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Monday, September 22, 2003

Georgie tells Dillon that he looks amazing in his tuxedo. They imagine that they are in a movie with the storm outside. Dillon opens the bottle of champagne and squirts it all over Georgie. He tells her how beautiful he thinks she is. They begin to kiss and he lays her down on the bed. Suddenly the smoke alarm begins to beep. He removes the batteries and there is a knock on the door from the hotel manager. He tells Dillon that he has called the fire department, as Georgie hides. After the fire department leaves, Dillon tries to explain why he has so many candles and that he really alone in the room. He leaves and Georgie comes out from her hiding spot. They decide to watch a movie and they find a funny surprise instead. Dillon tells her that he is a virgin too. They begin to kiss and there is a knock on the door from Mac.

In the hospital, Nikolas tells Lydia that their marriage is over, while Detective Cappelli overhears. She pleads with Nikolas to stay with her otherwise the creditors will kill him. He asks her why she is fighting him on this decision and she tells him that their marriage can make her happy if he would just give her and their marriage a chance. She tells Nikolas that she knows that he is risking his life and everything just to be with Emily and he tells her that she is right, Nikolas does want to be with Emily.

Emily looks for Zander at Kelly's and finds Gia. She asks Emily what is so important and she tells Gia about the pictures of her and Nikolas together. She wants to find Zander and tell him before he hears it from someone else. Emily tells her that she and Nikolas came close to making love, but they stopped and agreed to never be alone with one another again. Gia tells her that Emily has always protected Nikolas, but what about Zander?

Zander questions Lucky about Emily's involvement in Nikolas' fight. Lucky warns him that any association with a Cassadine is dangerous right now and he needs to focus on Emily. Zander tells him that it's not Emily that Lucky should focus on, he should focus on Lydia. Lucky tells Zander that Emily could be in danger and he needs to keep his eyes open.

Jason warns Lorenzo that although Carly and Sonny may be grateful for what he did for Courtney, he needs to watch himself because Jason will go after him and Lorenzo will wish that he never heard of PC. Lorenzo tells Jason that he will stay for as long as it takes to get what he wants. Lydia walks out of Nikolas' room and Jason enters. He tells Jason that he just ended his marriage to Lydia. Jason tells Nikolas that he isn't going to die. Nikolas tells him that Lydia looked like she was hurt, but at least Nikolas is one step closer to being with Emily, if she still wants him.

Sonny looks out the window through the words I Miss You written on. He sees a woman resembling Lily and walks outside to see, only to find that she has disappeared. Courtney enters the penthouse and tells him that he looks like he has just seen a ghost. He tells her that he thought he saw a woman on the terrace and he thinks that he is just being paranoid. He calls for Max to tell him that someone was outside and he thinks he knows who it is.

Max brings Faith in to Sonny and tells her that he knows it was her who violated Lily's grave. She tells him that she doesn't know what he is talking about. Sonny becomes angry with her and Jason and Courtney interrupt telling Faith to leave. Jason asks Sonny what's going on and Sonny wishes that he could tell Jason. After Jason inspects the terrace, he tells Sonny that this may be all on his head. Sonny tells Jason that these are all signs, omens that something is going to happen to his baby. He asks Jason that he cannot tell Carly. Sonny leaves and asks Jason not to follow him.

Zander goes to the hospital looking for Emily and runs into Lydia. She tells him that she is also looking for Emily so she could tell her exactly what she thinks of her. He asks her what she is talking about. She tells him about Nikolas ending the marriage and shows him the pictures of Emily and Nikolas. In a rage, Zander runs to Nikolas' room and begins to punch him. Emily enters and tells him to stop. Nikolas explains to Emily that ending his marriage was part of a plan that he and Jason worked up against Lorenzo, since he is the one who Stefan owes money to. Nikolas tells Emily that she is in danger, Lorenzo may come after Emily through Nikolas. He tells Zander to take Emily to a hiding spot on the island. Zander pulls Emily out of his room.

Lucky finds Lydia at Kelly's. She tells Lucky that Nikolas just ended her marriage. He tries to comfort her and tells her that the police will protect Nikolas. She tells him that she fell in love with Nikolas.

On the docks, Zander tells Emily that he knows that she is lying to him, keeping secrets from him, all the while protecting Nikolas. He tells her that he knows that she slept with Nikolas, he saw the pictures. She tells him that things got out of hand, but she did not sleep with Nikolas. Zander asks her if she married him to protect Nikolas. He asks her if it has always been about Nikolas. Zander demands Emily to choose between him and Nikolas.

Detective Cappelli tells Lorenzo what he overheard and asked him what he wants to do. Lorenzo tells him that he always collects what is owed to him.

Detective Cappelli enters Nikolas' room while he is asleep. He is carrying a gun with a silencer and aims it at Nikolas.

