GH Recaps: The week of January 27, 1997 on General Hospital
Robin decided to start a new HIV protocol. Monica's sexual harassment trial started. Tensions mounted when Sonny was stranded with Brenda in Jax's apartment and Jax and Miranda spent the night together in a motel after experiencing car trouble.
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Monday, January 27, 1997

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Tuesday, January 28, 1997
by Jessica Greig/

The show opens in Jason's room. Jason putting his sweatshirt/jacket on Robin because she's cold. Robin thanks him and he asks her what for. She tells him that she likes that he's not trying to make her feel better, like Mac or Brendas would do. She talks about how scared she is to try the new HIV protocol. She's afraid that it won't work and that it will take away that things that she has left....

Next we see Miranda and Jax cuddled up together in the car on the side of the road. Jax tells her they have two options. 1) to stay in the car and freeze or 2) to try to find help and freeze. He says he prefers to stay active. Miranda protests getting out and looking for help, but Jax jumps out of the car and she follows him...

Next up is Sonny. He's sitting out in his car looking up out of the window at something (Brenda's room). Cut to Brenda walking into the living room to get a pain pill. She takes the pill and then looks out the window. "Damnit Sonny!" she says with a sour expression on her face....

Stefan and Katherine are in her hospital room. He's sitting on her bed holding her while she cries. He asks her if she's feeling better and she says that maybe she just needed someone to hold her. She hesitates a second and then says that she just needed HIM to hold her. She tells him that there's something she has to tell him, that she can only tell him. She tells him it's her own fault that she'll never walk again. She explains to Stefan that the nerves in her spine are compressed and not severed and that Tony believes that if she works hard she could walk again. Katherine says that she knows better than to believe that, though, because she has never succeeded at anything in her life, that she created herself with fancy clothes and diamond rings that she even wears in the hospital. Stefan realizes that she believes she'll never walk again because she thinks she can't achieve anything independently. She agrees and thanks him for stating this realization without any pity in his voice. He tells her he finds it hard to pity one of the bravest, most beautiful women he's ever met. He says that he's never come here without seeing her smile and that takes courage and that she bears everyone else's pity and her situation so well and that takes strength and that she was born with nothing and now she's a wealthy woman and that takes determination. He tells her that if she created herself to do it again: A cook's daughter who can buy herself diamonds and learn to walk again....

Cut to Bobbie and Tony in the Brownstone with Lucas. They're all sitting on the couch together. Bobbie says that Lucas' fever is going down and so the medicine must be working. Tony comments on how it's a good thing that Mac fixed the boiler or they'd have had to check into the Port Charles Hotel. Lucas asks if they can, so that he can go swimming. They all laugh and Bobbie and Tony say no, of course, and they tell him to finish up his drink (some sort of substance in a chocolate, tea??? no clue, sorry:) ). Lucas asks if he can hear a story if he finishes his drink and Bobbie says ok. He wants to hear the story of Prince Ivan and the Magic Firebird, which is in Russian so only Stefan and Nikolas can read it, but he likes to look at the pictures. Bobbie says it sounds like fun and then she tells Lucas to kiss Tony goodnight and they exit together to go upstairs to bed.

Back to Jason and Robin. Robin tells Jason that she was at the hospital today and she didn't tell him about it, but she can't figure out why. Jason tells her that she probably didn't want to worry him and that he does the same thing sometimes. Jason asks her to tell him what's really bothering her. Robin agrees and explains to him that the results of the test that she had. They were fine, but she says she feels differently inside, like there's no time left. She says that something inside of her is awake now and it's getting stronger. She says she has to decide right now, whether or not she's going to start the new treatment. It's a hard choice because if she doesn't start it she'll die, but if she does, maybe she'll still die, but she'll just have to take a lot of pills first, so why should she sinn up to be a sick person before she has to???

Back at the Brownstone. Bobbie enters just as Tony finishes leaving a message for Carly (yuck!). Bobbie tells Tony that Lucas fell asleep before she could read him the story and that maybe Tony could read it to him in the morning. Tony says ok and then makes a joke about his (non-existant) Russsian skills. They both laugh and Bobbie starts to get ready to leave. She jokes about getting to used to the good life and that pretty soon she won't be able to anything by herself anymore. Tony tells her sincerely that she's still the best mom that he knows and thanks her for coming. She's touched by his words and smiles at him. She thanks him and tells him anytime and then moves to exit. She comments on how well Lucas is handling the situation and Tony agrees. Then Lucas enters and asks Bobbie why she's leaving. Tony and Bobbie exchange looks that say maybe they were wrong about how Lucas is taking things....

