GH Recaps: The week of September 1, 1997 on General Hospital
A.J. and Keesha worked together to uncover the truth about the night that A.J. had supposedly relapsed. Felicia returned to town with the girls. A shot rang out during a struggle between Sonny and the Tin Man.
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Monday, September 1, 1997
by Alexandra Anastasio

Sarah is upset with Liz and accuses her of telling a horrible lie because of her jealousy. Audrey comes in when she hears the girls fighting and wants to know what is going on. Sarah tells her what Liz said. Audrey tells her that Steve died of a heart attack and no-one knows for sure if it really was Stefan who contributed to the stress Steve was under. She does tell Sarah that Nikolas had nothing to do with any of it. Sarah tells Audrey she needs to go out for a drive and be alone, she can't face Nikolas right now.

Stefan is shocked to learn that his half-sister was sent to Serenity. Alexis tries to be the good person and lend a sympathetic ear. He's upset because Katherine also grew up at a place called Serenity and feels it can't be a coincidence. To make himself feel better he starts drinking and Alexis consoles him.

Carly tells Tony it's all her fault that AJ got drunk and he tries to make her feel better by getting her to see that AJ has to also take some responsibility for what happened. He's so blinded by his love for her and the baby that she couldn't tell him if she wanted to, he never gives her a chance.

Mrs. Perez, Jimmy's mother, comes over to AJ's and gives him a Saint Jude medal to keep him company on his trip. He asks her if Jimmy is still up, he needs to talk to him. He thinks Jimmy will be able to clear things up. She brings him over and AJ asks him to refresh his memory on what he saw and around what time he saw something. Jimmy says that Carly was acting real funny and tried to bribe him so he wouldn't tell. AJ thanks them for their help and as Jimmy is going into his apartment he remembers something else; he tells AJ that the next time he lets Carly do his laundry he should help her because the cart looked very heavy, she could hardly push it. Afterwards AJ thinks back to the day Mick was in Carly's apartment. Keesha wants to know what's going on and he tells her he can't explain yet and has to go somewhere.

-Alexis tries to help Stefan make sense of the whole situation. Stefan says it could be true that Katherine is his sister. Katherine calls Stefan and he cancels their evening together.

Audrey yells at Liz for what she's done to Sarah and tells her she is deeply ashamed of her. Nikolas then shows up and Audrey tells him Sarah isn't feeling well, she has a migraine headache. He wants to know if she's upstairs and Audrey tells him no, that she went for a drive, it helps her headaches. Nikolas is confused and looks to Liz for answers but she blows him off so he goes to look for her on his own.

Sarah winds up by Kelly's and she is upset. Lucky shows up and wants to know what's wrong. She doesn't want to talk about it and his first thought is that Nikolas did something to her because he knows she had a date with him. Sarah tells him no, she didn't even see him. They sit down and Sarah recalls memories of her grandfather; she then starts to cry and Lucky comforts her.

AJ goes to Neptune's Net and silently says to himself, "Carly what have you done top me." Keesha follows him there and tells him she wants to help. He tells her he has suspicions but he's not 100% and doesn't want to say anything just yet in case he's wrong. AJ waits for Mick to come out and confronts him on what happened that night. Mick doesn't give anything up which angers AJ.

Carly leaves a note along with her chain for AJ .

Audrey tells Liz it's a very sad day for her and Liz truly looks upset by her grandmother's words.

Stefan tells Alexis there is only one person who can clear this whole thing up, Katherine, and that he will go see her first thing in the morning.

Nikolas goes to a spot he thinks Sarah will be but he has no luck.

Audrey waits up for Sarah to come home and when she does she tries to make things better for her granddaughter. Liz then comes downstairs and Sarah looks at her in disgust and walks away.

AJ comes home and finds Carly's note. He reads it, looks at the chain, and then calls Keesha to tell her he will not be going to Minnesota.