Faith congratulates Lorenzo on his plan against Sonny. Meanwhile, Sonny visits Lily's gravesite. He sees Carly's name on the headstone.

Jason and Courtney go to the hospital to find Carly's room empty.

Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Mac demands to take Georgie home, but she refuses. She tries to explain her choices with Dillon and Mac asks Dillon to leave the two of them alone to talk. She tells Mac how she feels about Dillon and happy he makes her, as Dillon listens on the other side of the door. She tells Mac that she won't give him up for anyone. He tells her that he should be lecturing her on the consequences of unprotected sex and the toll it could take on her life, but she is smart enough to know these things. But although she may be smart, she probably doesn't realize how something that hurt her can grab a hold of her life and make her do crazy things. She asks what he means and Mac tells her that it is the elephant in the room that they are both afraid to discuss. Mac tells her that her relationship with Dillon is Georgie's way of dealing with Felicia being gone. Since they both have absent mothers, they have found this in common with each other. Georgie disagrees. Mac tells her that he respects her decision and leaves. Dillon comes back in the room and Georgie begins to cry. She tells him that Mac only wants what best for her. Dillon tells her that Mac achieved what he came to do and that was to stop them from making love. They try to salvage their romantic night with a drink of champagne and plan their next rendezvous.

Zander asks Emily to choose between him and Zander. He asks her who she loves, she tells him that she loves him with all of her heart, but she loves Nikolas also. He asks her how he is supposed to handle that and why she married him. She tells him that she married him because he asked and because she loves him. Zander wonders if Emily thought about her feelings for Nikolas getting in the way of their marriage and she says that she didn't think that far and 'til death do us part was all that she could see. Zander realizes that Emily only married him because she thought that she was going to die. He asks her what if she knew that she was going to live, would she have married him anyways. Emily can't answer, because she doesn't know what would have been if she wasn't ill. Zander tells her that her sickness never changed how he felt about her. She tells him that if she wasn't sick, maybe she wouldn't have come home, but what she would have done over was to ask Nikolas to help her protect him from the agony of watching her die. But since she can't take it back, the only thing she can do is to apologize for what happened with Nikolas and to promise that it will never happen again. Zander tells Emily that what if he can't stay married to a woman who keeps another man in her heart? He has seen the pictures of the two of them together and it will take a long time to get those images out of his head. In the meantime, he decides not take Emily to the island. He tells her that he can protect her in their home. Zander walks away and Emily follows.

At the hospital and with the lights off, Detective Cappelli aims the gun at a sleeping Nikolas but Carly turns the light on, wakes up Nikolas and they both ask what Cappelli is doing there. He tells Nikolas that he was there to check on his security and that he will be placing guards outside of his door. Cappelli leaves and Carly asks what happened to him. He tells her that he was attacked and asks her what she is doing there. Carly tells him that she was bored and decided to take a walk. She asks him if he thinks that he was beaten up on Lorenzo's orders, but before he could answer, Jason comes in and asks her what she is doing leaving her room. She tells them both that when she was in Lorenzo's apartment, she saw a document with Nikolas' name and she thought that maybe it had something to do with his attack. Jason tells her that it is none of her business and that she should not be involved. He tells Carly to leave and Jason asks Nikolas if Lorenzo has seen the pictures of him and Emily together. Nikolas tells him that the pictures will not be a problem, but Jason thinks they may be a problem to Emily. He tells Nikolas that he is protecting him because Emily asked, but he will not do it at Emily's expense. Nikolas tells him that the pictures were sent to Lydia. Jason tells him that she should have brought the pictures directly to him as soon as she received them. He tells Nikolas that anything in regards to the situation needs to be brought to his immediate attention. Nikolas tells him that he loves Emily and intends to marry her as soon as Lorenzo is out of the picture. With this motivation, he does not plan to make any mistakes.

Lorenzo brings a huge vase flowers for Carly, but Maxie tells him that Carly is not accepting flowers from anyone but Sonny.

Sonny sees Carly's name on the headstone of Lily's grave and he begins to have flashbacks of Lily's death, but with Carly instead. He sits down on a bench and looks at the headstone again, but this time he sees Lily's name.

Sonny goes back to the hospital to find Carly's bed empty and questions Courtney. He begins to panic, Carly walks in and he asks her where she has been. Sonny begins to lecture Carly about keeping the baby. He leaves and Carly asks Courtney what that was all about. She tells her that Sonny thinks he is going to lose Carly and the baby. She thinks that Sonny may feel as if he has more happiness than what he deserves and that everything he loves he loses. He is just fearful that he may lose the baby.

Sonny tells Jason that he wants more guards near Carly. He tells Sonny that he is over-reacting. Sonny tells Jason that he is seeing things, like Carly's name on Lily's headstone.