Back to Sonny's car. Brenda opens up the door and gets in and asks him why he's there because he was supposed to leave. Sonny says he won't leave until he knows that she's safe. Sonny wants to walk Brenda back up to her room, but she tells him to leave again. Sonny tells her to say hi to the doorman on her way up--he's one of Sonny's men. Brenda asks him how many more men he's got stationed there. Then she tells him that if he's going to stay to just be somewhere where Jax won't see him when he comes home. Sonny says IF he comes home and then asks Brenda where Jax and Miranda are. Brenda tells him to get lost and exits. Sonny smirks to himself.

In a dark motel room: Jax and Miranda enter and search for the lights. When they turn them on they see that the room has a tropical theme (fake bamboo, lots of orange and green--very tacky). The room reminds Miranda of the shack on the beach in Australia. She says that they started their marriage in a shack, they might as well end it in one...:) Jax tells her that she can take the first shower and tells her that when she's done she'll come out to find a feast awaiting her. Miranda reminds him that there is no restaurant in the hotel, but Jax says that he'll find one. Miranda tells him that she'll even wash her hair to give him more time to find something, but that it's not going to work because he's finally going after something that he's not going to get. Jax grins and says, "Don't bet on it!."...

Back with Jason and Robin. Jason asks her if she feels sick, but Robin says that she doesn't. She says she doesn't know how long that will last, though. She tells him that the sooner she starts the treatment the better her chances. Jason suggests that she wait a while before she makes the decision, but Robin says it's better to start now while the protocol will be most effective. Jason tells her it'll be harder to start if she's afraid. Robin gets really frustrated at this point and just shouts at him, "How would you know? You're not afraid of anything!" Jason is stunned and looks at her serioulsy and whispers that she told him so that's how he knows. Robin apologizes for yelling and Jason says that he understands that she's just scared, even if he doesn't know how that feels. Robin tells him that she thinks he does because he's scared for her. Jason gets very serious and tells her that he'd take the pain away from her if he could. He'd take everything. He'd die for her (awww...). They go on to talk about running away to Switzerland if something should happen to Sonny's "business" and Robin tells him about a dream that she had where they did have to run away, but they got caught because they had to stop so she could take her pills. Jason tells her not to be afraid of losing her because she won't. She tells him that there is another way that she could lose him. She says that if she starts the protocol and misses a day the HIV will build up a resistance and then no drug could help her. If it doesn't work, she'll be carrying a virus even more dangerous and that she'd be afraid to touch him if that happened. Jason gets up abruptly and pulls out a dictionary and some medical journals and tells her that he's been searching for a study that will make her believe that it's safe for them to have intercourse together. Robin gives him a look and laughs and asks him if he's found anything yet. He says no, but he's not giving up. He adds that all the journals say that what they're doing is safe, no matter what virus she might have. They kiss. Jason tells her that it's fine if they never have sex, but that they're still going to keep making love, unless she decides she doesn't want him anymore. Robin tells him that she'll always want him and that she loves him. He tells her he loves her too....

Cut to Brenda in the hotel room talking to Jax on the phone. Jax tells her that he and Miranda are stranded and going to stay the night in a motel room together. Brenda is not happy, but accepts it. Jax tells her he loves her and Brenda just hangs up the phone. There's a knock at the door. Brenda jumps and then asks who's there. It's Sonny. She doesn't want to let him in, but he just tells her he'll use his key (!) if she doesn't let him in, so she does. She yells at him and accuses him of being behind all of the presents because he wants her back so bad that he'll do anything. Sony denies it. They fight some more. Brenda keeps trying to get him to leave, but Sonny won't budge. He tells her about how easily "these people" got to him in a crowded hospital and in his fully occupied apartment building, so it would be easy to get to her. She asks him why they would come after her and he tells her that it's no secret what they are to each other. Brenda says were, but Sonny says are. Brenda tells him Jax will protect her, but Sonny argues that Jax is not there. She gets angry and tells him that that's why he's there, to try to convince her that something crazy is going on. Sonny loses it and screams at her that he watched his wife and child explode and he swore to himself that he would never let that happen to someone he loved again and tells her that he's going to protect her. He won't lose her. Brenda gets all quiet and tells him it's ok if he stays. Sonny sits down and she walks to the Brandy (and pain pills) and makes him a drink. She asks him how bad it is and he tells her that he can't trace "these people" and that they're very good, which is why he wants her to be careful. She tells him she's not afraid and then offers him the drink. She takes a pill and makes a lame excuse about the pain in her hip acting up. Sonny says that he's sorry and Brenda tells him that they should stop being sorry about everything to each other and he agrees. She tells him she's glad that he's there and then exits to the bedroom....

