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Monday, May 19, 2003

Skye was thunderstruck when told by her doctor that she'd never be able to carry a baby to term. Dr. Rachel Ryan told Cameron that Alexis didn't show up for her session, which is a direct violation of court orders. Cameron called Alexis' cell phone and relayed this information to her. Meanwhile, Alexis (disguised as "Dobson") told Ned that baby Kristina would really benefit if she got to see her mother more often. Edward was up in arms when he overheard Ned leave a message for Alexis, saying he'd like it if Alexis saw Kristina more often than the court-appointed visits. Skye returned home from the doctor and as Alexis/Dobson looked on, Skye soothed a restless Kristina. Alexis was also upset when she heard Skye tell Ned that she couldn't love Kristina more if she were her own child. After an emotional Alexis fled the Quartermaine mansion, she ran into an approaching Cameron. Alan and Monica gave Emily the bad news: the cancer has spread to her lymph nodes. As Monica was extolling the virtues of chemotherapy, Emily ran off, ending up near the docks where she ran into Zander. She told Zander that she didn't want to make any long-term plans and only wanted to live for today. After they kissed, Zander mentioned plans for their future, but Emily didn't want to hear about it and walked away.

Dillon gave Maxie a fake I.D. so she could go out on a date with Kyle at a club. When Georgie and Lucas found out, they were angry at Dillon. Georgie was crestfallen when Lucas apologized for kissing her, and said he only thinks of her as a friend. Maxie met Kyle at Carly's club, and after he went to get their drinks, Maxie had a run-in with Shannon (Kyle's sister), who called Maxie a tramp and told her to stay away from Kyle. Zach then approached a dejected looking Maxie and gave her a pill, which he said would make her happy. Maxie then took it. Carly, Sonny, Courtney and Jason were all at the club as well, celebrating Jason and Courtney's engagement. Sonny gave Jason and Courtney his blessings. Maxie overdosed at the club and went unconscious. After paramedics arrived, Sonny questioned Zach, who told him that Maxie had taken Ecstacy, but Zach insisted he didn't give the drug to Maxie. After Scott and the police arrived, Scott accused Sonny of dealing in drugs, then ordered the club shut down until an investigation could take place. Georgie, Lucas and Dillon arrived as Maxie was taken to hospital. At the hospital, Mac asked Georgie how long Maxie's been taking drugs, but Georgie told him she didn't know anything about it. Mac then comforted an awakened Maxie, who was upset and asked Mac not to contact her mother. He agreed---for now. Outside Maxie's room, Mac saw Jason and slammed him against a wall, blaming him for Maxie's overdose.

As Liz was contemplating an abortion, Ric arrived and, thinking he already knew about her pregnancy, she slipped and told Ric about it. As Ric proclaimed his love for her, Faith was outside the hospital room, hearing everything. Liz rejected Ric, telling him he puts on a good act when he wants something. Ric told Liz that his vendetta against Sonny is over, and after telling her how much he wants them to raise the baby together and become a real family, she softened a bit but told Ric that she doesn't think he'll change. After Ric left to tell Sonny about the vendetta being over, Liz told the nurse she'd changed her mind about the abortion. Faith caught-up with Ric and told him that he'd never be satisfied with someone as boring or uninspiring as Liz, but Ric told her he loves Liz and that she's expecting their baby. He also warned Faith not to harm Liz in any way---or else she's dead. Walking past the docks, Liz was nearly pistol-whipped by Faith, who ducked away when she saw Emily approaching. Liz told Emily that she's pregnant and that even though Ric Lansing's a nightmare at times, she can't stop loving him. Back at Sonny and Carly's penthouse, Sonny told Carly that he suspected Ric of being behind the drug scare at the club. Just then, Ric arrived.

