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Monday, March 22, 2004

Carly and Sonny continue to argue over who is to blame for the breakup of their family. Sonny tries to convince her that Alcazar destroyed their life, but Carly tells him to leave Lorenzo out of the argument for once. She points out that it was Sonny who was unfaithful to her, and that he doesn't seem interested in getting rid of Sam in order to try to fix things. Sonny replies that he owes Sam because she was stabbed, and Carly snaps back that Lorenzo was blinded because of her, and she owes him at least as much. Sonny tells her that Lorenzo himself is to blame for his blindness, because he ordered the bombing. Carly refuses to believe him, and having accomplished nothing, Sonny leaves.

The bomber catches Sam on her boat, and they begin to struggle. Jason runs into the room and finds them, but the bomber pulls a gun and points it at Sam's head. Jason drops his own weapon, and tries to negotiate. Having none of Jason's suggestions, the bomber moves to shoot them both, but Jason pulls a second weapon and attempts to take the bomber out. Sam is left in the room as the bomber runs out with Jason in pursuit. Jason returns moments later to tell her the man got away. He takes her back to Sonny's penthouse, where an irritated Sonny tells her she needs to stay under his protection. Sam counters that she doesn't want to be the one who hurts Michael, but Sonny tells her she has nothing to do with Michael's despair. Sam goes upstairs, and Jason returns having again failed to find bomber. He explains to Sonny that he thinks Faith is telling the truth about not being the one who put out the hit, so Sonny tells him to find a way to tie Alcazar to it. As Sonny begins to discuss plans, Jason stops him and suggests he not conduct business with Sam in the apartment. Sonny says he doesn't need to worry about her, and that he wants her with him rather than a safehouse. Sam emerges at the top of the stairs in time to hear Jason point out that Sonny doesn't want Sam, he simply wants something to fill the void of Carly and the boys.

Faith holds a knife to Alcazar's neck, and demands that he admit his role in the bombing. Alcazar refuses to admit anything to her, and continues to deny any involvement. Knowing she's a target of Sonny's until she finds the bomber, she threatens Alcazar one last time before she will slit his throat. At this moment, Sage arrives and saves her uncle's life. Faith leaves, but promises to return. Carly arrives awhile later, and questions Alcazar about the ferocity of his guards. He explains Faith's visit, and Carly asks him if he was behind the bombing. Alcazar denies it, but Carly points out that he had every reason to order the hit. He denies it again, and she agrees to believe him. She takes him to the balcony and describes the stars for him as the two share a close moment. Once she goes into the apartment, the bomber emerges and demands additional money from Alcazar since he has been identified by Sam and Jason. Alcazar refuses, and tells him that his only job was to plant the bomb and then leave town. Realizing that Alcazar is blind, the bomber requests half a million dollars, or he'll tell Mrs. Corinthos who was behind the bombing of her husband's limo.

After a nightmare in which Zander steals her baby, Liz nervously admits to Ric that she can't shake thoughts of Zander. But when Ric informs her that Zander's body will be buried in a police plot with an unmarked grave, Liz gets him to agree to release Zander's body for a real funeral. The two go to the hospital to make the arrangements, but are interrupted by a frantic Enid who has been questioning Mac, Felicia, and Lucky over the whereabouts of her missing brother, Wally. As Liz fingers Zander's leftover possessions, Enid runs up and grabs a ring from her, insisting that it's Wally's ring. Ric and Liz realize that Zander is alive, and Ric immediately calls for another autopsy on the body to see if it is Wally. Liz leaves the hospital, wondering where Zander might be, as Ric privately puts out an APB on him. Thinking as Zander would, Liz goes to the cottage to see if he's there, and spots him with Emily through the window.