Back with Bobbie and Tony. Lucas is back in bed. Bobbie asks if she can stay the night there and they fall into an old routine of boring conversation. They talk about fixing the bay windows and then they make a fire. After the fire is made, Tony tells her that she's always been a fine fire-making/surgery assistant. Bobbie says that she has to go and talks about Lucas for a few minutes. Then she tells Tony that it's nice to know that they can still be parents together. Tony hesitates and it seems like he might tell her about the custody suit he's planning, but ends up just telling her to drive safely....

Back to Stefan and Katherine. Stefan tries to lift her spirits some more by making her realize how strong she was to get through those surgeries after the accident, as he called it. He tells her she's too strong to give up. She tells him she doesn't have the strength to try and walk again on her own. Stefan tells her that he believes she can do it if she just fights for it. He looks at his watch and sees that it's almost morning. Katherine asks him to open the blinds and he does so. He looks out the window and describes the view of the park. Katherine asks him to carry her to the window because she'd like to see the view. He says he will if she swings her legs over the side of the bed. she protests at first, but then she moves her legs with her hands over the side of the bed and it thrilled that she could do it. Stefan smiles and then picks her up and takes her over to the window. Katherine looks at him and then describes the beauty that she sees outside. He looks at her and whispers "beautiful" and she looks at him....

Back in the tacky, I mean Tiki Motel with Jax and Miranda. Miranda comes out of the bathroom wearing a long orange thing, probably a towel, though it could be a sheet or a shower curtain, I'm not sure...:) She sees Jax on the bed with a pile of vending machine food sitting next to him. She's impressed and sits down on the bed to dig in when Jax produces an orange. Miranda is surprised and wonders where he got it. Jax says that he has his sources and that it's probably the most expensive orange that she'll ever eat. She grabs for it, but Jax tells her that she has to tell him that she was wrong and that he is infallible before he'll give it to her. She doesn't want to, but then he starts to eat it himself and she gives in and tells him what he wants to hear. He gives her the orange and then she says that of course anyone with lots of money can be infallible. He lunges for the orange and ends up on top of her. They laugh and then realize the position that they're in and get quiet. They almost kiss, but the phone rings and ruins the moment. It turns out the car is ready, so Miranda gets up to change so they can leave. She tells him not to eat her orange while they're gone...

Back to Jason and Robin. They're in bed. Robin tells Jason that one of the first things that she thought of after Alan told her about the protocol was that they might be able to make love like other people... somthing she knows Jason wants. Jason laughs and tells her what they have is enough, but Robin is unconvinced because of his medical jounal searches. He tells her he's doing it because he doesn't want her to be afraid it they try to make love, just like he wants her to start the treatment for herself and no one else. Robin asks him what he would do and he says he doesn't know. He'd have to talk to Alan and Robin asks him if he will, so that he can give her his opinion. He says he'll do it. She thanks him. Later, she's fully dressed watching him sleep and he wakes up and sees her. He tells her that he watches her sleep too and always wants to wake her up with a kiss, but can never figure out what he'd say to her after he woke her up. He says that's the way he feels when he looks at her, there's no words for it. She agrees and says that she guesses love is the best they can do. They kiss goodbye and she exits to have breakfast with Mac.

Back and Brenda and Jax's. Sonny is sitting on the couch with a drink in his hand when Jax walks in. He gives Sonny a look that would turn anyone else into sand and Sonny grins and him and says hello...