Tuesday, May 20, 2003

At the hospital, Jason told Mac that he nor Sonny had anything to do with the Ecstasy which Maxie got hold of, but promised Mac he intends to get to the bottom of it. Mac told Jason that he'll "look the other way" if Jason finds out who sold the drugs and deals with them. When Courtney questioned Maxie in her room, Georgie tried to blame Kyle, but Maxie spoke up, saying it was Zach who gave her the Ecstacy, and told Courtney not to tell Mac or Jason. Courtney later gave Jason Zach's and Kyle's names, then stayed and gave a pep talk to Maxie. After Jason tracked down Kyle and Zach, he held a gun on them. Zach admitted giving Maxie the Ecstacy, and when Jason pressed further, Zach told him the drugs were bought off a guy named "Angry John." After Jason warned them about selling drugs on Sonny's turf, he told them to go, then later found Zander and asked him to find out where "Angry John" received his drugs from. Zander agreed to look into it, but made Jason promise to find out what's really going on with Emily. Jason later told Courtney that he thinks that the drug presence at "The Cellar" was a warning from someone. Kyle showed up at Maxie's hospital room with flowers and tried to express concern, but Maxie sent him away.

Outside the Quartermaine mansion, Alexis (disguised as "Dobson") was really nervous when it seemed Cameron was onto her, but she relaxed when he revealed why he was there: to see Alexis. After "Dobson" told Cameron that Alexis wasn't there, he went inside and talked to Ned, who told him he hadn't seen Alexis either. Alexis arrived (without the disguise) and was angry when Ned told her that the visiting schedule with Kristina would remain in place, and that Skye's been a big help with Kristina. Alexis nearly gave herself away when she repeated something she'd overheard while disguised as "Dobson." Alexis told Ned not to get too comfortable, reminding him that the custody agreement is only temporary.

As Faith eavesdropped, Liz told Emily about her pregnancy and the situation with Ric. Emily told Liz about the cancer and her fears over what chemotherapy treatments would do to her. Liz tried to instill hope in Emily and make her feel more positive, but suggested that Emily tell Zander the whole truth. Later, Faith approached the two outside of "Kelly's", and after Faith threatened Liz, Emily informed Faith that Jason Morgan's her brother and that if Liz's harmed, Jason would make Faith "disappear." After Faith threatened Emily, Emily slapped her across the face. Faith left, but not before telling Liz she's "accident-prone." Liz returned home, where she told Alan and Monica that she's decided to undergo chemo treatments after all. Alan said he'd schedule the first treatment for tomorrow, but Emily told him not to, that she has something planned for tomorrow. Emily called Zander and made plans to spend the next day with him.

At the penthouse, Ric denied any involvement in drug dealing at "The Cellar", then told Sonny and Carly that as of now, the vendetta he had against Sonny is over and that he realizes what's important in life: his love for Liz and their baby she's carrying. After he called a truce, Ric told Sonny he'd understand if Sonny didn't want him in his life---as a brother OR as a friend. When Ric left, Carly warned Sonny not to trust him. Sonny believed that Ric had nothing to do with the Ecstacy at "The Cellar", but think it's a warning from someone else and told Carly he wants to send her away for her own protection, but she refused. Ric returned to his apartment and found Liz waiting outside. He told her about calling a truce with Sonny and that she and the baby are the most important people in his life. When he proposed to her, he was surprised when she smiled and accepted. They kissed and he carried her into his apartment. After the door shut, Faith approached Ric's door with a very determined expression on her face. Later, Sonny, Carly and Michael left their building. In a happy mood, they were about to approach their limousine when an explosion rocked the area. The family dove for cover!

Wednesday, May 21, 2003

In his hotel room, Lucky is surprised to wake up and find Summer kissing him. But, before they can get any more involved, Nikolas arrives. When Summer goes to shower, Nikolas shows Lucky the plans for one of the Cassadine family estates and warns Lucky to keep Summer in the dark. But Lucky argues that Summer should be a fully accepted member of their team. Nikolas insists that Summer has had her own agenda from the beginning and warns Lucky that Summer's LAST partner ended up with a knife in his back! When Nikolas leaves to get a car, Lucky hides the plans for the estate under his mattress. Summer comes out of the shower, drops her towel and puts the moves on Lucky. When Nikolas returns, Summer claims she is headed out for food while Nikolas and Lucky make plans for getting into the estate ~ and Summer rushes past Nikolas. Nikolas tells Lucky that they don't have time to wait for Summer to return. But, when Lucky goes to get the plans, he discovers the plans are gone and suspects Summer took them. While Nikolas is busy telling Lucky: "I told you so," Summer arrives at the former Cassadine estate and learns too late that it has since been turned into a bordello frequented by drunken military men. One of the drunken customers mistakes Summer for one of the working girls and grabs Summer and heads off to the nearest bedroom with her. Summer tries to convince the drunken soldier that she is a tourist from Iowa, but he speaks little English. Summer is pleasantly surprised when Luke comes out of a corner of the room and koshes the inebriated customer over the head!

