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Monday, April 14, 1997

AJ walks into Luke's, and goes ballistic when he see's Jason hugging Keesha. She is mortified over the scene he's causing and Jason warns him to back off. "She was crying", he informs AJ. Mike comes over to the threesome and asks Jason if there's a problem. Jason assures Mike everything is under control, and tells Keesha he needs to get going. But first he warns AJ to calm down before he makes things worse. Mike gives AJ the evil eye and tells her he's behind the bar if he should need him. AJ asks her to sit with him a moment so they can talk. She agrees to give it one more try, but before long they are arguing again. AJ begs her to help him, but she maintains she can't help him anymore. He's got to help himself now. She leaves in tears and AJ is in a terrible mood. He storms up to the bar prepared to order a drink when Mike cuts him off. This only angers him further, and he storms out of Lukes.

Miranda and Brenda square off in Jax' penthouse. Miranda can't wait to let Brenda know she offered Jax a shoulder to cry on when she found out Brenda had left him. Brenda demands to know how she found out, and Miranda tells her it was from Robin. Brenda tells a dumbfounded Miranda there is no way Robin would discuss her personal life with Miranda and she is forced to admit she over heard Robin telling Mac. Miranda thinks Brenda has moved back in with Jax and tells Brenda she is happy for Jax, because he was just devastated when she left him. Brenda accuses Miranda of circling like a vulture waiting for he to leave Jax so Miranda can move in on Jax. But, she informs the first Mrs. Jacks, he loves me. "Even if I did leave him, I don't think he'd go back to you. He doesn't love you like that anymore." Miranda seems on the verge of saying something else to her, but instead she just walks out of the penthouse. Brenda is really shook up with this encounter and searches through her suitcase to find an extra bottle of the medicine she has hidden in there. She stops herself before she takes any, and leaves the penthouse also. She stops down at the restaurant to say goodbye and lets Jax know that Miranda stopped by. "Oh, really", he replies, "what does she want?" Brenda smiles sadly and says, "You."

Sonny reads the letter Brenda wrote him. He's very disappointed that she doesn't want his help to kick the drug addiction. After pacing the floor he decides to write Brenda a letter back. When he's done, Jason arrives at the penthouse. He asks him to hand deliver the message to Brenda. Jason gives him the picture of Dorman he had asked for. Sonny doesn't think he needs it anymore, but it's a good thing to keep, just in case. Jason tells him he has been following Dorman and was surprised to see him cozying up to Jax of all people. Sonny seems surprised, but assures Jason he'll get to the bottom of that. Jason also relates what happened at Lukes with Keesha. Sonny asks if she's okay, and Jason tells him yes. But he did tell her that Taggert is a dirty cop, and even though she didn't confide in Sonny what was up, she seemed very happy Jason warned her about him. Sonny reminds Jason to tell her not to let on to Taggert what Jason has told her. No problem, Jason tells him.

Dorman introduces himself to an unimpressed Jax just as Monica and Alan walk in. "We can go someplace else if you'd like", Alan says to Monica. Holding her head up just a little bit higher she says, "Not on your life", and they join Edward and Lila for dinner. Dorman proceeds to try to enlist Jax' help in a business proposition. Seemingly, he wanted Jax to help him in buying some new artwork, because of his recent monetary windfall. Jax tells him in no uncertain terms that he doesn't like what Dorman did to Monica, and basically dislikes Dorman on principal. Not interested, he tells Dorman. Dorman just smirks at Jax like a buffoon and leaves the restaurant.

Emily finds Matt and tries to score another heroin joint. Seems like Matt has no luck in tracking down any more drugs. Emily insists she really needs it, and he shrugs and tells her she should buy ahead. She assures him from now on she will.

Lila and Edward leave the table to go listen to the band. Monica and Alan worry when AJ and Emily are late to the dinner. Emily arrives first and is very sullen. They ask her why she is so quiet and she tells them she is never sure what she is allowed to talk about in the family anymore. AJ, Jason, Lois etc, are all off limits. What else is there to talk about. Monica tells her they are not trying to censure her, but they just don't want to trouble Lila with the problems of the family. Just then a very inebriated AJ joins the little dinner party, and makes a very embarrassing scene for Alan and Monica. They finally convince him to leave, and all three sit there shell shocked. It's obvious AJ needs some serious help.