Wednesday, January 29, 1997
by Jessica Greig/

Ok, the show opens with Katherine still in Stefan's arms looking at each other next to the window. A few minutes later he lays her down on the bed and covers her up with her blanket. Katherine tells him that for the first time she doesn't feel like a burden to herself or anyone else. She kind of makes fun of his strict manners, but tells him that she likes them. He tells her he's glad that she's feeling so good about the chance to walk again. Katherine describes the view of the park that she saw when Stefan carried her over to the window and tells him that the next time she looks out the window she'll be standing there and she hopes that he'll be there beside her. He smiles and tells her that she should get some sleep because they've been up all night talking. Katherine jokes that she hasn't pulled an allnighter since high school. Katherine then tells him about how amazed she is that he was the only one that could get through to her even after so many others had tried and failed. He tries to get out of all the credit that she's giving him, but she doesn't let him. She tells him that he didn't handle her and she hates being handled and that whatever he did worked. He interrupts her and tells her that she should give herself some credit for what she did, but Katherine says that she hasn't done anything yet, though she promises to work hard at physical therapy, on one condition. He has to keep visiting her. Stefan promises to keep visiting. Then he kisses her hand and goes to exit. He turns to face her before he goes out the door and tells her that he has to be there to see her walk to the window. He exits and Katherine smiles and whispers to herself, "Goodbye, whoever you are."

Next up comes Mac, Felicia, and Robin all in the Outback. Mac is serving them coffee from behind the counter. Robin is talking about how much she's enjoying her vacation when Miranda enters. She comes over and Mac introduces her to Robin. Miranda and Robin exchange "hellos" and "I've heard so much about yous" and then Miranda describes her night caught in the storm/hotel with Jax. Then she goes to exit because she's tired and because Robin says that she wants to talk to Mac privately. As Mac and Robin begin to talk Felicia pulls Miranda over to the side to grill her about what happened between she and Jax the night before. Felicia asks Miranda what happened and Miranda tells her that she and Jax are now officially divorced (did I hear a Hallelujah out there anywhere?). Miranda says that being dead was a lot easier than the divorce and that maybe subconsciously she had been hoping to be with Jax again even though consciously she hadn't been letting herself hope for that. She has a flashback of them cuddled together in the car during the snowstorm. Felicia asks her if she still loves him and Miranda says that's a given (in other words, yes). Felicia asks her how she feels and Miranda says that she's sad and that she doesn't trust Brenda to make Jax happy, but that maybe she's wrong and it'll work out. Felicia looks away after Miranda says this and Miranda asks her what she's thinking. Felicia tries to get out of telling her, but she finally admits that she was thinking about how Brenda and Sonny act when they're together and she agrees that maybe Brenda might hurt Jax because of all of the unfinished business between her and Sonny. Miranda talks about the "amazing trust" that she had with Jax (gag!) and how she doesn't think that Brenda can have that with Jax if Brenda is still hung up on Sonny. Just then Audrey enters and approaches Felicia and Miranda with a large envelope in her arms. Felicia reintroduces Miranda and Audrey and then Miranda exits to go to sleep. Audrey asks Felicia if she's seen Tom, but Felicia says no. Throughout their conversation, Felicia learns that Tom lied to her about staying the night at the hospital. Audrey leaves for a moment to say hi to Robin and Felicia has a flashback of Tom lying to her during a telephone conversation about being at the hospital. Audrey returns and Tom enters happy to see his two favorite ladies. Audrey gives Tom the envelope, which is the "urgent test results" he needed and exits shortly thereafter. Tom asks Felicia how she weathered the storm without him and she says things went ok, but that she missed him. He says he missed her too. Then she asks him if he got enough sleep at the hospital, even though she knew very well that he wasn't there, and he lied (again!) and said that he slept ok. Then he excuses himself because he has to go to a meeting. He says, "I love you" and exits. Felicia says, "I know, so why are you lying?" and then stares off into space.

Meanwhile, Mac and Robin have been talking about the new HIV protocol she's considering starting. Mac wants her to start it of course and goes on about how she's strong enough to handle it. Robin talks of her frustration of this "Robin, the wonder dog" image (her words, not mine) that she's saddled with. Everyone expects her to always be perfect and it's frustrating. She tells Mac that she's scared and Mac tells her he'll support any decision that she makes. Later Miranda comes back down from her apartment. She says hello again to Mac and Robin before she heads over to visit Katherine. Mac and Robin both express how lucky they feel to have each other. Still later on, they say goodbye to each other because Robin doesn't think she'll get a chance to see him again before she leaves. Felicia comes over to say goodbye and tells Robin that she saves all of Robin's letters because maybe they might be published someday. Robin gives her and "Oh, please"-type look and exits (no wonder she has a need to be so perfect!). Felicia stares off into space and Mac asks her what's wrong. Felicia blurts out that she knows Tom is lying to her and blurts out that she thinks he's cheating on her. She realizes what she just said and is embarrassed by it. She tells Mac to disregard what she said and exits in a hurry.