At the Quartermaine Mansion, Emily asks "Dobson" to order a romantic picnic lunch she can take with her to the Boat House to celebrate One Perfect Day with Zander. Skye overhears the preparations under discussion and asks Dobson to also oversee a romantic dinner Skye has planned to share with Ned. Later, Emily quietly confides to Monica that she plans to tell Zander about her cancer at the end of their 'perfect day.' Later, at the Boat House, Zander admits that Emily's constantly changing moods have him totally confused. But, when Zander suggests that they should make "One Perfect Day" an annual event, even when they are old and grey, Emily's mood changes again. When Zander wants to go swimming, Emily begs off, claiming the water is freezing. Emily invites Zander inside the Boat House, which she has decorated with the soft glow of Chinese lanterns, and reminds Zander that the Boat House is the first place they ever made love, and they hit the sheets. Afterwards, Emily decides against telling Zander about her cancer. When they return to the Quartermaine Mansion, Zander tells Emily he believes she has something else on her mind, but Emily insists he is wrong. However, after Zander leaves, Emily places a phone call and leaves a message that she needs to speak to someone right away. Later at the Quartermaine Mansion, Skye meets Ned for their dinner together, with Kristina in her arms! As Ned and Skye return to the nursery to put Kristina to bed, "Dobson,' finishes the preparations for Skye and Ned's 'romantic' dinner by dumping pepper on all of Skye's dishes!

At Ric's apartment, Ric declares he plans to spoil Liz rotten. But, when Ric goes in to the next room for a special surprise, Liz gets the morning paper from the front door and sees the news that someone tried to blow up Sonny's car. When Ric returns, Liz asks him what he has done. Ric assures Liz that he had nothing to do with the car bomb and Ric finally succeeds in convincing Liz that the only thing that counts is how much Ric loves Liz. Ric brings out his surprise ~ a marriage license ready to go ~ and tells Liz that he would like to get married that very day! Liz finally agrees, but tells Ric that she wants to wear a special dress and take a few frilly things with her. Ric agrees. After Liz leaves to pack for their elopement, Ric orders a bridal bouquet to take with them.

At the Penthouse, Sonny orders Jason to take Courtney, Carly and Michael to the island for safety, but Jason is reluctant to go. When Sonny confides that he suspects that Ric was behind the bombing of Sonny's car, Jason urges Sonny to wait until he has facts before making any kind of move on Ric. Sonny insists that he needs to know his family is safe and the only person he can trust with that job is Jason, and Sonny orders Jason to go with Carly and Michael. After Jason leaves with Courtney, Carly and Michael, Sonny orders his men to pick Ric up and bring him to the Penthouse. Scott arrives and informs Sonny that his deceased chauffeur had an extra $3000,000 in his bank account. Scott warns Sonny that, if Sonny does NOT help Scott get a handle on whomever was behind the bombing, Sonny will end up like all gangsters ~ just a stain on the pavement! Reminding Sonny that he is NOT invincible, Scott warns Sonny that going it alone could end up getting Sonny's entire family killed. Scott warns Sonny that, one day, the police will no longer be willing to take measures to protect Sonny from his enemies, then storms out of the Penthouse. Meanwhile, when Jason arrives on the island with Carly, Michael and Courtney in tow, Carly tries to convince Jason to return to Port Charles to help Sonny ~ but Jason refuses. Later, as Courtney and Jason talk on the beach, Carly assures Michael that they are all 100% safe on the island. However, at the same time, two black-clad men quietly enter the house through a window.

