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Sam attends a Dawn of Day seminar
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Thursday, January 17, 2019

Cameron was picking up trash outside City Hall when Laura and Lulu strolled by. Laura wondered how he was making out, and he replied that he didn't love picking up trash, but it was better than juvenile hall. Laura liked his attitude and reminded him to think before he acted in the future. He wondered if his grandmother and aunt had gotten in trouble when they were his age. Lulu replied that they'd both been "angels." He promised to learn from their example, and he walked away to continue his job.

Lulu wondered if she was "looking at Rocco in ten years," and Laura laughed. Lulu asked how Laura's first afternoon in office had been, and Laura replied that it had been "exhilarating and intimidating." Lulu had been proud to watch her mother take off her rings and be sworn in under her maiden name. Lulu had to go and promised to check in with Laura later. They both realized that they were going to Lucy's book release, and Lulu related that she was covering the party, since her story had been nixed.

Cameron continued to pick up trash as Josslyn and Oscar approached. He joked that people going to an inauguration should have enough respect to throw out their trash. He asked what they were up to, and Oscar replied that they were "planning our future." Cameron cracked that his future was all mapped out, complete with picking up more trash and insisting to his drug counselor that he'd never smoked pot. Oscar told Josslyn that they needed to revise some of their plans, and she gave the planner to a curious Cameron.

Cameron looked through the planner and wondered what was next. Josslyn replied that they were going to "hit all the high points" of Port Charles. They talked about where to take the ferry and about the delicious cookies from Eckert's. Oscar wondered how he hadn't tried the cookies before, and she quietly admitted that she'd thought that there was no hurry. Oscar had heard about the catacombs below the city and wanted to visit. Josslyn told him that all of the entrances had been closed long before, but Cameron commented that he'd heard that there was a way in. Oscar questioned where the entrance was.

Alexis entered a conference room at the hospital and instructed the orderly that she would need the room until "early evening." The orderly assured Alexis that everyone at the hospital knew how important the meeting was, and the woman left. Alexis retrieved an envelope from her bag that read, "To remain sealed until all concerned parties are gathered."

A short while later, Monica bumped into Laura outside the conference room and congratulated the new mayor. While she'd supported her nephew, she was sure that Laura would do the city proud. Scott emerged from the room and hastily ushered the women inside. When all three were sitting, Alexis told them that Scott would also be representing Serena and Lucy, and Laura would be representing Lesley. She opened the envelope and began to read.

Alexis read that the majority of Gail's assets would be put into a trust managed by a "neutral third party." Scott rattled off question after question about the trust, and Alexis promised to address the subject later. She continued that there would be an educational fund set aside for any children that Serena may have, and Gail had hoped that someone would continue the family tradition of going into medicine. Gail had also set aside an endowment to benefit mental health services at the hospital. Laura thought the idea earned Gail a portrait on the memorial wall. "There's a catch," Alexis interrupted.

Alexis continued to read that the hospital would only receive the endowment after "certain provisions" were met, but she admitted that the instructions were unclear. She told Laura, Monica, and Scott that "the parties present will be summoned back for further instruction." Monica asked Alexis to let them know when she learned more. The three thanked Alexis, and she left. Laura commented that Gail had left them a mystery to solve.

At the hospital, Finn did a double take as he saw Anna walk down the hall. He asked why she was up, and she revealed that she was going "stir crazy" sitting in bed. She confided that if she got in bed, she would get drowsy then close her eyes, and Finn finished that she was afraid that when she opened her eyes, she would be blind again. She wondered if he'd made any progress in researching the virus that had caused her blindness.

Finn told Anna that the virus had been "considered eradicated," and the first person who'd gotten the virus and passed it on to a patient was a doctor named Arthur Cabot. Anna recognized the name as the doctor who'd done medical research for the DVX. She didn't know what the doctor did specifically, but she knew that the DVX was interested in biological weapons that would make people sick or make them more susceptible to mind control, which had been Faison's area of expertise. "Suddenly, it doesn't seem so random that you contracted this virus," Finn commented. "Not random at all," she agreed.

Sam and Jason sat at the bar at Charlie's, and he asked if she needed a shot before she left. She replied that she needed to be sober to attend the seminar at Kristina's house. He wanted to go with Sam, but she thought that his presence would be suspicious to Shiloh. He told her to be careful and wished her luck, and she left. Just then, Jason's phone went off, and he saw a text from Drew that read, " Where are u? Need a favor."

A short while later, Drew joined Jason at Charlie's. Jason expressed his sympathy for Oscar's situation. Drew informed Jason that Oscar didn't have a lot of time left, and he was worried that Josslyn would cost Oscar time he didn't have by encouraging him to look for a cure that didn't exist. He asked Jason to talk to Carly about explaining the situation to Josslyn, and Jason agreed to talk to her. However, he believed that Drew didn't have to worry about Josslyn, because she would probably keep fighting to make whatever time Oscar had left the best it could be.