Next up is Sonny on the couch in Brenda and Jax's apartment drinking a brandy. Jax is livid. He yells at Sonny (of course) and Sonny tries to explain why he's there when Brenda enters and tells Jax that Sonny is there because she asked him to stay. Jax is shocked (and rightfully so). Sonny tries to get Brenda off the hook and says that he forced Brenda to let him stay there, but Brenda won't let him lie for her. She explains the fact that she received another present and called Sonny about it and how she was scared and how that eventually led to her asking Sonny to stay the night. Jax kept interrupting her through this explanationa attacking Sonny and her judgment so Brenda got pretty mad and asks him why she has to defend the fact that Sonny spent the night there when he had just spent the night with Miranda (good point!). Sonny jumps in and tells Jax that nothing happened and Jax says that he doesn't doubt that and then tells Sonny to get lost. Sonny says that he didn't come there to fight or to watch one. Jax says that the divorce papers have been signed and that he and Brenda will soon be married, so isn't about time to dismantle this triangle? Sonny tells Jax he's a fool if he doesn't think that Brenda is in trouble because "these people" are using Brenda to get to him. Jax makes a good point by saying that if he really believes that then why did he spend the night there and reinforce the idea that "these people" have of his relationship to Brenda. This leads to an all-out shouting match with Sonny telling Jax that he can't not protect her because he watched Lily blow up in a car and got a needle stuck in his neck and he can't let something bad like that happen to Brenda. Jax tells him that he'll protect Brenda so Sonny can leave. Sonny says ok, but that his "staff" will be watching her at all times. He and Jax fight some more and then Brenda interrupts and says that's enough fighting. Sonny says ok and then reminds Jax of his triangle remark and tells him that he can't count (Miranda makes 4--LOL!!!) and exits. Brenda and Jax are left alone to sort out what's going on. They argue about Sonny some more and Brenda tells him that she doesn't understand why he's attacking her. Jax says he's not attacking her, but he has every right to be angry because he came home to find her ex-lover on HIS sofa drinking HIS brandy after a night of emotional anguish (uh-oh). Brenda tells him again that nothing happened and asked him about his night. He tells her that she already knows what happened because he told her about it on the phone last night about it, something she didn't think to do for him. Brenda says she doesn't remember hearing about emotional anguish on the phone (ouch!). Jax gets angry and tells her not to trivialize what he and Miranda went through (yuck!) and then tells her that he knows that she brought the book of poems to Miranda and he accuses her of attacking Miranda. Brenda downplays the significance of the confrontation and they fight some more. Jax announces that it hurt him to divorce Miranda and Brenda is hurt by this statement. Jax tries to stop the fighting and tells her he loves her and wants to marry her, but Miranda comes up again and that leads to another fight. In the end Jax just says that he's sorry for everything and exits to bedroom. Brenda goes to follow him, but turns around and looks out the window.

Now we're in the graveyard. There's a figure next to a headstone. The figure kneels down and is revealed to be Sonny's former right-hand-man, Harry. He's "talking" to Lily. He tells her she shouldn't be out here in the cold and that Sonny has to pay for the fact that she is. He gets up and walks away from the grave a little. He has a wedding band in his hand and he has flashbacks of Sonny and Lily's reception at Luke's, Sonny telling Harry to keep an eye on Lily when he was going to leave town with Brenda, talking to Lily in the airport and her telling him not to tell her father that she's coming home to Puerto Rico when she was going to leave Sonny, and a conversation he had with Sonny where Sonny blamed himself for Lily's death. Harry says to himself that it was his job to protect Lily when Sonny wouldn't. "Damn Sonny and damn me."...

Back in Katherine's hospital room. Miranda comes in and makes small talk with Katherine for a while. Then she notices Katherine's new haircut and nightgown (she does look different and she's wearing makeup--more than the I'm not wearing makeup, but I really am look she usually has). Katherine fills Miranda in on her newfound determination and enthusiasm for walking again. Miranda wants to know why and so Katherine tells her about the mysterious stranger that works in the hospital at night and visits her. She sings his praises and tells Miranda that she doesn't want to know his name because it's better if he's a mystery. Miranda is just so happy that Katherine wants to do the physical therapy. Miranda helps her into her wheelchair after Katherine invites her to come along to her first session. As they exit Stefan watches them go...he was listening at the door for a while before their exit.