At Ric's apartment, Liz's bridal bouquet is delivered. But, after Ric takes the bouquet inside, Max and another of Sonny's goons push their way in and grab Ric. In the struggle that follows, the bridal bouquet gets trampled on the floor. Later, at Sonny's Penthouse, Sonny accuses Ric of being behind the bombing. Ric protests his innocence, but to no avail! Sonny refuses to believe that Ric had nothing to do with the bombing and reminds Ric that Sonny has no reason to believe anything Ric has to say. Ric brazenly admits that he once would have considered it a victory if Sonny killed his own brother and then had to live the rest of his life with the guilt ~ but Ric argues that all of that is behind Ric as Ric plans his new life with Liz! In the meantime, Liz returns to Ric's apartment, all packed for their elopement. But she finds the apartment empty and discovers the battered bouquet on the floor. At Sonny's Penthouse, Sonny orders max to get rid of Ric. As Max holds Ric at gunpoint, Sonny suddenly gets a call from a mystery caller, who announces to Sonny: "The limo explosion was proof we can get to you any time, Corinthos. We will be contacting you soon to open negotiations." Sonny orders the caller to stay away from his family, but the caller hangs up.

Thursday, May 22, 2003

Alexis as "Dobson" is given orders by Skye about how the dinner she has planned for she and Ned should be prepared. Ned shows up and asks Skye what the special dinner is suppose to be for. Skye tells him it is a thankyou dinner for all his support lately. "Dobson" is asked to uncork the champagne and pour a glass for Ned. "Dobson" shakes up the bottle while Skye's back is turned. "He" goes to open it and turns around and spills it all over Skye's outfit. Skye accuses Dobson of being incompetent. "Dobson" is apologetic but secretly smiles at Skye's stained outfit. "He" suggests that Skye go upstairs and change clothes and that "he" will make sure Ned gets fed and warms up her food to eat later. Ned suggests to Skye that she should just take off her sweater since it was the only thing that got wet. "Dobson" realizes her plan to sabotage Skye's dinner is backfiring. Ned admires Skye's dress and they sit down to eat. Skye starts to eat her salad and starts choking on the large amount of pepper that "Dobson" had poured on it. Ned tells her to take a drink of water to help. "Dobson" comes over and hits Skye in the back hard to "help" her stop choking. Ned doesn't like "his" style and reprimands "him" for almost ruining the whole dinner. "Dobson" apologizes to Ned, who insists he apologize to Skye instead. "He" apologizes to Skye and takes off. Ned and Skye discuss their new mutual respect for each other. Ned admits he was never really attracted to her because of how she treated everyone and her scheming but that he has seen a new side of her that he likes a lot, especially how good she is with Kristina. Skye holds Ned's hand and the dinner becomes more intimate. They are about to kiss when Alexis walks in and interrupts. Alexis tells them that "Dobson" told her to come into the living room to find him. Skye isn't surprised that "Dobson" planned it. Alexis asks Ned if she can see the baby even though it isn't one of her scheduled visits. Ned tells her that he can't let her see the baby because she is sleeping and it wouldn't be good for her to wake her up. Alexis asks him if he is using a court order as an excuse to somehow keep her away from seeing her baby. Ned tells her he doesn't want her to defy the court order and that she needs to get better and keep going to therapy. Alexis makes a snide remark about letting "Dobson" put her in a straight jacket on her way out. Skye butts in and makes a remark about Alexis not being a good mother if she is upsetting Kristina's schedule all the time. Ned tries to assure her that everyone is trying to do the best job of taking good care of the baby while she is in therapy. Alexis points out that Skye is not the mother of the baby and wasn't around when she carried the baby and when she spent three weeks with her in neonatal ICU. After Alexis leaves, Skye tries to salvage what is left of their dinner. The baby starts crying on the monitor so Ned tells her they will have to take a raincheck since he needs to see what the baby needs. Later, Skye holds the baby in the living room and thanks her for stopping her crying when she picked her up since it won her points with Ned. Alexis dressed as "Dobson" overhears her tell the baby that she hopes one day that she thinks of her as her mommy. "Dobson" is shaken by how close Skye is getting to her baby.