Back at the cottage, Zander tells Emily to make sure that the windows are locked. She suggests Zander to light a fire, but he doesn't want to because it will remind him of her and Nikolas. She asks if he will be able to get past all of this and he tells her that he doesn't know, but he will try, only it won't be tonight. Later on that night, Emily sees how hurt Zander is as he stands by the fireplace holding his wedding ring with tears in his eyes.

Faith and Lorenzo discuss the plan. She questions why haunting Sonny is the way to taking him down. She wonders why Sonny would be bothered by images of Lily since they were married for only six months and it was ages ago. Lorenzo tells her that Lily's ghost has been haunting since she died and he knows this because he has a ghost of his own. Lorenzo talks about losing a great love by death and remembering her name and seeing her face wherever he goes. He tells her that when the woman you love dies because you didn't react fast enough, you live with the ghost and he knows it because he had to live with the ghost for so long. Faith asks who Lorenzo's ghost was and he tells her that her name doesn't matter but that she gave Lorenzo the key to bringing Sonny down.

Sonny returns to Carly's room, apologizes to her. With the haunting music in the background, she tells him that it is okay and it is all over. He tells her that he thinks it is just beginning. He tells her that he gave up on having a family when Lily died, but then Carly and Michael came in to his life. He was grateful for that and thought that god had pardoned his past life by granting him this happiness, but then Carly lost their first baby. And now he feels like he is pushing the limits again and that Carly and the baby will pay for it. She tells him that he needs to forgive himself. As Sonny leaves Carly's room he sees "Lily" in the hallway.

Wednesday, September 24, 2003

Jason arrives at the Hospital to visit Liz after Liz invited him to stop by. Liz reports that the police will be there soon to take Liz's statement about the hit and run and Liz asks Jason WHY Courtney confessed to hitting Liz if Courtney did NOT really run Liz down. Liz also asks WHY an unknown person would later confess to the SAME incident . Ric arrives at that moment and suggests that Alcazar paid someone to confess to running Liz down to get Courtney off the hook so that Sonny would be obligated to Lorenzo. Ric warns Liz that Jason is just taking advantage of Liz's trust to help Courtney escape prosecution for running Liz down. Liz refuses to listen to Ric and Jason denies all of Ric's suppositions. Jason tells Liz that he was sorry that Liz was hurt but Jason pointedly does NOT deny that Courtney was driving the car that struck Liz! As Ric and Jason argue, Liz asks Jason to leave. After Jason leaves, Liz reminds Ric that Ric DID once work for Louis Alcazar and Liz suggests that Ric's suppositions about what REALLY happened is just part of Ric's on-going vendetta against Sonny. Ric insists that his vendetta against Sonny is over. Ric also reminds Liz that it is NOT Liz whom Jason loves! Ric reminds Liz that COURTNEY is the woman whom Jason loves and warns Liz that, because Jason loves Courtney, Jason would be willing to do ANYTHING to protect Courtney. Ric observes that, even though Liz KNOWS that Jason is in love with another woman, Liz STILL trusts everything Jason tells her!

