck company drug, Fosamax, which she had taken to combat osteoporosis in her back. Fosamax is prescribed to build up bones and make them more durable, however, it seems to have made Wyatt's jawbone brittle and porous. She claims that the drug was supposed to help her bones, but it only ended up making them worse. However, Merck executives insist that Fosamax has helped over ten million Americans, who had lost bone mass as they got older. Merck also cites cancer and poor oral hygiene as other possible causes for osteonecrosis. Wyatt's attorney states that he will begin lawsuit proceedings against Merck, once her surgery had been completed.

General Hospital fans were first introduced to Tiffany Hill, a B-movie actress, when Luke and Laura Spencer met her in Greece in 1981. Upon her arrival to Port Charles, Tiffany competed with Bobbie Spencer for the affection of Dr. Noah Drake, portrayed by Rick Springfield. Tiffany eventually met and married ex-spy Sean Donely in 1988. Their wedding was especially memorable and humorous, when Sean learned that his bride's real name was Elsie Mae Crumholz.

When Sean and Tiffany left Port Charles in 1994, Tiffany had just learned that she was pregnant. Tiffany Hill Donely was last seen in 2008 on General Hospital's primetime spinoff, Night Shift, when she and Sean returned to Port Charles to visit their ailing friend, Robert Scorpio.

Wyatt also played the role of Rachel Barrett on Passions.

Wyatt is currently caring for her elderly mother and knows that she must stay strong. "I told God I had about all I could handle and then this happens. So, I said, okay, fine, we'll get through this."

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