Emily says goodbye to the memory Zander at the cottage, and admits that he'll always have a place in her heart. As she turns to leave, she is shocked to actually see Zander standing in front of her. She rushes to him and hugs him, happy to see him alive. He vaguely explains the situation of the fire to her, and avoids her questions about the body that was found. Emily's happiness turns to fear as she slowly begins to realize that Zander is mentally not all there. He drones on about how they will have their life together, and when she says that she will not leave town with him because she loves Nikolas, he begins to get angry. Unbeknownst to Emily, Nikolas safely boards his plane for his business trip, but Zander tells her that he has intercepted Nikolas and is holding him. A terrified Emily tries to get through to Zander that hurting Nikolas will not change her feelings, but he refuses to listen. He grows increasingly agitated and delusional as Emily continues to refute his belief of them living happily ever after, and he finally demands that she make love with him if she wants to save Nikolas.

Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Jason tells Sonny that the only reason Sam is around is because Sonny doesn't want to be alone. He reminds Sonny that he is only using her to fill the void of Carly. Sonny replies that he has no illusions of love for Sam, and that he's been very clear to her regarding the terms of their relationship. Sam overhears this exchange, and is visibly disappointed.

Carly interrupts Alcazar on the balcony as he is being blackmailed by the bomber, but doesn't realize that there is anyone else there. When she mentions her heard voices and wants to see if someone is out there, Alcazar throws a tantrum and tells her he needs space. He orders her to leave, and she does.

Back at her house, Carly receives a visit from Jason, who wants to check on her and the boys. Carly rips into Sonny over his relationship with Sam, and while Jason agrees, he feels the need to point out Carly's commitment to Alcazar. He allows her to explain how she feels obligated to Alcazar now that he is blind, but he points out that Carly doesn't love Alcazar, because she's still in love with Sonny.

Back at the penthouse, Sonny's sex with Sam is interrupted by Courtney. Courtney glares at Sam and delivers child custody papers for Sonny to sign. He moves to sign them, but Courtney tries to convince him to rethink his actions and put his family back together. She tells him that Carly was going to leave Alcazar before she found out that he was blind, but Sonny angrily retorts that Carly has made her choice. Courtney refuses to help him by passing the papers on to Carly, and she leaves, warning him that if he burns too many bridges, Carly will be unable to find her way back to him. Later, Jason shows up at the penthouse looking for Sonny, but Sam tells him that Sonny is out. She tries to demand that Jason leave, but he ignores her. She thinks that he needs to know how she feels about Sonny, and she warns him that she isn't going anywhere. Having enough of her power trip, Jason questions where she thinks she's headed with Sonny, and Sam admits that she's falling in love with Sonny.

Zander refuses to allow Emily to leave the cottage, but outside, Liz spies them and runs to Ric to get police to rescue Emily. Zander asks Emily to make love to him, and in order to spare Nikolas, she agrees. She makes it very clear, however, that it is only to save Nikolas, and that she has no feelings for Zander. She rips off her top and asks him if he's proud to turn her into a whore, because sex between them is nothing more than a business arrangement. Zander breaks down in tears, and covers her with a blanket. Meanwhile, Nikolas hears news of the hostage situation on his car radio, and speeds to rescue Emily. He reaches to get something on the floor at one point, and his car careens out of control.

Having calmed down, Emily attempts again to get through to Zander, and suddenly the police show up and surround the cottage. Zander tries to get Emily to leave without him, but she refuses. She yells to Lucky that she and Zander will exit, unarmed, together. Zander thanks her again for all that she's done for him, and the two walk out of the cottage. The police hold their fire, until Zander suddenly pushes Emily away and moves his arms to his pocket, and then the squad fires away into his chest. He falls to the ground, and a devastated Emily cradles him in her arms one last time. He tells her she was his life, and he dies in her arms.