At the Port Charles Police Department, Skye and Ned try to convince Scott that Ned NEVER assaulted Cindy, as the girl claims. Skye voices her suspicion that Alexis is behind the charges being brought against Ned and Scott agrees that he would NOT mind nailing Alexis ~ on ANY charge! Meanwhile, Cindy visits Stefan, disguised as Wyndemere's housekeeper, Mrs. Lansbury. Cindy assures Stefan that EVERYTHING is in the works, just as Stefan requested. Later, when Cindy leaves the visitor's room, Skye notices the 'housekeeper's' passionate pink nail polish and rips off Cindy's hat, to reveal Cindy! Meanwhile, on the docks, Zander meets with Alexis. Zander reports that he is making headway into worming his way into Cindy's confidence. Alexis reports to Zander that Cameron has obtained custody of Kristina. At the same time, Cameron shows up on Emily's doorstep at the Cottage, with Kristina in tow and asks for Emily's help! In the meantime, back at the PCPD, Cindy admits to Scott, Skye and Ned that she DID lie about the assault because she needed money and Alexis hired Cindy to lie about Ned assaulting her. When Scott questions Cindy about her numerous visits to Stefan, Cindy claims she was visiting Stefan because she had confided to Stefan that she no longer had the heart to continue accusing Mr. Ashton but Stefan wanted to meet with Cindy to encourage Cindy to stick with her story so that Alexis would remain free to defend Stefan. Stefan passes by in the hall while Cindy is "confessing" to Scott and Stefan "warns" Cindy that, by exposing Alexis, Cindy COULD be held for perjury! But Stefan does not appear all that displeased by Cindy's revelations and Scott hustles the girl off to talk about making a deal. Later, Ned thanks Skye for spotting Cindy's disguise and surprising a confession out of the girl. Meanwhile, back on the docks, Alexis asks Zander if he would be able to help Alexis smooth things over so that Cameron will allow Alexis to see Kristina frequently. At the same time, Cameron admits to Emily that he lives in an adults~only building, so he needs to go to work, get some baby supplies and go looking for a new apartment. Cameron asks Emily to baby~sit until Cameron can find a new apartment. Emily quickly agrees. After Cameron leaves, Emily finds herself thrilled to be holding a baby. As Emily flashes back to her last night with Nikolas, Zander returns home and discovers that they are baby~sitting Kristina. At the same time, Cameron runs in to Alexis on the docks and Alexis makes a plea for frequent visits with Kristina. Although Cameron admits being fearful that Alexis might be angry because Cameron ended up as Kristina's guardian, Alexis surprises Cameron by thanking Cameron for stepping forward to prevent Kristina from being shuffled off to a foster care home. Cameron agrees that Alexis can visit Kristina at any time and informs Alexis that Kristina is staying with Zander and Emily at the Cottage until Cameron finds a new apartment. At the same time, Ned, Skye and Scott meet with Judge Farmer. Ned makes a plea for returning Kristina to Ned's custody, now that the charges against him have proved to be false. Ned is astounded when Judge Farmer informs Ned that she plans to leave Kristina with Cameron because too much has happened around the poor child ~ and, in Judge Farmer's opinion, ALL of Kristina's relatives need psychiatric help! Scott reminds Ned that NED was the one who failed to send Alexis to prison when he had the chance ~ and now Ned's good deed has backfired on him! Scott also offers the opinion that he agrees with Judge Farmer that Kristina's entire family is in need of psychiatric help! After Scott leaves, Ned confides to Skye that he is through defending Alexis. Skye assures Ned that she believes that Ned WILL be able to bounce back from this blow as well. Skye urges Ned to think about getting even with Alexis for this latest dirty trick. Scott returns and suggests that he might be able to help Skye and Ned realize some of the payback they are looking to collect. Meanwhile, Emily and Zander have fun holding Kristina and begin to bond over the baby. Later, Emily gets ready to leave the cottage to pick up some food for Kristina. As Zander panics at the prospect of being left alone with Kristina, Cameron and Alexis arrive at the door! After Emily leaves, Cameron informs Zander that Kristina will be with Zander and Emily until Cameron finds an apartment that accepts babies. Zander assures Cameron that BOTH Alexis AND Cameron are welcome at the cottage any time. Later, at the Hospital, as Ric watches Liz practice walking with her cane, Skye and Ned approach Ric and inform Ric that they have just proved that the sexual assault charges pending against Ned were fraudulent, and that the charges have been dropped. Ned and Skye explain that they are now seeking an attorney who will help them drag someone through the deepest, dirtiest mud they can find ~ and they believe that Ric fills the bill! Later, as Cameron, Zander and Alexis discuss Kristina's future, Scott arrives with police officers and arrests Alexis for masterminding the fraudulent sexual assault charge which was brought against Ned!

Elsewhere at the hospital, Nikolas dismisses his guards, then meets with Jason to plot a way to get Alcazar to pull a gun on Nikolas. Jason suggests that Nikolas offer to make a partial payment to Alcazar on the Cassadine debt, but arrange for Alcazar to PERSONALLY collect the payment at Wyndemere. At the same time, Officer Andy Cappelli reports to Lorenzo that Carly walked in on him before he could get rid of the Cassadine prince, but that Nikolas will be released today and be open for a new attack. Later, when Nikolas returns to Wyndemere, he is surprised to find Lydia all packed and ready to leave. Lydia tells Nikolas that she is finished with the charade of their marriage and Nikolas can go ahead and get his annulment. But, before she leaves, Lydia makes one more plea to Nikolas to save his own life by sticking with the marriage, producing an heir and satisfying the Cassadine family creditors that way. Nikolas promises Lydia that he WILL get out of this predicament alive. Lydia admits that she has fallen in love with Nikolas and begs Nikolas to think before continuing to risk his life. Lydia suggests that, IF Emily TRULY loved Nikolas, Emily would feel the same way and would want Nikolas to stay alive, even if it meant convincing the creditors that Lydia and Nikolas were going to become the model married couple ~ and parents! Lydia argues that, surely, saving Nikolas' life would be reason enough for Emily to be able to wait for the time when Nikolas and Emily could be together. But Nikolas confides to Lydia that he already has a plan for saving his own life that does NOT involve continuing their marriage. Lydia angrily walks out. Later, Nikolas meets with Lorenzo at Alcazar's Penthouse and informs the drug lord that Nikolas is prepared to make a partial payment on the Cassadine debt, but Lorenzo will need to pick the money up ~ personally ~ at Wyndemere. At the same time, Lydia shows up on Lucky's doorstep. Lydia explains that she is leaving Nikolas, but can't afford a hotel room because she does NOT have access to her family fortune so long as Nikolas insists on an annulment. When Lucky tells Lydia to look for a room anywhere else except with Lucky, Lydia reminds Lucky that she helped Lucky put Stefan in jail and, now, Lucky owes Lydia a return favor! Lucky finally agrees to let Lydia stay in his room. Meanwhile, Nikolas meets with Jason to discuss their trap for Alcazar. At the same time, Officer Cappelli assures Alcazar that Andy will take care of Nikolas and bring the money back to Lorenzo. However, Alcazar surprises Cappelli when Alcazar announces that he plans to take care of Nikolas Cassadine himself. Meanwhile, Jason tells Nikolas that, when Lorenzo pulls his gun to kill Nikolas, Jason will appear from hiding and kill Alcazar. Then Jason will be able to claim self~defense and, once Alcazar is dead, Lorenzo will not be around to contradict their story! Later, as Lorenzo and Nikolas meet in the study at Wyndemere, Jason waits in hiding and keeps his gun trained on Alcazar. When Lorenzo picks up the briefcase full of cash, Alcazar tells Nikolas that they will NOT be doing business like this again and reaches inside his jacket pocket. At the same time, as Emily walks past the docks on her way home with groceries for Kristina, Emily is grabbed by an unknown assailant!