Brenda arrives back at the hotel room and frantically searches through her suitcase for the pills. When she finds them she runs to the bathroom and flushes them down the toilet. She calls her therapist and asks for an emergency session. Gratefully, she thanks her for making time in her busy schedule for her. She assures her she'll be fine till then, and hangs up the phone. There's a knock on the door, and Brenda's surprised to find Jason there. He gives her the envelope and asks if she's okay. She says yes, but he hesitates for just a moment before leaving. She stops him and asks him if he'll tell Sonny.... "Never mind", she says as she changes her mind and closes the door.

Tuesday, April 15, 1997
by Marie Forte

Emily stays home from school, and writes in her diary about her dysfunctional family. She also talks about her drug use, and confides to the diary how much she needed that heroin joint.

Katherine sets up a meeting at the Quartermaines. Alexis and Stefan get there before anyone and Monica offers to round up everyone while they have coffee. Alexis questions Stefan about the progress of their project. They talk about testing, and dry runs, but are very vague about what they actually mean. Stefan is irritated with Alexis' obvious ongoing concern and declares everything is under control. Katherine wheels into the Quartermaine living room looking very pleased with herself. Soon the whole family is present and accounted for. They want to know what is going on and Katherine happily shows them the morning newspaper. The front page shows a picture of Dr. Dorman, with the headline, "New Allegations in the Quartermaine sexual harassment case." The woman who brought a sexual harassment case against Dorman had agreed to talk to the press. The family is jubilant with the story and congratulates Katherine for putting Dorman on the defensive. Katherine says she'd like to take all the credit, but Ned is the one who convinced the woman to talk to the press. Emily comes downstairs to hear the good news.

Dorman opens his front door to get his morning paper and reads the headline. "Damn you Monica", he snarls. He sits down at his desk and reaches for some papers when there's a knock at the door. Emily's "friend" Matt is standing there. Dorman informs him through gritted teeth that "he warned him never to show his face here." Matt pushes his way through the door and defies him. "I tried doing it your way, but you never returned my pages last night." Dorman tells him that he already explained to him the drugs have temporarily been dry. Matt notices the papers Dorman left lying on his desk. "You copied Emily's diary?", he asks Dorman. "I only agreed to get it for you because I thought it was goofy." Dorman warns him if he wants to live to see his graduation he'd better leave... NOW. Matt shrugs and leaves.

Felicia comes home to find Tom in her kitchen. He's standing in front of many boxes that were just delivered to her house. Oh, good. It's the stuff she ordered from the mail order catalogs. She tells Tom to go ahead and open them up. They are mostly for the girls. Clothes, shoes, etc. As Tom opens the first box they are both surprised to find a sexy negligee inside. That's not what she ordered. She calls the company who agrees to fax her the order form. When she gets it, she calls the woman back immediately and says that she never ordered any of this stuff. Its all nighties and underwear, not little girls clothes. She thinks she knows what's going on, and leaves the house.

Lucy stands before Kevins surprise. It's a painting he's done for her. She's in tears and totally speechless when she finds it's a painting of her and the duck. She hugs him and tells him she loves it. She then tearfully tells him he's the most confusing man she's ever known. On one hand he's capable of doing the most wonderful deed and on the other.... "I am capable of lying to you about something important. Like telling you I went to Arizona when I really went to London." Lucy stares at him and disbelief. He admits he lied to her, but he was afraid she wouldn't understand. He needed to go and see his fathers colleagues and tell them to stop sending him the letters of his father's math equations. He apologizes and they agree never to have any secrets from each other. Lucy is grateful he came clean, but wishes he would have just told her the truth. They kiss and make up. They make plans to go to the zoo, and Kevin runs upstairs to shower and change. Lucy opens the front door when someone knocks and is surprised and delighted to see Felicia there. Unfortunately, Felicia is very, very upset and angry.

AJ meets Justus in a restaurant. Justus blasts him for his drinking again. He tells AJ he let everyone down. AJ wants to know if Keesha sent him here, but Justus tells him no. She has had very little to say about AJ the last few weeks because she wouldn't say anything bad about him. She's very loyal. If AJ wants another chance he needs to get off his drunk butt and do something about it instead of waiting for everyone to come to him. AJ confesses that part of the reason he drinks is because of his inability to be Jason. Justus tells him maybe he needs to stop trying. AJ admits he's afraid of failure. Whatever Justus says seems to have had an impact on AJ. He asks Justus if he has some time to spare. Justus is skeptical, but follows him out the door.

