INTERVIEW: Tamara Braun on her new Lifetime film and GH character
Posted Thursday, December 14, 2017 2:42:57 PM
Vertical GH Soap Banner INTERVIEW: Tamara Braun on her new Lifetime film and GH character
General Hospital's Tamara Braun (Kim Nero) spills details about her Lifetime film Stalked By My Ex, her new Port Charles alter ego, and returning to a hometown you'd maybe rather forget.

Tamara Braun has been one busy woman lately. In addition to recently making a highly buzzed-about return to General Hospital in the brand-new role of Dr. Kim Nero (rather than in her previous role as Carly Corinthos), her new Lifetime film Stalked By My Ex is scheduled to premiere this Friday, December 15. And lucky for soap fans, the fan-favorite actress took some time to dish with Soap Central about both exciting projects.

Braun's Lifetime film is especially thrilling because the subject matter is as juicy and dramatic as you'd expect from the network that often rivals soaps' most intense stories. Braun stars as Chloe, a woman who moves back to her hometown to escape her abusive ex Sam (Yves Bright) but ends up being stalked by him, anyway, as he hunts down the couple's daughter, Olivia (Brytnee Ratledge). Read on for the official synopsis and Soap Central's interview with the actress.

"Olivia gets a call on her [fifteenth] birthday from her father, Sam. He may get early release from prison and is anxious to see her," begins the official Stalked By My Ex press release. "Not a chance, thinks mom Chloe, listening in. She remembers the domestic violence that sent Sam to prison -- his third strike. He's staying away for a long time. Not wanting to expose her daughter, Chloe packs their belongings and returns to her mother's house in a town she'd sworn off forever. Chloe's mom is thrilled her 'girls' are home again. Chloe soon gets a lead on a great job at a yoga apparel company but there's a downside: she's up against her old high school nemesis. Out that night, Chloe sees old friend, Brian, now a police officer, then runs into two former classmates. With their kids all in high school together, they share more things in common now than they did twenty years ago, but their lingering old rivalry runs under the surface of their visit."

The release continues: "Unbeknownst to Chloe, Sam, through a legal loophole, has been released. When he goes to visit his daughter, he learns that Chloe and Olivia have moved. His temper gets him fired from his new job -- a job that would have helped him to have visitation. When Sam learns Chloe has returned to her hometown, he calls her to say he's on his way. Her friend Brian says the police can't do anything until he breaks the law, technically Sam is a free man. Sam soon arrives in town. He fails in an attempt to pick up Olivia from school. Seeing that she is now a member of the cheerleading squad, he plans to strike again at the high school homecoming bonfire. Sam sets out to find Chloe and Olivia. He breaks into her mother's house and is heading for Olivia's room when Chloe confronts him. Someone is definitely going to get hurt in this final showdown..." Despite Sam's incredibly awful history, some would argue that he had the right to see his daughter. In real life, do you think you would have made the same choice as Chloe in whisking her daughter away and keeping her from him?

Tamara Braun: Sam was in prison for running Chloe over with his car after he broke his restraining order and tried to kidnap Olivia. I think when someone is that dangerous, they should lose any parental rights. Children deserve a safe environment and to be protected. If I had a child and was in that situation, I would like to believe I would do everything I could to keep him/her safe and away from danger. What was it like working with Brytnee Ratledge?

Braun: Brytnee... my baby girl! I love her. She is such a doll. We had a great time working together. We laughed a lot! One scene we got the giggles so bad that during my coverage, I asked her not to look at me because just catching her eyes made me bust out laughing. It was painful in the good way. And what about working with Yves Bright?

Braun: Yves is a complete goofball. I don't even know how to describe his behavior. He was always teasing everyone but in a benevolent way. We laughed a lot as well. Too bad this movie wasn't a comedy because we were a bunch of dorks. Chloe is reluctant to return to her hometown and only does so out of necessity. Have you ever felt that way about returning to your hometown?

Braun: I think sometimes there are things you want to leave behind... some difficult memories or experiences that you wish you didn't have, and you think that avoiding the place those things occurred will stop the pain. So you avoid. But the truth is an issue is never really resolved unless it is dealt with. No amount of running away or staying away can erase pain. How often do you get to make it home, and will you return for the holidays?

Braun: It varies. Some years it can be two or three times a year and sometimes just once a year. Lately, it's been more like once a year and usually over the winter holidays. Yup, heading home for (hopefully) a white Christmas this year. Speaking of returns, you recently made your much-anticipated return to GH. How does it feel to be back playing a completely new character?

Braun: It's fun. I'm interested to see what adventures are in store for Dr. Kim Nero. I think she has a bit of mystery to her, and I'm looking forward to seeing what layers unfold.

Back in the saddle. #generalhospital #gh #dejavu #letsdothis #werk #daytime #return #fun

A post shared by Tamara Braun (@tamarabraun) on Has it been at all difficult to keep out of Carly mode, even though you're completely surrounded by so many people and memories from the time you played her?

Braun: I haven't been in Carly mode since 2005 when I left the show. Being around cast and crew doesn't make it difficult. I loved Carly the years I played her, but it is many years since I have played her, so I think all is good. Viewers have gotten a little taste of Kim, but of course they're dying to know more. What can you tease about who she is as a person and what fans might be able to expect in the weeks ahead?

Braun: She's really an alien from outer space. She has come to abduct someone in Port Charles. That's all I can share. No, I will not tell you who, so please stop asking! [Laughs] So far, what do you love the most about Kim?

Braun: I love her devotion to her son. I love that, so far, the relationship between Kim and Oscar is strong. As busy as Kim has been as a single mother and OB/GYN, her son has always been her priority. Their relationship is very close for a mother and son, and it's quite loving. A lot of soap opera stars work on Lifetime movies. If you could work with anyone in the daytime community on a Lifetime film, who would you choose and why?

Braun: Good question. Do I have to choose just one? Lifetime is making a lot of films, and I'd like to work with everyone in daytime, please. Let's do it, Lifetime! And finally, why do you think fans should definitely tune in for Stalked By My Ex?

Braun: To see if they can figure out where Brytnee had to look away because otherwise we would crack up!

Watch for the premiere of Stalked By My Ex on Friday, December 15, at 8/7PM C on Lifetime.

What do you think about the premise for Braunís new Lifetime movie? How do you feel about her new GH character, Kim? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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