Tuesday, September 2, 1997
by Alexandra Anastasio

Jax and V. review what she needs to know for her new job as his assistant. A businessman of Jax's show's up and orders V. to get him coffee. He speaks down to her and even insults her.

Brenda tells Sonny that she's got things pretty much moving along for the wedding. Sonny is at Luke's and Jason walks in, showing him the newspaper; Sonny & Brenda's picture, along with the wedding announcement is sprawled across the front page. The Tin Man also sees this picture and he plans his next move.

Carly and Tony are registering for china and she is a bit optimistic if anyone is really going to show up at their wedding, let alone buy them a gift. Tony reassures her the people who are truly their friends will be there. Carly is disappointed that AJ won't be able to be there. She's also a bit surprised he didn't stop by on his way to the airport.

AJ re-reads Carly's note. Keesha stops by to tell him she's there to help and wants to know where they start. She believes she can really help him this time and lets him know she won't be hurt if it turns out he really did do what the bartender claims. AJ tells her he's only putting Minnesota on hold until he finds some answers.

Carly is also shopping for wedding dresses and tells Tony he must leave now. Since she'll be showing a little more by the wedding the sales lady brings her some maternity gowns to try on. She models one on and who winds up behind her, Bobbie. She insults Carly and she gives it right back to Bobbie. In the middle of all this, Tony shows up. Carly's upset he's seen her in the dress and tells him she'll go look for a different one. Bobbie apologizes to Tony and the two discuss Lucas. As Tony leaves he tells her that just because he is going to be a new father that doesn't mean his relationship with Lucas is going to change. She tells him she knows it never would.

Felicia, Mac and the girls return to PC and some household problems. Felicia has no water and so Mac tries to fix the problem. He asks her for a rag and what she finds is one of Tom's old shirts, causing her to become a bit sad. But she's also angry and tears it up for Mac to use.

V. has had enough of Kendall's insults and gives him a piece of her mind. He gets up to leave and tells Jax he hopes he fires her. Once he's gone she apologizes but tells him she'll quit. Jax tells her she's not fired, it was all a set-up; he wanted to see how she could handle things. He also lets her know he would never let things get that far, with any of his employees. Not to long after the phone rings and she plays a small joke on him.

-Sonny & Jason discuss their current plans and the situation at hand. Sonny gives him some advice and tips on how he should go about taking over for him once he's gone.

AJ rehashes the entire night to Keesha and she questions why everything keeps coming back to Carly and that maybe she has something to do with that night. AJ doesn't want to believe that and denies Carly would ever to this to him, she has no reason. He tells Keesha Carly has been nothing but a friend to him and even to her. She tells him they were not the friends Carly made them out to be. She even goes as far to imply that maybe he was in the laundry cart. AJ says no way, she would have to be real devious to do something like that. AJ appears shaken over her last accusation and Keesha leaves. Once she's gone, he calls the hospital looking for Carly and when they tell him she's not there he asks for Tony.

Jason finds it hard to believe that Sonny won't be around anymore. Mike phones Sonny from the hospital and Sonny asks him to stop by Luke's. Mike tells him he has an errand to run and then he'll be by.

Mac invites Felicia and the girls out for pizza and a movie but she doesn't accept the invitation. Maxie hides the statue she found in Texas.

Jax explains the market and his business to V. who seems to know a bit about the subject. Jax looks at the paper and seems a bit saddened by what he sees. The phone rings and it's Brenda, she tells him she needs to see him ASAP and so he tells her to come over right now. V. doesn't look so happy with this invitation.

Mike is at the department store buying a wedding gift for Sonny when the Tin Man comes up behind him and asks Mike if he could help him out.

AJ goes to the hospital to see Tony and Carly shows up. She asks him what he's doing there. She is a bit shocked to see him still in town.