Sam arrived at Kristina's house, and Kristina excitedly greeted her sister. Sam asked about the seminar, and Kristina informed Sam that it was called "Unburdening Your Past." Shiloh entered to applause from the group in the house, and he thanked everyone for attending. He explained that everyone relived past memories, but to break the cycle, one had to recognize it to move on. He asked Daisy to assist him, and he wondered who was ready to "shed a painful memory."

A few minutes later, a man sat down, and Shiloh asked for another volunteer. Kristina raised her hand and sat down in front of Shiloh. He told her to close her eyes, and Daisy stepped forward to question Kristina. Through the questions, Kristina talked about her abusive relationship with Kiefer. She cried as Daisy forcefully told Kristina that Kristina hadn't left because she'd just been glad that Kiefer had been paying attention to her. "That's enough!" Sam yelled, running to her sobbing sister.

Sam scolded that Daisy was supposed to be Kristina's friend and that she had no idea about Kristina's relationship with Kiefer. Kristina insisted that it was all right, as the group had been helping her move on from the "shame." Shiloh ended the seminar to applause. Sam apologized if she'd embarrassed Kristina and insisted that she trusted Kristina if she said the group had been helping her. Kristina had chores to do, but she promised to see Sam soon and walked away.

Shiloh thanked Sam for attending and thought it had been good to see her. Sam questioned what made him qualified to run a self-help group about emotional trauma. He replied that everyone had darkness in their past, and she should understand that "more than most." He hoped that she would return, and she promised to. "This definitely isn't the last you'll see of me," she assured him, and she left.

Nina was setting up for Lucy's book release party at Metro Court when Valentin entered. He liked that she was "civic-minded," supporting a book that was good publicity for the city. Speaking of being civic-minded, she revealed that she'd been thinking about joining the school board. She wanted to ensure that every child had the best education possible, and she thought it was a plus that she would have some authority in dealings with teachers.

Valentin assured Nina that Willow meant well, but Nina thought that Willow hated strong women. Just then, Willow entered, and Nina was unhappy to see her. She cheerfully greeted Willow, who told Nina that Chase had invited her, but she was really early. She left to find out when he would be there. Valentin commended Nina for being cordial with her enemy. Nina thought that Willow treated her like she had no important role in Charlotte's life. "We can fix that," Valentin replied.

Valentin told Nina that he'd been the happiest he'd ever been with both Nina and Charlotte under his roof, and Nina agreed. He didn't think there was any point in imposing a waiting period on the "inevitable," so he asked her to "marry me again, Nina." He told a shocked Nina that he wanted to rebuild their family with Charlotte and live the rest of their lives together. "Is that something you'd be interested in?" he asked.

Willow sat at the bar, and Lulu wondered if Chase was stuck at work. Willow explained that she was too early, while he was running late. Lulu offered to buy Willow a drink and tell her everything about being involved with a detective, and Willow accepted. Lulu also wanted to apologize for Charlotte's behavior, and she assured Willow that it wouldn't happen again. Willow cringed and admitted that she was going to contact Lulu the next week. Lulu wanted to know what was going on.

A few minutes later, Lulu and Willow approached Nina and Valentin, and Lulu asked for a minute of their time for some "troubling" news about Charlotte. Willow explained that Charlotte had been struggling in History and only pulling C's until the previous week, when Charlotte had received two A's. Willow had noticed that Charlotte and her friend Kendra, who sat next to Charlotte, had had identical answers on their last two quizzes, including the incorrect ones. Willow thought that Charlotte was cheating, as Kendra's scores had been consistent, while Charlotte's A's had been outliers.

Willow offered to tutor Charlotte, but Nina didn't want her stepdaughter being tutored by someone who believed that Charlotte was a cheater and a bully. Nina stormed off, and Valentin thanked Willow for her attentiveness to Charlotte. He informed Willow that he'd been studying history with Charlotte, so she'd raised her scores on her own. Valentin followed Nina, and Willow and Lulu went back to the bar.

Lulu told Willow that she and Valentin mostly agreed on things regarding Charlotte, so she believed that Valentin had been telling the truth about studying with Charlotte. Willow told Lulu that she didn't know anything for sure, except that Charlotte had no malicious intent. She continued that kids usually cheated to avoid the adults in their lives being disappointed. Lulu conceded that Charlotte had had a lot of changes in her home life. She apologized on Nina's behalf and insisted that Nina meant well. As Nina and Valentin returned, Willow replied that she could see that Nina just really cared.

Nina grumbled about Willow thinking Charlotte was a "bad seed." Valentin appreciated Nina defending Charlotte, and he'd especially liked that she'd called Charlotte her stepdaughter. "It slipped out," she claimed. He continued that he liked that that was how Nina thought of Charlotte because it meant that, somewhere, she still thought of him as her husband.

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• "Josslyn's in trouble," Carly tells someone on the phone.

• Alexis wants to know how her daughter fits in.

• Oscar wants Josslyn to get help.

• Michael introduces Willow to Wiley.

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