GH Recaps: The week of April 21, 1997 on General Hospital
Ned and Jax rescued Emily from the roof and realized that she had been high on drugs. Emily collapsed and was rushed to the hospital. Carly slept with A.J. and Tony on the same night. Brenda decided to tell Jax that she had slept with Sonny.
Vertical GH Soap Banner GH Recaps: The week of April 21, 1997 on General Hospital
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Monday, April 21, 1997

With Jax's help, Ned managed to stop Emily from jumping of the roof and brought her back into the house. Ned and Jax realized that Emily was on drugs and Emily collapsed when Jason arrived. Jason administered CPR to Emily which kept her alive until the paramedics arrived. Meanwhile, Alan and Monica argued about who was to blame to for AJ's drinking and forced each other to face some very hard truths. Monica felt that Alan had always had a hard time loving AJ because he questioned his parentage at birth, and Alan wanted to know at what point would Monica give up on AJ Alan popped a pill when he saw a young man on gurney that looked like AJ and then returned home with Monica. Ned, Jax, and Jason rushed Emily to General Hospital only to find that Dorman was the attending physician. Jason watched Dorman in order to make sure that he did not harm Emily. Alan and Monica were shocked to learn from Reginald that Emily had been rushed to General Hospital and might have overdosed on drugs. Ned faced his guilt over the family's neglect of Emily and the advice he had given her on handling problems. Meanwhile, AJ and Carly made passionate love, but a guilty Carly left a sleeping AJ and was surprised to find Tony when she returned home. Carly lied about her whereabouts and made up with Tony.

Tuesday, April 22, 1997

After a night of lovemaking with Tony, Carly realized that she had to reach AJ before he could talk about their liason. Tony told Luke that he was going to stop being involved in Bobbie's life and focus on his relationship with Carly. Meanwhile, Brenda saw that Ned had been deeply affected by Emily's overdose and learned that Jax had blackmailed Ned. Brenda did not have a problem with Jax's actions and realized how Emily's plight was similar to her own. Meanwhile, Sonny told Luke about his Dorman suspicions, but was afraid that Jason would wind up being blamed if something fatal happened to Dorman. Sonny learned about Emily and went to the hospital where he saw Brenda in Jax's arms. Dorman told Alan and Monica that Emily had overdosed on heroin. Later, Dorman criticized Monica's ability as a parent, but Monica blasted Dorman for reveling in her misery. Later, Monica broke down in Alan's arms and lamented her anger and guilt about Emily.

Wednesday, April 23, 1997

Carly realized that AJ did not recall their night of lovemaking and concocted a story to explain what had happened that night. A puzzled Jason saw AJ and Carly together, but Carly managed to cover. Jason's news about Emily sobered AJ up, who then rushed to the hospital. Carly, who was delighted that AJ had blacked out during their liaison, told Jason that she had a new lease on life. Meanwhile at the hospital, Tony replaced Dorman as Emily's physician. Sonny stayed clear of Brenda, but saw that Dorman had become nervous when Taggert questioned everyone about Emily and the drugs. Dorman feigned concern for Emily and tried to prevent her from being questioned. Dorman then panicked when he heard Matt's name being mentioned and later called him to set up a meeting. Ned told Brenda that it was the Quartermaine family that had driven Emily to do drugs, and was relieved that his daughter would not have to grow up with them. AJ arrived at the hospital, but Monica and the family prevented him from seeing Emily. AJ looked through the window of the emergency room and was moved by Emily's condition. AJ then attended an AA meeting led by Lee Baldwin.

Thursday, April 24, 1997

Lucky followed Luke's instructions and brought Nikolas news of Lesley's improved, but imperfect, memory. The news made Nikolas concerned and frustrated because he had hoped that Lesley would remember what Stefan had done for her. Meanwhile, Carly saw that Katherine was able to walk and learned that she was working for Stefan. Katherine received an email message from Stefan requesting a rendezvous. Both Miranda and Carly realized that Katherine was leaving to meet with Stefan. Carly went to Luke's and updated him on what she knew. Luke gave Carly money as a "salary," which she reluctantly accepted. Katherine met Stefan in his pool where they shared an intimate moment. Meanwhile, Brenda made an approach to Sonny, but the subject soon turned to Jax. Brenda saw similarities between her situation with Jax and Sonny's relationship with Lily. Brenda and Sonny eventually reached a meeting of the minds and communicated on a new level. Sonny and Brenda's shared a platonic hug, which was seen by Miranda. Ned and Alexis worked together to improve General Hospital's PR in light of what had happened to Emily. Alexis told Ned that she was impressed by how he had saved Emily, and Ned admitted that he was also impressed by her. Nikolas told Alexis about Lucky's visit and Lesley's improving memory. Alexis then confronted Luke and told him to stay away from Nikolas.

Friday, April 25, 1997

Luke questioned why Alexis was the one telling him to stay away from Nikolas and pointed out that she had been "taking over" many of Stefan's duties. Luke intimated that Stefan and Katherine were having an affair, but Alexis denied all of his accusations. Alexis left, but hit a cord in Luke by pointing out the familial connection between Laura, Lucky and Nikolas. Stefan and Katherine continued their romantic interlude in the pool as Nikolas tried to track down Katherine. Alexis covered when Nikolas told her that he suspected that Stefan was having an affair. Stefan brought Katherine home and she tried to figure out what made Stefan tick. Katherine wanted to know if she was fooling herself, and if Stefan was the cold calculating monster that everyone said he was. Stefan vented his anger about Luke, and Katherine wondered if his anger stemmed from the fact that Luke had taken Laura away from him. Stefan admitted that he had loved Laura once, but made it clear to a skeptical Katherine that he was over her. Meanwhile, Brenda talked with Kevin about whether to tell Jax that she had slept with Sonny. Kevin told Brenda to make sure that she was clear about what she wanted in her life before breaking the news to Jax. Meanwhile, Sonny and Miranda faced off about Brenda and Jax. Sonny accused Miranda of stockpiling ammo to win Jax back. Sonny ruffled Miranda's feathers by intimating that Jax had no interest in her. Mac scolded Miranda when he learned that she had read Brenda's note to Sonny and urged her to get over Jax.

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30 Rock star Katrina Bowden joins B&B
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30 Rock star Katrina Bowden joins B&B
Adain Bradley takes break from B&B
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