Back in the graveyard. Sonny is there talking to Lily mourning the life they could of had if he hadn't "let" her die. He promises not to let the same thing happen to Brenda. We here a noise and Sonny whips out his gun and shouts, "What the hell are you trying to do to me ?" The other party turns out to be Tom. He's there to give Sonny an update on Lesley's condition. He complains about lying to Felicia and then tells Sonny that there is an opening for Lesley in the hospital in Switzerland and that Sonny better get the whole Spencer clan there by tomorrow.

On a street in the city. Harry is walking and stops and looks up at the sky. He says to whomever, "It should have been you Brenda. Sonny should have watched you die." (uh-oh)

Thursday, January 30, 1997
by Jessica Greig

The show opens with Ned on the phone in the airport. Alexis enters. She's obviously looking for him and when he get off the phone she offers him a ride to the courthouse--the sexual harrassment suit starts today. Ned tells her that he wants to support Monica, but he just doesn't want to go to the courthouse today. Alexis won't let him out of it that easily and she asks him to be a character witness for Monica. Ned is dead set against it (could he be worried that his long-ago-but not quite forgotten affair with Monica might be exposed on the stand?) and tells Alexis that the Quartermaine's skeletons rattle as they walk and he knows that Monica would not want him to testify. Alexis gets the idea and lets him off the hook. She exits to rush to the courthouse.

At the Quartermaine mansion Alan is trying to get Edward to come with him to the courthouse, but Edward says Monica will have enought support and basically refuses to go and exits. Alan comes over to AJ and Emily who are eating breakfast. He asks Emily why she's not in school and she gives him the very lame "I have a sore throat" excuse. After _Dr._ Alan examines her and finds no sign of swelling she fesses up that she doesn't want to have to face her peers at school because of all of the rumors about Monica floating around there. AJ gives her a pep talk about knowing how she feels and offers to take her to school. They exit and Jason enters. He asks Alan if he can talk to him and Alan of course is overjoyed that he wants to and says yes. Jason starts to speak and then the phone rings. It's Monica at the courthouse asking where Alan is. She had just had a confrontation with Dorman that was interrupted by his lawyer and is a little shaken up. Alan explains that Jason is there and Monica tells him to stay with Jason and update her later about their conversation. Alan hangs up the phone and he and Jason have a frank talk about HIV and the positive and negative aspects of the treatment Robin is considering starting. Alan is impressed with Jason's medical knowledge and gets his hopes up that Jason might be remembering something, but his hopes are dashed when Keesha comes in looking for AJ and Jason is his rude self with her. Jason asks Alan why Robin should start the new treatment when it may take 10-12 years before she gets worse and they might find a cure by then. Alan goes over and gets a magazine and shows it to Jason. He's already read it. The article says that the new protocol could suppress the HIV virus completely and healthy cells would replace infected ones within the next 3 years, so why should anyone wait for a cure when it might never come if they have an option like this? Alan asks Jason outright if he's HIV+ because Jason hasn't come right out and said that he's asking all of these questions for Robin. Jason says that he's not and asks Alan if Robin eventually had no virus in her blood stream because of the new protocol would it be safe to have sex and Alan says no, because not all of the tests can detect HIV and therefore there might be risk and they wouldn't even know that. They go on to have a "heart-to-heart" type talk about how Jason can only help Robin by doing nothing. Jason can't accept that at first, but then Alan reminds him that Jason expects the Q's to do that for him. Jason gets it and then asks to use the phone. Alan tells him not to spoil him with all of these requests and exits to go to the courthouse. Jason calls Sonny. We only hear Jason's side of the conversation. He tells Sonny he's meeting Robin on the bridge, that he can't tell her that Sonny has to (what I don't know) and something about 2 hours and hangs up. Justus enters. They exchange hellos and Jason exits. Ned enters. He compliments Justus on his work on a Hong Kong deal and proposes that they start rebuilding Ward House and add a drug rehab center to it. Justus is suspicious of Ned's motives and Ned finally tells him that he's doing it to improve his image with Lois. They agree to work together for their own benefits and Edward enters happy to see them getting along. He tries to get Ned over to ELQ and again refuses to go and support Monica in court and exits.