Wednesday, September 3, 1997
by Alexandra Anastasio

Felicia questions Maxie on what's behind the cabinet but before she answers she's saved by the doorbell. Maxie removes the statue and puts it in her room. Bobbie shows up and Felicia is stern with Maxie on not telling the truth. Bobbie tells Felicia that she saw Carly in a wedding gown and that she is pregnant. Felicia is surprised and the two talk about what's been going on in their lives.

Carly questions AJ on what he's still doing in PC; he tells her the rehab called and informed him it would be another day or so because they didn't have a bed for him. Carly seems a little leery of his answer, she thinks he's lying. Tony walks over and is also surprised to see AJ and Carly quickly explains what happened. She tells AJ they've set a wedding date and then leaves for an appointment. AJ discusses the evening he blacked out with Tony and talks about the plans they had for dinner that night. Tony tells AJ he knew nothing about those plans; he was working late that night, there was no emergency that he was called away to. He tries to explain it as Carly just being forgetful. AJ asks him if there was any way he could have forgotten about their plans and he says no. Tony also tells him about finding Carly going through his medical bag for something to make her upset stomach feel better. He then gets a page and has to leave.

Brenda shows up at Jax's and her and V. talk until Jax comes in. She tells him she feels strange being there and he tells her the place misses her. Brenda beats around the bush for a few minutes on why she's there but then gets to the point and invites him to her wedding. She tells him she feels better when he's around and that he is welcome there. She knows this is a selfish thing for her to do but he is her best friend. Jax tells her he can't be there to watch himself loose her to someone else. Jax tells her he knows he has to accept that she's marrying someone else but he can't watch it. Brenda tells him she hopes he knows how much she loves him and he tells her he loves her too. He wishes only good things for her and she understands his position. She tells him she's glad she got to see him and thanks him for coming into her life. A business call ends their talk and when he leaves the room for a minute Brenda asks V. to keep an eye on him and make sure he stays safe. The two then say goodbye and Jax tells her he'll be thinking of her and will see her when she gets back from her honeymoon.

Sonny tells Jason he has to make some social calls to gain the respect of certain people. Jason resents this at first but Sonny explains why it's necessary. Jason asks Sonny if he has any regrets and he tells him he's not looking back.

-The Tin Man approaches Mike at Windems and asks him if he knows a decent place to eat - Mike tells him the Outback. The two formally introduce themselves and then Mike leaves. The Tin Man then rewinds a tape of their conversation.

Alan sees AJ and says he hopes this is a nightmare and he's not really seeing him. AJ tries to explain to his father what happened but Alan does not want to hear it. AJ tells him he's wrong about him and Alan tells him he can't watch as he self-destructs. His father's words hurt him and AJ is upset. Keesha comes over to him and thinks that he's just found out that it was all Carly's doing. He tells her he didn't confront Carly on what happened that night and is genuinely upset that he had to lie to her about why he was still here. He tells Keesha what happened with Alan and says he's not really sure if he was set up. Keesha wants to know what he's going to do about all of this and he says he doesn't know yet. Keesha has an idea on how to go about finding out.

-Mike shows up at Luke's and talks to Jason about how happy he is that Sonny has found happiness and is marrying Brenda. Sonny comes in and the two almost get off on a bad note. Sonny thanks him for the ring and tells him he shouldn't have bought them something else. Mike tells him it's a wedding present and Sonny opens it. It's a large serving dish and Mike explains why he chose that particular gift. Sonny likes the gift and thanks him for it. He tells Mike that he's not that bad and he knows Mike is not the same man who walked out all those years ago. Mike's a bit surprised and Sonny tries to tell him what is in his heart. Sonny tells him how he first felt when Mike came to town and acknowledges that he's changed. He respects him for what he's done and Mike tells Sonny he loves him and he's proud to be his father. Sonny cries and tells him he loves him too. They both embrace in a hug and then Mike leaves. Sonny tells him to take care of himself.

Carly goes to the Outback to look at their banquet rooms.

Dara goes to the Outback to ask Mac is she can rehearse. Felicia interrupts them and asks Dara if she wants a table. She explains she's there to sing not to eat. Is Felicia a little jealous?