Stefan and Katherine disappear for the afternoon, despite Alexis' veiled attempts to get him to go to the hospital with her. They get into a convertible and drive around with the top down all afternoon. They both agree it's the best day they've had in a long time. When Katherine gets a little chilly, Stefan puts his coat around her shoulders and they kiss.

Dorman is holding the copies of Emily's diary when he calls up the newspaper asking for the editor. He informs the paper that he has a hot tip on one of the most famous families in Port Charles...

AJ shows up at the Quartermaine mansion with Justus. Monica meets him halfway across the floor and tells him she's in no mood for a repeat of last night. This is a relatively happy moment for this family and she won't let him spoil it. A very repentant AJ tells her he understands. But he has no intention of making a scene. He apologizes wholeheartedly to the family for his recent behavior. He kneels before Emily and promises to be a better big brother to her than he's been. He tells Lila and Edward he fell off the wagon, and tells them for whatever reason, Justus was able to make him listen for the first time. They all are rooting for him, Monica tells him. He asks Justus for a lift to Keesha's and then he's going to an AA meeting. As they reach the front door the press is outside. They tell AJ they just received a hot tip regarding the car accident which caused brain injury to his brother. "Is it true you were drunk and driving the night of the accident?", the reporter wants to know.....

Wednesday, April 16, 1997
by Marie Forte

Felicia storms into Lucy and Kevins house and accuses Kevin of stalking her again. Lucy defends Kevin, and Kevin asks why she thinks he would be stalking her again. She explains about the computer mix up which caused her to be arrested, the $10,000 in her bank account, and the changes made to her order from the mail order catalog. All of which were done by someone with a computer. Kevin doesn't blame her for thinking it was him, but tries to assure her it wasn't him. Felicia is angry and tells them she won't be back to their house ever again, but if the harassment continues, the police will be. Lucy is very angry at what was once her best friend Felicia. Kevin starts second guessing himself, but Lucy won't allow it. she tells him he is not showing any of the signs he showed the last time. She assures him she would know. Even with all her protestations, you can tell he's a little concerned.

AJ at first will not answer allegations the reporter throws at him. Ned arrives home at the very same time and steps in front of the microphone to claim responsibility. But AJ can't live with the lie anymore. He tells Veronica (the reporter) that it's true. He regrets what he did, especially since it caused Jason such damage. Alan and Ned try desperately to stop him from talking, but AJ is on a roll. Armed with the scoop she came for, Veronica high tails it back to the station to make it for that evenings news. Meanwhile, back inside the Quartermaine house, all hell breaks loose. Alan blames AJ for bringing shame to the family, not to mention the pain he's going to cause Jason. He says Jason was just beginning to come around again, and now thanks to him they will never see him again. Ned accuses AJ of throwing the family to the lions. Emily argues that the reporter already knew the story, "what was AJ supposed to do...Lie", she wants to know. AJ defends himself as well as he can. But once again he feels like a failure. He tells them it's the same old thing. "It comes down to the fact that I killed the good son." The mayor calls and basically hangs up on Edward when they try to save AJ's seat on the council. AJ takes Justus aside and says he really feels bad for letting him down. Justus is sympathetic, and says he's just beginning to understand he may not have done AJ any favors. Lila also tells him that things may seem bad now, but she has faith in him. He kisses her hand a tells her he may have to borrow some of that faith in the coming months. He takes his leave and the others plan their next stage of attack.

Jason talks with Nurse Chase about that diabetic patient. She says he's very grateful, and hesitantly warms up to him a little. Dorman walks by and becomes extremely agitated to see him talking to Rebecca. Alexis manages to side step him before he can approach Jason. He tells her off regarding the article in the paper and insists she has a conflict of interest being counsel for the hospital as well as Monica's lawyer. He tells her he has no choice but to voice his complaints to her cousin. She tells him she would love to be there when he did, just to see her cousins reaction. Uncomfortable, and wanting to get to Jason and Rebecca he walks away from her. Jason is no longer anywhere to be seen, and Dorman asks Amy where Jason went. Amy smiles sweetly and says, "I guess you don't know, but I'm only paid to look after the patients and walks away from him. As he approaches Nurse Chase, Jason saunters over before he has a chance to say anything to her. He tells Jason to leave him alone, and Jason just smiles. Aggravated, Dorman tells him to go and see his family and see what they are up to. Jason just stares at him questioningly.