Wednesday, March 24, 2004

At the Cottage, Emily convinces Zander to give up his weapon and go with her to surrender to the police waiting outside. Emily promises that she will hold Zander's hand and no one will hurt him. However, as Zander and Emily step out on to the porch, Ric orders Zander to step away from Emily. Emily assures Ric that she is OK, and that Zander is surrendering. Ric orders Zander to kneel down and put his hands on top of his head. Instead, Zander shoves Emily out of the way. Telling Emily that he loves her, Zander puts his hands behind his back. The police leap to the conclusion that Zander is reaching for a gun and Ric gives the order to fire. Emily rushes to Zander and assures Zander that he will be fine, while blasting the police for firing on an unarmed man. Emily tearfully reminds Ric that she told them that Zander wasn't armed, but they didn't believe her. Zander reminds Emily that this is the way they met, with the police all around, and perhaps it should have ended like this years ago. When Emily realizes that Zander is dead, she bitterly accuses Ric of killing Zander deliberately. As the paramedics take Zander's body away, Emily says one final good-bye -- telling Zander that she is sorry for the way things turned out, because Zander deserved better. Later, Emily asks Lucky to check on Nikolas because Zander had told Emily that Zander had abducted Nikolas. Emily is offended when Ric declares that Zander's body will be taken to the morgue for an autopsy. As Emily again blames Ric for Zander's death, Lucky tries to explain that they were all following police procedures and that Zander appeared to be reaching for a gun. As Emily continues to accuse Ric of deliberately killing Zander to get Zander out of the way, Liz tries to reason with Emily, but Emily refuses to listen. Emily bitterly asks Liz if Liz knew that Ric would make sure that Zander didn't live long enough to claim his child. Emily is shocked when Liz admits that it was Liz who spotted Zander with Emily in the cottage and, believing that Zander was holding Emily hostage, Liz was the one who had called the police. Ric reminds Emily that the police believe that Zander killed an innocent bystander at the Port Charles Hotel and then set fire to the Hotel to cover up the death. Ric reminds Emily that one of the people who almost died in the fire was Nikolas and suggests that Emily would not be yelling at the police for shooting Zander if Nikolas had been one of the victims of the fire. Ric insists that Zander deliberately made a move that Zander KNEW would be misinterpreted by the police because Zander WANTED to die! Later, as Ric, Liz, Emily and Lucky arrive at the Port Charles Police Department to make their statements, Liz asks Ric if there was any truth in Emily's accusation and Ric assures Liz that Emily was just upset and will see things differently once she has a chance to sort things out. Meanwhile, Lucky tells Emily that he believes that Ric was right about Zander's death and that it also seemed to Lucky that Zander deliberately provoked the police because Zander WANTED to die. In the meantime, in the woods, Nikolas regains consciousness near his wrecked car and staggers away as his On Star Emergency System asks if he needs help. Later, Nikolas drags himself to the doorstep of a frightened woman, who loads a gun when she hears strange noises outside. Back at the PCPD, new detective Ross Duncan introduces himself to Lucky and confides that Ric had recruited Duncan for the PCPD. Shortly afterward, Lucky receives a report that his brother's car was involved in an accident. At the same time, the frightened woman goes out on her porch to investigate the strange noises and discovers Nikolas, unconscious, on her porch. Urging Nikolas NOT to die on her, the woman drags Nikolas inside, past a table covered with pictures of the woman with a serviceman and a folded flag. Later, Lucky investigates the wreck of Nikolas's car and the other office suggests that it appears that Nikolas might have sustained a head wound in the accident and wandered away from the car in a dazed condition. The officer suggests that it would have been possible for Nikolas to wander toward the river in his dazed condition and fall in. At the same time, at the PCPD, Ric asks Emily if Zander mentioned anything about the death of a Hotel employee named Wally, but Emily insists that Zander said nothing. But, if Zander DID have anything to do with Wally's death, Emily is convinced it would have been an accident. After Emily finishes signing her statement and is prepared to leave the PCPD, Ross informs Emily that Lucky went to investigates his brother's automobile accident. At the same time, Nikolas wakes up in the strange woman's living room and demands to know who she is. Later, Ric finds Liz back at the Cottage. As Liz wonders what they should tell the baby about Zander, Ric assures Liz that they will decide all of that together when the time comes. After Ric assures Liz that their child will have all of the advantages that Zander missed out on, Liz again asks Ric if Emily was right about Ric wanting Zander dead. Meanwhile, Emily arrives at the wreckage of Nikolas's car and learns from Lucky that Nikolas COULD have wandered around in a dazed condition and fallen into the river. At the same time, Nikolas confides to the strange woman that he doesn't know who he is and the woman tells him that he is her husband!