Thursday, September 25, 2003

Zander is left watching baby Kristina while Emily goes to the store to buy some baby food and supplies. Detective Cappelli, working for Alcazar, grabs Emily from behind and covers her mouth to keep her from screaming. He warns her that if Nikolas doesn't pay Alcazar back soon, they will come after her next time. Meanwhile, Jason watches from the corner of the hallway as Nikolas meets with Alcazar at Wyndemere. Nikolas gives him $100,000 and tries to make a deal with him to pay him back in more installments. Alcazar puts his hand inside his jacket pocket and Jason gets his gun ready to shoot Alcazar if he tries to kill Nikolas. Alcazar takes a slip of paper from his pocket and hands it to Nikolas. Alcazar takes one of the figurines belonging to the Cassadines as collateral. He leaves. Jason asks him why he blocked his view from shooting Alcazar. Nikolas tells him that he realized that Alcazar wasn't going to shoot him and he didn't want Jason to shoot him by accident. Jason finds it suspicious that Alcazar didn't kill him and they realize that Emily may be vulnerable at this moment. Nikolas tells him that Zander is with her right now. Jason asks him if he is sure of this and Nikolas suggests checking on them at the cottage. When they get there they find Zander alone with the baby and no sign of Emily. Jason tells him that he shouldn't have left Emily alone for a second and that she is in danger. Zander isn't too happy about Nikolas' problems putting her in danger. Nikolas explains about his creditors and that Alcazar is behind the debt. Jason calls one of Sonny's men to find Emily as Nikolas makes his own phone call. Emily walks in the door, quite shaken up. Jason sighs in relief when he sees she isn't harmed. Emily realizes something is wrong if Nikolas and Jason are there. They explain what is going on. She tells them about being grabbed on the docks and that she couldn't see the person who grabbed her because he threatened to harm her if she turned around and looked at him. Jason decides to put some guards on her outside her house to protect her. Nikolas agrees to not stick around and come by anymore if it means he is putting her in danger. Jason asks to speak to Emily alone outside. She comes outside with him while Zander grills Nikolas on what kind of danger he got her into again. Jason asks her what is going on with her marriage to Zander and why she is staying married to him. She explains that she couldn't live with her self and like herself if she broke her vows with Zander and broke off with him to be with Nikolas. Emily suggest to Nikolas that he try to make a baby with Lydia and get the inheritance to pay back Alcazar. Nikolas tells her he can't do that anymore. Nikolas asks Jason if he can borrow the money from him. Jason agrees to let him borrow the money since he has a vested interest in bringing down Alcazar himself. Jason and Nikolas leave the cottage. Emily brings in the groceries from the car. She tells Zander that she wants to be married to him and chose him. Zander reluctantly trusts her and they embrace. Nikolas gets home to find Stefan has been released from jail. He asks him why he is home when he was denied bail until trial. Stefan explains that he has a new lawyer who found a loophole and that because of Alexis' failure to defend him properly he was in jail longer than he should have been. Nikolas tells him that she believes like him that he killed Summer. Stefan denies he hired someone to kill Emily. Nikolas doesn't believe him and asks him why he tried to kill Emily when he knew how much Nikolas loves her. He asks if it was because he only wanted Nikolas to love him only and no one else. Stefan denies trying to harm Emily and that anything he did was to protect him from getting himself killed by the creditors. Nikolas realizes that Stefan doesn't have a clue to what is going on. Nikolas explains to Stefan that he paid the creditors $100,000 and that he will get more money to pay off the rest of what they owe. Stefan asks him where he got the money from to pay them back. Nikolas tells him he got the money from Jason. Stefan is not happy with that and asks him why he would borrow from Jason, a known felon who almost got him killed before because he was standing next to him one time. Nikolas explains that he at least knows who he is borrowing from unlike Stefan. He asks Stefan if he knows who is backing the creditors they owe. Stefan tells him it is some French financier. Nikolas tells him that is not true and that the man behind him getting beaten up and all the other problems is none other than Lorenzo Alcazar.