Nikolas and Lucky show up at a bordello. Nikolas tells Lucky that this bordello use to be stables and that it was owned by the Cassadines many years ago. Nikolas gets everyone's attention and asks if anyone has seen a beautiful blonde woman come in a few hours ago. The madam and some guy approach them. The guy recognizes who Nikolas is but Nikolas doesn't know him at first. The guy introduces himself as the younger brother of one of the Cassadines' horse trainers. The guy embraces him and asks him what he can do for him. Nikolas sends Lucky off to find Summer and get the blueprints she stole from them. Nikolas tells the guy that he needs to retrieve something that belongs in his family. Meanwhile, Luke drags the unconscious guy that had tried to force himself on Summer. Luke asks her for the blueprints and she gets them out of her purse for him. She makes a comment about how when Lucky finds her he will realize she betrayed him again. Luke sees the look of disappointment on her face and accuses her of being in love with his son. Summer denies she is in love with Lucky and that making a fortune is more important to her right now. Luke doesn't totally buy her story and accuses her of being sentimental. Lucky knocks on the door and Luke hides in the closet. He comes inside and accuses Summer of betraying him again by stealing the blueprints that belong to Nikolas. Luke comes out of the closet and takes the credit for her little scheme and Summer admits she is working with Luke now. Lucky accuses her of working with him all along. Luke tells him only recently did she start working with him and that he did it as a revenge against Lucky for siding with Nikolas through this whole thing. Lucky tells him that he is starting to think that he and Nikolas find it is more important who gets to what first and who cares who they betray in the process. Luke takes off with the blue prints when Nikolas knocks on the door. Nikolas comes in and asks Summer to hand over the blueprints. She tells him he is too late and that Luke just took off with them. Lucky suggests he go after him since Luke couldn't have gone far. Nikolas doesn't even bother to go after Luke and instead turns on Summer and calls her a "bitch." Lucky automatically defends Summer but refuses to take anyone's side since he realized that he is his own person and finds that he and Luke are equally at fault and that it is their war. Nikolas leaves the room. Lucky asks Summer why he puts up with what she has done to him when if it was anyone else who betrayed and double-crossed him like she has done, he would tossed them aside long ago. Summer looks disappointed but doesn't answer him.

Faith shows up at Ric's place. Liz is there waiting anxiously for Ric to return. Faith sees that Liz is wearing a white dress. She tells Liz that she shouldn't bother waiting for Ric to return and that she is only a distraction to him while he gets revenge on Sonny. Liz disagrees with her and tries to get her to leave. Faith tells her that even if she marries Ric, she will not be happy since she will always wonder what he is doing when he isn't at home with her. Liz turns the tables on her about what her agenda is with Ric. She asks Faith how desperate is she to have a man who doesn't want her or only had a one-night stand with her. Meanwhile, Ric tries to convince Sonny that he had nothing to do with the car bombing or the drug set-up at Carly's club. Sonny has Max keep a gun on him and insists that he tell him the truth about what his involvement is with the car bombing. Sonny gets a call from anonymous caller who takes credit for the bombing. Ric tells him he doesn't know anything about it and that he meant what he said about stopping his vendetta against him and moving on with his life. Ric tells him he intends to marry Liz as soon as possible and now that they are expecting a baby he is making her his top priority. Sonny lets him go. Ric returns to his place to find Liz chewing out Faith. Ric kisses Liz and asks her if they are still getting married. Liz tells him she is. Faith is totally disgusted and asks Liz if she is actually buying his act of love. Ric tells Faith that he understands how she may be distrustful of his love of Liz because of how he went after Sonny but tells her that Liz is the woman he loves and that she isn't half the woman Liz is and that he is going to marry Liz. Faith grabs Liz's bouquet that she had already ripped pieces off of and throws it at Liz and wishes her luck and tells her not to say she wasn't warned about Ric. Liz and Ric go to see a Justice of the Peace. The justice of the Peace and his wife are very warm and kind and offer Liz a bouquet to use for the ceremony. Liz and Ric say their own vows and Ric surprises her when he pulls out three rings, including a diamond ring for her as well. The Justice of the Peace blesses the rings and hands them to them to put on. They are pronounced husband and wife. Faith hangs around Ric's place in despair for him marrying Liz and throws the bouquet around in anger.