Robin comes to visit Kevin at the lighthouse. She gives him a big hug and asks if she can talk to him privately. Lucy is actually pretty considerate and scoots off hurriedly to the Outback to give them time alone. Robin talks about her anxiety about starting the new HIV protocol because she would have to think about HIV all the time and she doesn't know if she can handle that without Jason around all the time. Kevin tells Robin to tell Jason that she needs him at Yale, but Robin says she loves him enough to want to protect him and not ask him to give up his life in Port Charles. She asks Kevin if she can keep calling him from school and Kevin says that she can even call him collect. She thanks him for his help and they hug and say goodbye. Robin exits. Lucy enters later, after her trip to the Outback where she unsuccessfully tried to get Felicia to start their friendship over again. Kevin tells her that his talk with Robin went well. He says he should become a friend-for-hire, the "I'll be there for you" guy. Lucy gets a far away look in her eye and says that There for You is a great new name for a perfume and goes off on the idea for a while. Then the doorbell rings. It's a guy with a certified letter for Kevin. Kevin says, "That's me, certifiable," and signs for the letter. It's a letter from Stefan. He wants Kevin to be the new presonnel consultant for Cassadine, Inc.

While Alan and Jason were talking AJ was not bringing Emily to school like he promised. He took her to the Outback to get some ice cream (huge banana splits). AJ says they'll just tell Alan and Monica that his car stalled and he couldn't get her to school. She doesn't want to lie, but gets talked into it (she's getting pretty good at it actually...:) ). They talked frankly about alcoholism (that they promise to keep a secret) and people picking on you at school as they eat their ice cream. Keesha enters. She comes over to the table and AJ tells her about the car stalling. Emily gives him a look and after Keesha offers to drive her to school she says she'll walk and exits. Keesha tells AJ that Jason was at the Q's when was there earlier andAJ eventually fesses up that the car didn't really stall an they go to exit to the courthouse when Jason walks in. AJ gets upset when he finds out the Jason forgot about Monica's court date that day and exits in a huff. Keesha and Jason have a serious discussion about how Keesha has accepted the fact that he's not Jason Quartermaine, her boyfriend, anymore while Detective Taggert looks on (he entered during AJ and Jason's short "conversation"). She tells Jason that she doesn't understand how Robin can have the patience to date him because she thinks he's about as appealing as a 2x4. Jason laughs and says that they can finally start over. They reintroduce themselves as Robin enters and comes over. Keesha and Robin hug and Keesha talks about her hopes of getting into the police academy and exits to go to the courthouse. Robin recognizes Jason and Keesha's truce and she asks him about his conversation with Alan. Jason eyes Taggert and says that he'll tell her about it, but not there and they exit.

Monica has been at the courthouse with Alexis this whole time. We hear Dorman's lawyer scold Dorman for talking to Monica and violating his restraining order, but Dorman laughs it off. Alexis talks to Monica about Ned's reluctance to testify and Monica agrees that it's not a good idea. The judge enters and Dorman's lawyer gives his opening statement, which is basically a bunch of lies about Monica sexually harrassing him while Dorman has this exaggerated look of innocence on his face. Then Alexis gives her opening statement and Alan enters during it. Monica seems pleased with it. Then Dorman's lawyer calls him to the stand as Emily enters the courtroom and stares at Dorman from the back of the room. Dorman gets a smirk on his face and sits down on the witness stand....

Friday, January 31, 1997
by Jessica Greig

The show opens with Robin and Jason on the bridge talking about his conversation with Alan about the new HIV protocol Robin's considering starting. Jason seems very angry and Robin asks him about his attitude. He seems to think that Robin would rather only live another 5yrs than 50 or 60 with him. Robin protests, but Jason doesn't buy it. They get in a fight about why Robin's fears about starting the new treatment. Jason says that her reasons don't make sense. She says so what if they make sense and wonders why they even have to. Jason says, "Well if HIV is too wonderful to pass up then why don't you give it to me?" Robin is shocked. Jason says that he's supposed to be dead and already brain damaged, so it wouldn't make that much of a difference. He says that he doesn't care about anything except being close to her. Robin can't believe that he's saying what he's saying. Then Jason talks about her not wanting to have sex with him to protect him, but her actions almost make him think that she's guarding something precious to her. Robin tells him he's crazy and tells him she protects him because she loves him. He tells her that she got the disease from somebody she loved and wonders why no one blames him for that, especially Mac who would have good reason to. Robin says that Mac loved Stone, but hated the disease. Jason asks Robin why she doesn't hate the disease then. He answers his own question by telling her that it's because HIV is all that she has left of Stone and that it makes her his for as long as she has left to live. "What can I give you in comparison to that?" he asks after this revelation. Robin is really rocked by what Jason said and she sits down on the bridge. Jason sits down beside her. She talks about Stone and how he's right, that she does feel disloyal to Stone, not for loving Jason, but for having the chance to escpae what Stone couldn't. She's really surprised that Jason figured it out and asks him how he did. Jason says that when he was talking to Alan he thought about what would happen if she died and that if she was gone, HIV would be the only thing that he could keep of hers. He says it was a stupid idea, like maybe Sonny wanting to keep the car bomb that killed Lily, but he did think it. Robin describes how she's grown to count on HIV because she knows it will always be there, not like Stone or her parents, even though it's not their fault that they're not with her right now. Jason tells her that he thinks that 5 years is a really long time--five times his life, so far and when he thinks about that he wonders who could want more than that until he thinks or sees her. He tells her that she has to be alive, because then, even if they're not together, he'll be ok, as long as she's there. He tells her that whatever happens he will always love her. Robin tells Jason that she loves him and that she's so lucky to have him. They talk some more about Alan and then she says that she's so lucky because she has a perfect, wonderful boyfriend that will do anything for her and has, so now it's her turn to do something for him.