Earlier when Stefan was still in jail, he requested a visit with Alexis, who was brought in handcuffs by Scott after being arrested for fraud and setting up Ned. Cameron follows them there to try to help Alexis. He watches as Scott explains to Alexis what charges are bringing brought up on her. Cameron asks to speak to her alone. Scott pretends to not allow it but balks and walks away. Cameron asks her about the charges. Cameron asks Alexis how much contact she has had with Cynthia. Alexis explains that she has had a few run-ins with her set up by Stefan to make her look guilty. Cameron believes Stefan is behind it. Ned and Skye show up with Ric as their attorney. Ric tells Alexis that his client, Ned is filing charges of fraud and defamation of character against her and that he has proof that shows she hired Cynthia. He tells her that Ned is suing her for $10 million. Scott comes out of the visitor's room and informs Alexis that her ex-client requests to see her. She tells Scott she has no wish to talk to her brother right now. Scott tells him that he insists. Alexis reluctantly leaves them and goes in to see what Stefan wants. Stefan has a smug look on his face when he sees her dressed in prison denim and wearing handcuffs. He tells her she should have thought twice before betraying him. She tells him that he set her up when all she asked him to do was not to go after Ned and have him charge him with rape. Stefan tells her that she isn't any better than him. She tells him that he murdered an innocent woman and should pay. Stefan denies he had her killed and Alexis tells him that he used the fact that she needed his help against her. Alexis walks out of the room. Stefan walks out and calls Ric's attention. He asks to hire him as his new attorney now that his sister is no longer representing him. Ric agrees to it. While Alexis was talking to Stefan, Cameron uses the opportunity to try to talk Ned out of filing a lawsuit against Alexis. Ned is very angry with Alexis and feels he had defended her long enough and it got him nowhere. Cameron tells him that it is obvious that Stefan was behind all of this. Skye steps in and starts maligning Alexis. Cameron makes a point to her about overkill. He asks Ned if he will be able to live with himself when years later he has to explain to Kristina why he went after her mother like that without knowing all the facts. Stefan gets Ric to look into the charges against him. Ric finds a loophole and processing error to get Stefan released. Stefan makes a point to Alexis about how she should have paid more attention when he tried to teach her how to play a chess when they were children since he obviously learned how to use it against her when he needed to. Cameron can't believe that Scott is releasing Stefan, arresting Alexis, and letting someone like Ric defend Stefan, when he kidnapped Carly. Scott tells him that he goes with the cases he can win and that there wasn't enough evidence to charge Ric with in the end.

Courtney catches Faith outside Carly's room and thinks she is up to no good. Faith lies and tells her she is here for an appointment with Dr. Meadows and had no idea that Carly's room was right there. Sonny stays close to Carly and worries about her safety. Carly reassures him she will be fine and that the baby with come when it is ready. Courtney tells Faith to stay away from Carly. She comes into Carly's room and has her release papers to sign to get out of there. Sonny notices that Courtney seems nervous and anxious for Carly to leave the hospital. Courtney explains that she saw Faith outside Carly's room just now and is worried she is up to something. Sonny doesn't like it and agrees that Carly needs to be home where she can be protected better. Sonny runs into Alcazar outside the hospital and reminds him that he is married to Carly not him and to leave her alone or he will go after him. They exchange a few words between them in Spanish. Jason shows up and finds Courtney there. She asks him to drive her home. He asks her why she doesn't drive home herself instead of waiting for him. She tells him she isn't ready to get behind the wheel of a car after what happened. He offers to ride along with her in her new car until she gets comfortable again. Courtney explains that the reason she doesn't want to drive a car is because she feels she shouldn't be allowed to since she ran Liz down. Jason tells her that even if Alcazar hadn't had the accident covered up he would have had it covered up himself and to blame him. She tells him she feels guilty because she is glad that she didn't have to face charges and worries about what that says about her. Jason tells her that if she wants to go to the police station and tell them to charge her, he will support her. She tells him she doesn't want to go to jail and wants to be home with him and the couple embrace. Sonny gets Carly home. Sonny finds her later up in their room on the balcony. They talk and make love. Sonny is asleep and has a dream about wheeling Carly out of the hospital with their baby in her arms. He gets her set up in the back seat with the baby and is about to get in the car when he hears his name called and he sees Lily. Lily tells him to stay away from the car. He turns around in panic and the car explodes with Carly and the baby inside. Sonny wakes up in a scream. Carly wakes up and comforts him. Meanwhile, Alcazar finds Faith waiting outside a hospital room. Faith explains that they had a close call when Courtney caught her outside Carly's room and accused her of being up to something sinister. She tells him that she had a cover story that Courtney seemed to believe. Alcazar asks about their patient, Marcella. She tells him that her bandages will be coming off today. Alcazar enters Marcella's room and gets a look at her without bandages. He is quite pleased with the results and tells her she looks beautiful. Alcazar tells Faith that their plan is working because Sonny is very anxious about Carly and is most likely thinking about Lily's death right now.

