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Monday, January 17, 2005

Bridget thanks Courtney for helping her get her life back together, and promptly tells Courtney that her help has given Bridget the courage to take her baby back. Courtney's stunned by Bridget change of heart, and strongly suggests Bridget slow down and think about her choices. Courtney warns Bridget that it takes a lot to raise a child, and suggests that Hope is best with Jason and Sam. Bridget refuses to listen, and tells Courtney she'll figure things out as she goes alone-but she wants her baby back. Meanwhile, Sam is emotional and happy when Jason proposes to her, and after making sure it isn't for the wrong reasons, Sam returns Jason's sentiments of love and accepts his proposal. The two kiss and bask in their moment of joy, but Courtney's knock on their door interrupts. Jason is immediately concerned to see her, and Courtney quickly apologizes for her bad news, and tells them that Bridget has decided to take Hope back. Sam is stunned, and Jason wants to know why, but Courtney can only tell them that Bridget misses her daughter. Courtney lets them know that she tried to change Bridget's mind because she thinks that Hope is better off with Sam and Jason, but she was unsuccessful. After Courtney leaves, Sam immediately vows to fight for the baby, and Jason goes to meet Jordan to see if they can challenge the custody. Sam takes this opportunity to show up on Courtney's doorstep and accuse her of convincing Bridget to take the baby back in hopes that it would break up Sam and Jason. Courtney's shocked by Sam's false accusation, and Sam further surprises her when she announces that Courtney's plan won't work because Jason and Sam are getting married.

Lucky and Liz bring Emily to the cottage where Connor is hiding out, and after a brief scuffle when Connor is unsure of who they are, things settle down and everyone decides that Emily will be safest there and away from Helena. Liz remains unconvinced and is concerned with leaving Emily alone with Connor, but Emily assures her that Lucky said it's the best solution for the time being. Lucky and Liz leave, and later Lucky picks Liz and Cameron up from work and tells Liz that he's thought a lot about her since their kiss, and that he'd like to spend time with her. Liz replies that she misses him, and the two plan an evening together. Back at the house, Emily tries to make the best of the situation, but Connor mistakes her intentions and kisses her. Emily immediately jumps back and yells at Connor for trying to get romantic with her. She reiterates to him that she is married and in love with Nikolas and has no feelings toward Connor whatsoever. She runs to the bedroom to keep her distance, and an angry Connor throws dishes around the living room in an attempt to vent his feelings.

Lorenzo pulls Carly into a kiss, but she pulls away and warns him that she didn't help him because she wants to get back together with him. Lorenzo refuses to hear her, and tells her that he continues to be in love with her and knows she feels for him too. Carly admits to caring, but tells him that a relationship with him is a road that she cannot venture down again, and she leaves. Brook overhears the exchange, however, and promptly warns Lois when she arrives to talk to Lorenzo. Brook tells Lois that Lorenzo professed his love for Carly, so Lois confronts him on it and he admits it. He apologizes to Lois for any hurt he may have caused her, but he tells her that Carly got to him at a dark time in his life, and he will forever be in love with her whether she returns the sentiments of not. Lois is crushed and says a final goodbye to Lorenzo before rushing out and running to Kelly's to cry alone. Ned finds her there, and having been tipped off by Brook, comforts his ex and promises to help her through the rough time. Meanwhile, Carly, angry from her exchange with Lorenzo, returns to her apartment and is unable to get her door unlocked. Steven arrives home a minute later, and helps her get into her apartment. Carly vents her frustrations to him, and he manages to cheer her slightly when he asks her out on a real date. Carly accepts, and Steven wonders if they might be able to get to the next step of a romance after all.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Emily tells Connor in no uncertain terms that she isn't interested in him, even if Nikolas remains in jail.

Skye delivers a letter from Nikolas to Emily, who is moved to tears. After Connor reads the note and imagines himself in Nikolas's shoes, he spies on Emily as she sleeps.

Courtney is devastated by the news of Jason and Sam's pending nuptials then has to defend herself to Sam when she is accused of being responsible for Bridget's decision to take her baby back. Jason turns to Jordan for legal advice on the subject and learns they'll need Courtney's help in their fight to keep Hope. Carly is painfully honest with Steven, saying that she only kissed him to distract her from being attracted to Lorenzo.

Georgie pretends to be Brook Lynn for a college interview that Brook was going to flake on. When the recruiter asks to hear her sing, Dillon has to step in and rescue her from embarrassment. Later, Brook tells Georgie and Dillon that she is passing on going to college and, instead, is planning on going to Mexico to be with Diego.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

As Ric learns that Jordan has left Port Charles for Sonny's Island, Jordan arrives on Sonny's Island and informs her client that, since Ric and Alexis are separated, Sonny should sue immediately for sole custody of Kristina. At the same time, the mysterious stranger continues to lurk at Sonny's new house. Later, Security Officer Stan reports to Sonny that there IS a glitch in the security system for the new house, while the mysterious stranger watches Stan on a hidden camera. Afterward, as Sonny and Jordan discuss fabrics for the new house, Jordan suddenly declares that she is NOT interested in a 'fling' with Sonny and bolts out of the apartment. When Jordan returns to Port Charles, she meets with Stan about the security glitch and informs Stan that Sonny wants the security system in tip-top working order when Sonny returns from the island and moves the children into the house. Meanwhile, the mysterious stranger eavesdrops on the conversation between Stan and Jordan. Later, on the island, as Sonny and Michael discuss the possibility of Kristina living with Sonny, Ric suddenly arrives and appeals to Sonny NOT to take advantage of Ric's split with Alexis to try to gain custody of Kristina. Although Sonny rips Ric for Ric's dubious motives for marrying Alexis, Ric continues to argue that Ric has come to truly care for Alexis and Kristina and that it is obviously best for Kristina to remain in the secure home that Alexis has provided since the little girl's birth. But Sonny coldly brushes aside all of Ric's arguments. As Ric continues to appeal to Sonny to leave Kristina with Alexis, back in Port Charles, while Bridget speaks to Kristina and her nanny outside Kelly's, the mysterious stranger lurks in the bushes and watches Kristina.