The Tin Man splices the tape of his conversation with Mike.

Thursday, September 4, 1997

At Ruby's Lizzy is telling Lucky what happened. Lucky says to her, you overheard me didn't you? You told Sarah what I said, that's why she was crying isn't it? All of a sudden Ruby walks up to the table and says to her, your fired! Oh, great she says. Lucky looks at her and says, you're not surprised are you? In walks Audrey and sits down at the table and says to Lizzy aren't you suppose to be working. Lizzy looks over at Lucky. Lucky gets up, goes over and pleads with his aunt Ruby to give her another chance and she does.

Ned shows up over at Alexis and tries to entice her into going away with him. They kiss but she declines. She says she has family business that she just can't leave at the moment. At the hospital Nikolas is trying to find out why Sarah is avoiding him. He corners her but she doesn't tell him anything. He accuses Lucky of having something to do with it but she tells him he's wrong. She storms out of the room. Nikolas doesn't know what to think.

The Tin Man on the other hand has been busy. He has put the finishing touches on the tape and he made a call to Sonny. The message is left on the answering machine. Jason retrieves the message, he thinks that something is wrong. He tries to locate Sonny. Sonny is on the dock reminiscing about his life. All of a sudden he hears a noise. He looks up and he sees that his body guard has been knock out. It's the Tin Man. His face is frozen as he utters, "You're dead Corinthos."

Friday, September 5, 1997

At the docks the Tin Man has Sonny cornered. He tells him that not only is he going to kill him, he then will kill his bride, the dummy, and then the old man. What are you waiting for? Didn't you learn anything in Florida? You better hurry up and kill me because on of us isn't leaving here alive tonight. He grabs Sonny by the throat, Sonny tries to knock him down but the Tin Man punches him in the face. Over at the Outback Jason is calling everyone trying to find out the location of Sonny. He tries calling him up again, at the other end Sonny's phone is ringing. The Tin Man instructs Sonny to answer it, Sonny just looks at, the Tin Man picks up the phone and hands it to Sonny. At the other end Jason is yelling hello, hello is anybody there? Sonny then takes the phone without saying anything and throws it off the docks into the water.

Over at the bartenders apartment Keesha tells him that Carly sent her. He says you better have the rest of my money. Then takes a check out of his pocket, then tells her that he doesn't accept checks for something like this. That what is she stupid, that it can be traced. Keesha takes the check, looks at it, then says your smarter than you look. Then he says to her I thought you new everything already, hey, then AJ comes out from around the corner. So, how much did she give you for this. Listen he says, all I know is she came into my bar, said she would give me one hundred bucks if I would tell people that you came into the bar that night, had a few drinks then left. I didn't know you had a problem or that you were a Quartermaine. She just showed me a picture of you and that's all.

At the hospital Stefan is trying to get as much information he can out of Katherine about her father, but she's starting to get suspicious of his interrogation. Katherine tells him about the her mother and that on her death bed she told her who her real father is. My mother would have no reason to lie to me she was dying. They make plans to see each other later.

Over at Wyndemere Ned is trying to convince Alexis to go away with him for the month. She wants to, but she tells him there is something that she started and she has to see it through. Alexis then tries to get him to not go on the business trip, pretend to go then come over to the island, Stefan has a get away. Nobody will know that you are there. She looks at him and says, well I tried. They embrace, then Ned tells her to look at the water, he says I will miss you, when she looked back up he was gone.

Stefan returns home thinking that he has good news to tell Alexis, but she again shoots it down by telling him that maybe the mother lied to protect Katherine since she wouldn't be there to do it. He turns around to see Katherine standing in the door way, he walks up to her and she embraces him and they kiss, Alexis looks away.

Back at the docks the Tin Man walks over to Sonny, says to him, you better say good-bye now, points the gun down and Sonny grabs his arm. They fight on the ground fiercely, then you hear the silencer on the gun go off.

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