Friday, September 26, 2003

Dillon fantasizes about seducing Georgie into have sex on the desk at the office at ELQ. His daydreaming is interrupted when AJ asks him what he is doing sitting at his desk. Dillon quickly recovers to tell him he wanted to get a different perspective. AJ acts hostile toward Dillon for no apparent reason. He tells him that he is waiting for a fax to arrive and to call him as soon as it comes in. Dillon has plans for the evening and didn't expect to have to work later. AJ has no sympathy for him and orders him to stay around. Skye comes in and overhears AJ talking down to Dillon. She interrupts them and scolds AJ for treating Dillon so badly. AJ tells her it is because he is Ned's brother and is a rival for the CEO job in the future. Skye tells him she came by to ask him if they could work together on something. AJ and Skye go to Kelly's to have coffee and talk. Skye asks AJ to consider giving Ned his job back. AJ won't even think of stepping down or even give Ned a job at all at ELQ. Skye tries to persuade him to step down but to no avail. AJ feels that Ned is getting what he deserves and that he never supported him when he was in trouble so why should he care enough to help Ned in return. Skye takes some papers out of her purse and informs him that she is sorry and that she cares about him but she has no choice but to go through with the plan. She tells him that Ned is suing him and ELQ for firing him without real cause. Meanwhile, Dillon is sitting around the office waiting for the important fax to arrive. Maxie finds Georgie sitting by herself at Kelly's and sits down with her. She assumes that Georgie lost her virginity to Dillon already because of their plans the other night. Georgie tells her that the night was going good and makes up some story that Maxie doesn't buy. Georgie admits that Mac barged in and caught them. Maxie guesses that Mac talked her into not having sex. Georgie tells her that she decided to wait a bit longer and that she and Dillon love each other and want it to be special when it happens. Maxie asks her if Dillon is really o.k. about waiting for her. Georgie tells her he is. Later Georgie comes in with a pizza and soda at Dillon's office. Dillon is a little short with her and tells her that she should turn on her cellphone once and awhile. He tells her that he has to stay late and wait for a fax before he can leave. Dillon thinks about his earlier fantasy and knocks the stuff off AJ's desk and grabs Georgie and lays her on the desk and kisses her. Georgie stops him from going further and tells him that she doesn't want their first time to be on a desk or the floor. They come up with an idea to type up an agreement about what conditions under which they will make love. Georgie signs it as well as Dillon. Dillon grabs her again and kisses her against the desk while the fax is sent through the machine. Dillon ignores it to make out with Georgie. As they are kissing, AJ shows up and calls to him. AJ tells him that having sex on the desk isn't allowed. He also notices the fax has already arrived and still laying there in the machine. He asks Dillon if he was even keeping an eye on the fax and why he didn't call him right away when he got it. Dillon apologizes for not paying closer attention. AJ tells him that because of his incompetence ELQ lost lots of money on this deal. He asks Georgie if Mac knows she came to the office to have sex with Dillon. Georgie puts her face down in embarrassment and worry. AJ makes a remark about her being the "take-out" tonight. Dillon, angry, walks over to AJ and punches him in the face. AJ fires Dillon.