Carly and Michael hang out in their hotel room on the island. Two men with guns hang around outside and spy on them. Carly and Michael go to change for the beach to meet Courtney and Jason. The men wait and storm inside the room while Carly and Michael are in the bedroom. Jason and Courtney come back and find no sign of them around the beach. Jason starts to get worried about them and then he hears a sound and sees the men leaving the room quickly. Jason takes out his gun and orders Courtney to lay on the ground and he storms into the room to catch them and see the men rush out of the room. Jason hollers out to Carly and Michael. Carly comes out and jumps when she sees Jason with his gun out. She tells him she didn't hear or see any men come into their cabana and that she just put Michael down for a nap instead of going to the beach. Jason goes out and can't catch up to the men in time. He comes back in and tells Carly that the men came inside her room for a reason and that it could be a bomb for all they know. He makes Courtney take Carly and Michael out of the cabana and assures them he will meet up with them later outside the hotel. Jason stays behind and looks around for any hint of something planted there. He looks behind a picture frame and finds bags of cocaine or heroin taped to the back of it. Some DEA agents show up and bang on the door for it to be opened up. Jason realizes he was being set up. The DEA agents knock down the door minutes later to find Jason laying on the couch with headphones on, reading a magazine. They ask him why he didn't let him in and he tells them he didn't hear them. He admits that he is business partners with Sonny and they guess who he is. They tell him that they got a call that some drugs were being dropped here at this cabana. Jason feigns ignorance and watches as one of the agents looks behind the picture frame and finds no drugs. Jason gets a call from Sonny, telling him that he doesn't think Ric had anything to do with the car bombing or the drug selling at Carly's club. Jason fills him in on what happened with the DEA and how he managed to flush the drugs down the toilet before the agents burst through the door. Sonny tells him that they have to find out who is behind all this quick. Later, Jason, Courtney, Carly, and Michael return home. Carly takes Michael and Courtney into the kitchen so Jason and Sonny could talk. Sonny tells him about the anonymous phone call and that someone wants them to go down.

Friday, May 23, 2003

Emily heads out to the living room and approaches one of the back doors. Lila is in the room and asks her what she is running from. Emily confesses to Lila that she doesn't have a drug problem again but has breast cancer and is suppose to have her 1st trial of chemotherapy and doesn't want to go. Lila advises her to face things head on and not run. Alan and Monica look everywhere for her. She comes into the foyer and tells them she is ready to go to the hospital. She is told by her doctor not to look at the chemotherapy as making her sick but as a way for her to get better. Emily puts on a brave front for Monica and Alan. She arrives home, feeling weak and tired from the chemotherapy. She is surprised when Zander happens to be at the house waiting for her. Alan and Monica leave them alone to talk. Emily still lies to him and tells him that they went to a counseling session with her and a lot was said. Zander suggests they rent a couple of movies when she tells him she doesn't want to go anywhere right now. She tells him she is tired and needs her space from him right now. Later, Alan and Monica get her settled in her room. After they leave her bedroom she calls some mysterious person and leaves a message that she needs to see them.

Lucky and Nikolas show up at some underground tunnel belonging to the Cassadines at one time. They look around for some sort of hiding place where the money may be. Lucky gets sick of Nikolas putting Summer down and him for believing her all the time. They hear a woman's scream and a crashing noise and head out to find its source. They find Summer's leg pinned under some heavy part of a gravestone. They help Summer. Nikolas tries to get her to leave the tunnel but Lucky defends her again. Summer refuses to leave the tunnel and tells them she has just as much as a right to find the fortune as they do since she has worked as hard as them to get this far. Lucky grabs the tire iron from her and starts hitting the wall with it. Nikolas doesn't like his method of finding the money but realizes there is something behind the stone wall. They tear the wall apart and go into a secret back room. They are surprised to find Luke waiting for them. Summer opens up one of the crates and finds a load of money inside. Nikolas looks at a piece of the money and knows it is a fake. Luke confirms that the money is not worth anything but as a collector item. Summer is furious. Lucky and Nikolas guess that Matt must of stolen the money first and got killed for it. Luke tells Lucky that he is done with him for taking Nikolas' side again and going after the money with him and tells him he is heading home.