Dillon slips into Kelly's and confides to Mike that he is hiding out from his family. However, Tracy soon finds Dillon and drops heavy hints that she will ship her son off to military school if he fails to vote for Tracy as ELQ's CEO. However, Edward suddenly shows up and reminds Dillon that he is always welcome at the Quartermaine Mansion -- so long as he votes for Edward as CEO. As Tracy and Edward trade barbs, Dillon reminds them that the only thing he wants is some peace. As Edward and Tracy continue to bicker, Dillon threatens to turn his vote over to Mike. However, Mike declares that he would have to ask his son, the mob boss, for advice. As Edward insists that he would never allow a two-bit criminal like Sonny anywhere near ELQ, Dillon suggests that Edward shove off before Dillon decides that the best course of action for Dillon WOULD be to give his vote to Mike. After Tracy and Edward storm away, Mike reminds Dillon that he can't put off making a decision forever.

At Sonny's Penthouse, Samantha tells Jason that she plans to stick around as long as Sonny wants her to stay, because Sonny doesn't judge her the way others do. However, when Sam admits that she hopes that one day, Sonny will love her back, Jason reminds Sam that Sonny loves Carly. Meanwhile, at Carly's place, Carly and Lorenzo's kiss is interrupted by Sonny's knock at the door. Sonny announces that he has come to drop off the custody agreements. Back at the Penthouse, Sam suggests to Jason that Sonny might be happier with Sam than with Carly. Meanwhile, Lorenzo listens attentively as Sonny and Carly discuss the final arrangements for custody of Michael and Morgan, including child support. After Sonny leaves, Lorenzo confides to Carly that he can tell that the visit from her ex upset her. However, Carly declares that she wants Sonny to be in her sons' lives. Carly asks if Lorenzo wanted Carly -- or just wanted to take Carly away from Sonny. Lorenzo admits it was a little of both. But, Lorenzo continues, even when Carly was a captive aboard Alcazar's yacht, Lorenzo believed that Carly was an incredible, courageous woman who was trapped in a marriage to an abusive husband. Lorenzo also admits that he knows that Carly still has feelings for Sonny and declares that Lorenzo can live with that situation for the time being. Carly informs Lorenzo that she needs more time to be able to return Lorenzo's unconditional love, and Lorenzo decides to go home. At the same time, Sonny returns to the Penthouse and instructs Jason to keep an eye on Carly, Michael and Morgan because Sonny doesn't want to keep showing up when Carly is with Lorenzo. Sonny confides that Courtney had raised his hopes when Courtney had reported that Carly had planned to break up with Alcazar before Carly discovered that Lorenzo had been blinded in the explosion at the courthouse. But, when Sonny took the custody agreement over to Carly as an excuse for seeing her, he had spotted Carly and Lorenzo in a lip lock. Sonny admits to Jason that he will probably always love Carly but it is not likely that Carly would change her mind and, for the time being, having Samantha around has helped Sonny cope with the fact that Carly, Michael and Morgan are now a separate part of his life.

Later, Jason stops by Carly's house with a toy he fixed for Michael. Carly confides that she had expected Sonny to blow a fuse when he saw Lorenzo in the living room, but Sonny's cool manner leads Carly to conclude that Sonny was just too eager to get back to Samantha to care what Carly was doing. Carly confesses that she will love Sonny until the day that she dies. At the same time, Samantha emerges from a shower at the penthouse and Sonny suggests that Samantha go away with him to the island to stay away from the hit man who has targeted Sam. Sam enthusiastically agrees and quickly packs. Sonny warns Samantha that he plans to spoil her and doesn't want to hear anything more about how independent she is. At the same time, Carly and Jason discover that Morgan has a high temperature and Jason urges Carly to rush Morgan to the Emergency Room.

