Jen Lilley
Emotional Jen Lilley thanks fans for support
Posted Sunday, July 22, 2012 1:04:14 PM
Jen Lilley has wrapped up her run as General Hospital's Maxie Jones. Lilley joined the show in September 2011 when a medical emergency forced Kirsten Storms to leave the show. In an emotional YouTube video, Lilley thanks fans for their support.

Jen Lilley (Maxie Jones) has confirmed that she's wrapped up what was to have been a short-term stint on General Hospital.

"Thank you for making my departure from GH easier," Lilley said between tears. "And even though I'm crying, they are happy tears."

An emotional Lilley posted a video on YouTube, thanking fans for their support, and promising them that she'd let them know the minute she landed another project. The video was posted just hours after Lilley taped her final scenes on GH. The show sent her off with a cake served on-set.

During a visit to Soap Central Live in March, Lilley admitted that when she auditioned for General Hospital, she had no idea which role the show was casting.

"I was absolutely terrified, because I didn't know that I was auditioning for the role of Maxie the day before, and they kind of came out of the room after the audition, and they're like, 'Okay, by the way, it's the role of Maxie -- you have a two-hour orientation, it starts right now,'" Lilley recalled. "And then I just remember sitting in my dressing room the next morning, having memorized 30 pages but being freaked out, and I remember thinking, 'There were two other girls at the callback, and I bet that they would want to do this role, and I don't know if I can do it, and I'm so scared.' I'm sitting in my dressing room, sweating, and I remember thinking, 'I should go up to casting and just tell them to give it to one of the other girls, because I don't know if I can do this.' And then I Googled it, and it was all over Google that I was the replacement, and I was like, 'Oh, God. I'm stuck! I'm stuck! I'm stuck!'"

To hear the complete interview with Jen Lilley, please click here.

As reported last month, Kirsten Storms will be reprising the role of Maxie. Storms left the show last year for a still-unconfirmed medical reason. Storms was only expected to be off-screen for a month or two, but the actress ended up being sidelined for the better part of a year.

Lilley will last air on Friday, August 10. Storms makes her return on September 5, 2012.

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