At the courthouse. While Dorman is being sworn in, Stefan and Bobbie are out in the hall talking about Laura's trial and Luke's possible future trial for shooting Katherine. They enter and Emily scooches down in her seat in the back. Dorman's lawyer asks questions and Dorman lies about Monica and it gets pretty ugly. Monica is so upset that she gets up to leave. Reporters jump up and swarm around her and Alan with cameras and the judge gets angry and calls a recess during which Alan, Bobbie, Stefan and Monica talk a little. Thhen Monica and Alan talk about Jason. Alan tells her that Jason should get Tony to look at him again because he seemed to be remembering a lot of his past medical school studies' info. He says Jason was everything their Jason used to be, except THEIR Jason. Kevin and Lucy show up during this recess as well. Kevin later gets a chance to discuss his job offer with Stefan. Lucy comes up to Kevin after this conversation and asks if she can leave because she doesn't want to listen to Dr. Drone-on anymore. Emily also exits during this break. Ned sees her there and they talk about not believing Dorman's testimony and talking to Monica and Alan about her concerns. Ned exits to call Reginald to take Emily to school. Emily goes to the pay phone and call her friend Matt. Later, Dorman is back on the stand playing naive rather poorly, though Justus tells Ned (they both entered before testimony started) that Dorman is too good. He says that he never suspected that Monica was using him to get at Alan, which is what his lawyer is making the court believe happened. Alexis gets up and cross examines him. She works him into a corner where he says that while the affair was going on he believed that Monica was using him to make Alan jealous and angry--a direct contradiction of his earlier testimony! Alexis also points out that since Alan didn't find out about the affair until it was over, Monica couldn't have been using their affair to get at Alan. Then she asks Dorman why he had the affair and he says that he felt sorry for lonely, disfigured Monica. Alan loses it and gets up and decks Dorman.

Other happenings:

Katherine gets a visit from Edward. He dotes on her and gives her a silver brush set and three way mirror AND every business section of the newspaper since the beginning of the new year to give her something to do (typical Edward:) ). Katherine makes him promise to come visit her often. Later, Stefan enters while she's sleeping with something in his hand that he slips into his coat pocket. Katherine wakes up and smiles....

Taggert is in the Outback watching people. Outside, Tom talks to Luke and lets him know that there's an open place in the clinic for Leslie and they have to leave tonight. Luke's glad because he was feeling like they'd been staying in the same place for too long and he'd even yelled at Lucky because of his apprehension. The Spencers get to work packing and Tom enters the Outback. Taggert talks to Mac and watches Sonny and Tom as they plan to get the Spencers out of the country (Tom broke his date earlier with Felicia by telling her it was because he had to go to Switzerland--for a medical conference! She understood kind of and got more suspicious). The plans get set in place and Sonny exits. Taggert mentions the meeting to Mac, but he doesn't make a big deal about it. Mac and Felicia argue about Tom and Tom comes over to say bye to Felicia. Mac follows him and catches him on the phone with the Spencers. Mac has a short conversation with Tom and they fight about Felicia's happiness. Tom exits and Mac follows him all the way to where the Spencers are hiding. The Spencers greet Tom warmly, ready to head for Switzerland, not knowing that Mac is watching them through the window outside....

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