Thursday, March 25, 2004

Emily shows up at the accident scene. She finds Lucky and asks about Nikolas. Lucky tells her that it looks like Nikolas wandered off from the car and could have landed in the river which is only 200 yards away. Emily doesn't want to believe Nikolas may have drowned and insists on helping Lucky find Nikolas. Lucky persuades her to let him do his job without having to worry about her getting lost in the woods looking for Nikolas. Alexis shows up and is concerned about Nikolas. Ric gets a call from the police notifying him that Nikolas was in a car accident and shows up at the scene. He upsets Emily when he suggests that Nikolas could have drowned in the river if he was injured and wondered off. Emily slaps him across the face and accuses him of wanting Zander dead and not caring about Nikolas at all. Alexis accuses him of the same thing and wonders why he was even at the cottage in the first place when it was a police matter. Ric defends himself and claims he was just doing his job since Mac was severely injured and that there was no one but himself to help get things done at the police station. Meanwhile at a cottage in the woods, a woman named Mary tells a confused Nikolas that he is her husband Connor. She tells him that he was injured recently and just got out of the hospital. Nikolas starts to get agitated and tells her he doesn't remember her at all and asks her why he isn't wearing a wedding band when she is. She quickly covers her lie by telling him that he just got out of the hospital and they had kept his wedding band for him. Nikolas wonders about himself. Mary tells him that he was in the Marine Corps and that they were married for a few years. Nikolas passes out of exhaustion. Mary covers him with a blanket. She goes back into the living room and takes all the pictures of her late husband and takes them out of their frames and hides some of them. She takes some of the other picture frames and burns them. She hides the rest of the pictures in some book and puts the book in some armoire. A knock on the door startles her and she opens it hesitantly. It is Lucky who shows her a picture of Nikolas and informs her that he was in a car accident few hours ago and that he wondered off. Mary lies to Lucky and tells him she hasn't seen him. Lucky asks her to call 911 if she sees Nikolas. She goes back and takes Nikolas' leather jacket and walks out of the house after checking on Nikolas to make sure he was still asleep. She comes back without the leather jacket. She goes over to the place where she had her late husband's things and picks up his wedding band and touches it. Nikolas wakes up and comes out of the bedroom. He sees she is holding a wedding band and asks her if it is his. She tells him it is his. He puts it on his ring finger and comments that it is too loose. She tells him that he lost a lot of weight recently. He looks at her and senses something isn't right and asks her why this feels wrong to him and asks her what is going on. She tells him she has been lying to him about everything. Lucky combs the river looking for any sign of Nikolas. He picks some object up in his flashlight beam and goes to investigate. He finds Nikolas' leather jacket hanging near some branch and fears the worst, Nikolas drowned. Emily happens to follow Lucky and sees him looking at Nikolas' jacket and recognizes it. She goes over to ask him if it is Nikolas' jacket and he tells her where he found it. Emily sees what this may mean and starts to cry and deny that Nikolas could have drowned. Lucky holds her back and tries to comfort her.