Stefan shows up at Sonny's penthouse to talk to him. He tells Sonny and Jason that he will not accept their loan to pay off Alcazar since his nephew can't afford to do business with men like them. Sonny asks him where he thinks he will get the money to pay back Alcazar when he is suppose to be broke. Stefan tells them he will find a way to help himself and to keep Nikolas safe. Sonny tells him that it is up to Nikolas to make that decision and that he came to them and that Jason is doing a favor to him because of his friendship to Emily. Stefan refuses to take any more money from them and that he will return the money Nikolas already owes them. Stefan leaves. Sonny asks Jason what that was all about with Stefan. Jason doesn't know. Sonny tells Jason that Alcazar needs to be eliminated soon. He also explains his theory to Jason about why Alcazar went after the Cassadines, to get control of their estate that would allow him to ship his product. He tells Jason that Alcazar's motive includes Carly now not just to get revenge. Jason agrees to get rid of Alcazar tonight. Stefan returns home to find Nikolas there. Nikolas looked again at the photos of him kissing Emily in a compromising position and puts them in the fire to burn. When Stefan arrives, Nikolas asks him where he has been. Stefan tells him he went to see Sonny and Jason and to cancel his deal with them involving the money he borrowed. Nikolas resents his interference and tells him to butt out of his business. Stefan tells him he did what he did to protect him. Nikolas doesn't buy that story. Nikolas meets with Jason on the docks. Nikolas doesn't want Alcazar dead if he can keep paying off the debt himself. Jason explains that Emily is still a target and that their best course of action at this moment is to eliminate the threat, Alcazar. Nikolas goes along with it. Courtney and Carly talk outside of Kelly's. Carly tells her that Sonny hasn't been sleeping well lately and has been having nightmares about Lily's death. Alcazar overhears them talking and is pleased that his plan against Sonny is working. Courtney tells her that her own nightmares are starting to fade a little. Courtney also mentions that she noticed how Sonny was acting strangely the other day and mentioned seeing some woman that wasn't there. Carly worries that Sonny is so afraid that she is going to die and lose the baby like Lily did with their child, that he is getting paranoid and seeing Lily in his dreams lately. Alcazar interrupts their talk. Courtney tells him to go away and leave them alone. Alcazar asks Carly how the baby is doing. She tells him he is fine. Alcazar mentions to them that he just bought the old Water street warehouse and that it is outside Sonny's territory and that they can tell him that themselves and remind him that he is keeping his word to stay out of Sonny's territory. Sonny shows up at the "Cellar" to find Carly waiting there for him with the place closed and a candlelit dinner waiting for them with champagne. Carly puts on some soft music and they dance and kiss. Their evening is interrupted by a phone call. Courtney overhears Jason telling Nikolas that Alcazar won't be a problem for anyone anymore after tomorrow. Courtney walks down to greet them and acts like she didn't hear anything. Nikolas leaves them alone. Courtney asks him what is going on. Jason tells her he has business to take care of and that he was just talking to Nikolas about Emily's condition. Jason takes off suddenly. Courtney calls Carly at the club and asks her to come meet her and that she needs her help. Carly leaves Sonny waiting at the club and reassures him she will be fine. Sonny hears a song that reminds him of his wedding to Lily. He thinks about that wedding and changes the music quickly. He notices a shadow moving across the foyer into the club. He realizes it is Faith. Faith comes into the club and ignores Sonny when he asks her to leave. She goes over to the bar and opens up the bottle of champagne Carly had out for them. She pours two glasses and hands one over to Sonny to toast to the old days. Sonny refuses to drink his champagne because of her history of poisoning others in the past. He asks her to switch drinks with him and to drink his to call her bluff. Faith tells him he is paranoid. He tells her to drink it. She drinks it and pretends to be getting weak from it. He asks her to leave. She tells him she didn't come over to kill him but that he may get killed by someone else. Later, Sonny sees another person enter the club. Faith had gone to the hospital to see Marcella and hands her a compact mirror to look at her new face, which Marcella is nervous to see. Marcella looks at herself and is amazed at how beautiful she looks. Sonny almost breaks the bottle of champagne when the figure comes into the light and it is "Lily." Sonny is in shock. Alcazar meets up with Faith and tells her the plan has to happen tonight since he has Sonny where he wants him, paranoid and thinking of Lily in his dreams. Alcazar makes some phone calls on his cellphone. A man in a ski mask comes up from behind him and pulls a cord around his neck tight and starts to strangle Alcazar. Cop sirens are heard coming toward the alleyway. The masked man drops Alcazar on the ground, unconscious and runs off. Jason comes to the alleyway with his gun drawn but the masked man gets away. Jason checks on Alcazar but takes off in case the police find him. Carly and Courtney meet on the docks. Courtney tells her that she has a bad feeling that Jason is going to get himself in trouble and goes on to explain what she overheard Jason tell Nikolas, about getting rid of Alcazar tonight. Courtney asks her what they should do. Carly tells her to go home and forget what she heard and that Jason will take care of himself. Carly tells her she is going to go back to her club where Sonny is waiting for her and the two of them are going to have a romantic dinner. Carly finds Alcazar laying on the ground unconscious near the entrance to the "Cellar." She goes over to him and checks his pulse. She gets up and walks away but thinks about the times he saved her life and her baby's life. She decides she can't leave him to die and goes over to try to help him. Jason returns to the docks to find Courtney waiting around for him. He asks her why she didn't go home. She tells him that she overheard what he told Nikolas and asks him if he is going to kill Alcazar. Stefan returns to Wyndemere, and is revealed to be the mysterious masked man who attacked Alcazar in the alley. He pulls his mask and gloves off just as Nikolas enters the room. He asks Stefan what he did.

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