Sonny tries to find out who was behind the drug set-up. He sends Jason out to find out what he can. Jason meets with Zander, who confirms that the drugs came from Miami but he doesn't know who the dealer or seller is right now. Courtney plays a game with Michael. Michael asks Carly if he can go out and play at the park. Carly tells him he can't leave the house for a few days to be safe. Michael complains that he is sick of being cooped up at home and asks Sonny if he can go to the park and play. Sonny tells him he can't for a few days and Michael doesn't like his answer and blames him for not being able to go anywhere. Sonny tells him he can't go anywhere and sends him to his room for a time-out. Michael storms up the stairs. Carly goes across the hall and sees Jason give some man an envelope of money. She asks him what is going on and who the man is. Jason tells her it is nothing she needs to know which worries her and she starts to hound him about keeping secrets from her that could concern Sonny's welfare. Jason interrupts her and explains that the man was a jeweler and that he ordered a ring for Courtney. Carly is excited for him and hugs him. They go back across the hall again. Courtney goes back to their place again when Jason concludes his business with Sonny for awhile. Carly goes upstairs to explain to Michael about their security measures and why he can't go out anywhere for awhile. Sonny starts to blame himself for keeping Michael locked up like he is in some sort of cage and confides in Carly that he doesn't want Michael to be scared of anything or anyone including him. Meanwhile, Ric surprises Liz with breakfast and plans for a honeymoon in Italy and France. Liz is happy and the newlyweds share an intimate moment that is witnessed by Faith, who happens to have snuck into their apartment. Ric leaves for awhile. Faith shows up and knocks on the door. Liz asks who it is before deciding whether to open it or not. Faith identifies herself and tells her that she didn't come over to harm her but to warn her that she has information that Sonny is going to kill Ric and has put out a hit on him in retaliation for the car bomb. Liz doesn't know whether to believe her and worries for Ric's safety. She calls Sonny and asks him to meet her near his penthouse building. Sonny reluctantly agrees to meet with her. Shortly after Sonny leaves, Courtney shows up with some potato chips for Carly and the two talk about the danger in the business their men are in. Ric shows up looking for Sonny. He tells them that he married Liz last night and that he wanted Sonny to know that. Carly tells him that Sonny is meeting with Liz right now and tells him there whereabouts. Faith follows Liz to the meeting place and watches her talk to Sonny. Liz asks Sonny to promise not to kill Ric as a favor he owes her for when she was there when Carly was brought into the hospital and she helped him. Sonny informs her that he doesn't owe her anything anymore. Liz tells him that she is married to Ric now and that Ric isn't a threat to him anymore and had nothing to do with the car bombing or drug set-up. Sonny doesn't really believe it and calls Ric a rapist and killer and that he doesn't believe he is a good person. Sonny walks away and heads back into the building of his penthouse. Liz walks toward the stairs in despair and Faith runs behind her and pushes her down the stairs. Faith goes down the stairs and looks at Liz and nudges her with her toe to see she is unconscious. Ric finds Liz later at the bottom of the stairs. Sonny returns home and tells Jason about Ric and Liz's marriage and how he use to think Liz was a good girl but now she sounds and acts just like Ric. Sonny goes back into his place and tells Carly about his meeting with Liz and how angry she made him and how he doesn't remember much about the rest of the meeting but just saw things through a red haze. Jason returns to his apartment and surprises Courtney with an engagement ring after she tells him that she can accept his dangerous life as long as she can be with him. She loves the ring and he puts on her finger and the two kiss.

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