Parsons' GH exit seemingly confirmed
Posted Tuesday, December 20, 2011 12:32:57 AM
In November, whispers of Nathan Parsons' exit from General Hospital first began to be heard. Now, one of the actor's co-stars has seemingly confirmed that the actor has left the ABC soap. Parsons joined GH in 2009.
It would appear that Nathan Parsons' (Ethan Lovett) rumored exit from General Hospital is a rumor no more. Parsons' co-star, Julie Marie Berman (Lulu Spencer) seemingly confirmed the exit of her on-screen brother.

"I am sad [about] Nathan, but he wasn't used right," Berman announced during a Twitter chat. "[H]is talent was wasted."

Rumors of Parsons' impending exit first began circulating last month. In an interview with TV Guide, Parsons acknowledged that his contract was up for renewal, and ceded that the "timing's not the best."

Parsons debuted as Ethan in January 2009. His current storyline, one of his biggest storylines since joining the ABC soap, has generated a great deal of buzz.

ABC has not commented yet on Parsons' status.

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