Katherine and Stefan spend the whole afternoon together in the little convertible. He says, "We've never been alone like this together. I have not been able to touch you and hold you like this before, away from everyone's prying eyes." Katherine sadly tells him she knows this isn't real. Because "reality comes back on a plane from Arizona next week." She asks him if it's alright that she just pretends for awhile.

Luke meets Alexis in the hospital. He tries flirting with her, but she wants nothing to do with him. Tony interrupts and Luke tries to get him to go away. Amy comes up and says she hates to interrupt, but Bobbie is on the phone and is looking for Mr. Cassadine. Does anyone know where he is? Alexis doesn't and Tony is afraid that Katherine missing her appointment, and Stefan not being at the hospital can only mean one thing. Luke get aggravated with him for almost spilling the beans in front of Alexis, and berates him for interrupting him. He's trying to get to Stefan through Alexis. Tony sarcastically wishes him luck. They head back to Tony's apartment where Carly overhears Tony saying he's worried that Stefan is going to hurt Bobbie the way he hurt her. He's afraid she may not be able to handle anything else.

Thursday, April 17, 1997

Carly overheard Tony and Luke's conversation about Bobbie and was disturbed about Tony's concern for Bobbie. Luke learned from Carly that Virginia had pulled through her medical crises. Carly was about to tell Tony the real reason for her trip, but her efforts were thwarted by a visit from Lucas. Carly did not react well to Lucas's belligerent attitude. Carly's reaction sparked a bitter fight between her and Tony and Carly accused Tony of not spending enough time with her. Carly was convinced that Tony had not gotten over Bobbie and their argument culminated when Carly called Bobbie a whore. Jason turned off the T.V. coverage of AJ and accused Dorman of leaking the information to the press. Dorman continued to stick the knife into Jason, and Audrey overheard Jason threatening Dorman's life. Jason updated Sonny on what had happened with AJ, and Sonny talked with Luke about what Dorman had done to the Quartermaines. Sonny and Luke put things together and suspected that Dorman was the one responsible for drugging Sonny and the increased flow of drugs in Port Charles. In the wake of AJ's bad press, the Quartermaines attempted damage control, but Jason told them to focus on AJ Monica defended her concern for AJ to the rest of the Quartermines and expressed her disgust toward the family's attitude towards him. Meanwhile, AJ told Keesha that he did not think that she had leaked the story to the press, but wanted her comfort. Keesha continued her tough love stance, and AJ angrily told Keesha that he would not see her anymore. AJ waited for Jason in his room at Jake's, but left before Jason could reach him. AJ left a note for Jason with the bartender, but then started to drink after watching the television coverage of his admission of guilt about the accident.

Friday, April 18, 1997

Jax interrupted Ned's search for AJ in order to blackmail his way back onto the ELQ board. Jax threatened to tell the government about Tracy's marriage to a New York mobster and that she had inherited his empire. Jax pointed out that the government would seize ELQ assets while conducting its investigation. Ned acted unphased and said that he would reveal Jax's past with Miranda. Jax, however, told Ned that it did not matter to him if the press knew about Miranda, and continued to press Ned for an answer. Meanwhile, an apprehensive Matt gave Emily a joint laced with PCP which made her dangerously high. Emily then returned to the Quartermaine mansion as Jax awaited Ned's decision. Ned thought that AJ had returned, but heard Emily yelling. Jax followed Ned up to Emily's room and became worried when he saw Emily perched on the roof ready "to fly." Jax held Ned steady as he leaned out onto the roof and tried to convince Emily to come inside. Emily then slipped and Ned tried to reach for her. Meanwhile, Carly and Tony continued to fight about Bobbie. Carly almost blurted out that Bobbie was her mother, when Tony pressed for answers as to why Bobbie's past was so important to her. Tony then told Carly that he was tired of her blaming Bobbie for her problems, and left to attend to Lucas. Sensing a finality in Tony's exit, an angry Carly dawned a sexy outfit and headed out to look for Jason. AJ laughed things up with the bartender at Jake's and continued to guzzle drinks while waiting for Jason. AJ met Carly and charmed her into having drinks with him. After bonding over their problems, an inebriated Carly and AJ started to kiss each other passionately, and then went to Jason's room to make love. Carly, however, was not ready and asked AJ to just hold her. Meanwhile, a guilty Tony told Tom about his fight with Carly and her anger towards Bobbie. Tony then decided to return home and patch things up with Carly.

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