Sonny and Sam take Sonny's private jet to the island. When they arrive there, the maitre d' of the hotel wonders about Carly. Sonny informs him that Sam is his special guest and to make sure she has a car at her disposal as well as money in an account so she can go shopping on the island. Sonny insists that Sam enjoy the gifts he is going to give her and to spend money if she wants. They make love and later, Sam starts to feel that she is intruding on his memories with Carly that he had here on the island and suggests that he go back home and spend time with his children instead of babysitting her and pampering her. A box arrives at their room and Sam finds out is a gown for her to wear in the casino later. She puts the gown on and Sonny presents her with a sparking pair of dangling earrings to wear with the gown. Meanwhile, back in Port Charles, Carly and Jason become concerned when Morgan comes down with a very high fever. Jason suggests they take him to the hospital and leave Michael with Leticia since he is still asleep. Carly suggests they have Leticia tell Michael where they are so he won't worry. Jason thinks they should not worry about Michael right now. They go to G.H. with Morgan. While Morgan is being examined, Carly frets about him. She suggests they call Sonny and let him know and asks Jason to call him. Jason hesitates when she asks him where Sonny is. He tells her that Sonny went to the island and Carly guesses that Sam went with him. She gets upset and tells Jason not to bother telling Sonny about Morgan and allow him to enjoy his "little vacation." Jason feels she should call Sonny and tell him about Morgan since he is his son. Carly is against calling Sonny about anything. Jason tells her she has no right to judge Sonny when she is still with Alcazar herself. Carly finds Alcazar in the waiting area. She asks him what he is doing there. He tells her he came to have some tests run. She sits with him and tells him about Morgan's high fever. She also tells him that Sonny is off on the island with Sam right now. She feels bad about still feeling upset about Sonny and how he must be losing his patience with her not returning his feelings for her. The doctor comes out into the waiting area and informs Carly that there have been complications they didn't foresee with Morgan. He tells her that Morgan just suffered a seizure a little and had been moved to I.C.U. Jason calls Sonny on the island and tells him that Morgan is in the hospital.

Friday, March 26, 2004

At the hospital, the doctor told Carly, in front of Jason and Alcazar, that baby Morgan had just had a seizure and had been diagnosed with scarlet fever. Carly panicked but was calm and reassuring while holding Morgan. Jason tried to get Alcazar to leave, but he would go no further than the visitors' lounge. There, the hired bomber visited, demanding his extra money for the bombing of Sonny's car. If Alcazar would not comply, then the bomber said he would go to Carly. Carly spotted them together, but Alcazar pretended the man was simply a hospital visitor in need of directions. The next batch of news from the doctor was that the antibiotics were working and Morgan was improving.

Sonny and Sam returned to their room from the casino at the island, with winnings. Sam accused him of fixing the game for her and said she would have to "reciprocate." They were interrupted by a phone call from Jason, with the news Morgan was sick. On the plane trip home, Sonny blamed himself for the illness, stating that he did not deserve to have a child of his own. Sonny then cited the examples of Lily's death while pregnant and the miscarriage Carly had suffered in the past.

Sonny and Sam arrived at the hospital. Sonny went into Morgan's room, and, in the corridor, Jason suggested to Sam that she probably shouldn't be near the room, for Carly's sake. The bomber spied on Jason and Sam. Sam thought she saw someone out of the corner of her eye and walked away in pursuit. Sam followed him all the way to the waterfront, where he met a man and received a briefcase of money. He told the man he had no intentions of leaving until all the witnesses were dead. The man stated the boss (and referred to him by the male gender) would not like that. Once the man left, Sam continued to watch and, when making a slight move, made a creaking sound on the dock. The bomber turned towards her.

Carly and Alcazar were in the hospital chapel together when Sonny raged in, accusing her of causing Morgan's illness by neglecting him and fooling around with Alcazar. Carly shot back, angry at Sonny for being out of town with Sam at the island, a place Carly felt was special to her and Sonny.

Lucky and Emily found Nikolas' jacket near the flooded river. Ric and Det. Duncan tried to convince Emily that survival was unlikely, but she refused to believe that. At the site of the crashed car, Emily found a gift bag containing wedding rings Nik had bought for them. An amnesiac Nikolas, meanwhile, was at Mary's house, and she continued to pretend to be his wife, calling him Connor. She told him that the police were looking for him and that the Marines were looking for him because he was a deserter. Even without his memory, he did not believe he would do such a thing. She told him that he did it because she had begged him to do so and return to her, rather than risk his life again overseas. When alone in the bedroom, he sneaked out the window. Nikolas wandered back to the crash site, and Mary soon discovered his disappearance. Unknown to either of them, Nikolas and Emily were standing only a few feet from each other.

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