Jason meets with Courtney at Kelly's and appeals to Courtney to help him convince Bridget to leave baby Hope with Jason and Samantha. Courtney apologizes to Jason for her earlier argument with Sam. A stunned Courtney listens in silence as Jason explains the depth of his commitment to Sam, then Courtney abruptly wishes Jason happiness in his new life with Sam and agrees to do what she can to persuade Bridget to leave her daughter in Jason and Sam's custody. Then Courtney rushes away from Kelly's. At the same time, Bridget is surprised when Lorenzo Alcazar arrives at Courtney's apartment and appeals to Bridget to leave Baby Hope with Jason and Sam. Meanwhile, Carly arrives at Jason's Penthouse and warns Sam NOT to hurt Jason. Carly then reassures Sam that Carly will do what she can to convince Bridget to leave Hope with Jason and Sam but emphasizes that Carly is ONLY taking that action because of Jason -- NOT because Carly believes that Sam deserves any kind of consideration from Carly. Later, Carly returns home and runs in to Steven, who again suggests that Carly should be taking some time out for herself, instead of running herself ragged in an effort to help Sonny decorate his new house. Afterward, Carly meets with Jason at Kelly's and reports that Carly tried to convince Sam that Courtney has NOT been attempting to sabotage Sam's relationship with Jason. However, Jason becomes upset when Carly reports that she asked Lorenzo to appeal to Bridget to leave Hope with Jason and Sam. At the same time, Courtney returns home and hits the roof when she discovers Lorenzo alone in the apartment with Bridget. In the meantime, Jason orders Carly to call Lorenzo off and storms away from Kelly's, after warning Carly to QUIT trying to help him. At the same time, Courtney orders Lorenzo out of her apartment, then warns Bridget to ignore EVERYTHING that Lorenzo said to her. Courtney is shocked when she learns that Lorenzo had tried to persuade Bridget to leave Hope in Jason and Sam's custody. Meanwhile, Jason returns home and reports to Sam that Courtney has agreed to try to convince Bridget to leave Hope with Jason and Sam. Later, Lorenzo meets with Carly and reports that, although Lorenzo had come close to convincing Bridget to leave Hope with Jason and Sam, Courtney returned and warned Bridget NOT to listen to ANYTHING Lorenzo had to say. Lorenzo warns Carly that Courtney may be subconsciously trying to sabotage Jason's adoption of Baby Hope, whether Courtney realizes it or not. Meanwhile, Bridget assures Courtney that she HAS decided to disregard Lorenzo's advice and plans to insist on custody of her daughter when Bridget appears in court the following day. Later, Jordan stops by Jason's Penthouse and reminds Jason and Sam to bring Hope's things to court with them because, IF the Judge should decide against Jason and Sam retaining custody of Hope, the couple will have to turn Hope over to the baby's biological mother right away.

At the Safe House, Emily accuses Connor of searching her purse and reading the letter that Emily just received from Nikolas. However, their argument is interrupted by the arrival of Lucky and Liz, who announce that Luke believes that they are close to capturing Helena for good. While Lucky and Connor investigate the basement, Emily confides to Liz that Emily believes that she may be sending Connor mixed messages about her feelings and Emily is beginning to feel VERY uncomfortable around Connor. When Lucky and Connor return, Connor is disappointed when Emily decides to go out for some shopping with Lucky and Liz. When Emily returns from her shopping trip, she is appalled when she sees that Connor has recreated a romantic evening that Nikolas described in his letter to Emily. Emily blasts Connor for prying into Emily's private affairs, then rushes away and locks herself in her bedroom.

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Due to news coverage of the Presidential Inauguration, today's episode was pre-empted. This pre-emption was planned for and there will be no lost episodes. Regular broadcasting will resume tomorrow and pick up where Wednesday's show concluded.

Friday, January 21st, 2005

Carly and Jordan arrive at Sonny's new house with some last minute items before his arrival. When they see what looks to be someone with a flashlight moving around inside, Carly picks up a thick branch to confront the intruder with. She enters the house and knocks the intruder over the head. It turns out to be John Durant. He tells her was at a nearby track and decided to check out the new home where his grandsons would be spending quite a bit of time. Carly doesn't believe him for a minute. When Rollo and Jordan walk in moments later, Carly instructs Rollo to get the compound's security system fully operational by the time Sonny returns later that evening. Then she deals with her father. She lets him know in no uncertain terms that her loyalty is with Sonny and that she will do whatever is in her power to ensure that Sonny remains a free man and that she will do it because her sons love their father. After John leaves, Jordan calls Brook Lynn to ask her to bring Kristina over for a visit. Brook Lynn is at Kelly's with Kristina, babysitting while Alexis works late. Ric runs into her and ends up taking her and Kristina over to the house. Carly is less than pleased to see him and shows him the door within minutes of his arrival. As Brook Lynn, Jordan, Carly and Kristina stand in the foyer a mystery person watches via a hidden camera. After a call from Rollo, the mystery person presses a button that turns off the lights. The women are a bit unnerved by the second system failure.

Things don't go well for Bridget during the initial hearing with the judge to stop the adoption. The judge listens as both sides try to convince the her that Hope would be better off with them. Not quite convinced Bridget is ready to care for Hope, Judge Shindo delays placing her in Bridget's custody until she has more time to deliberate. As all parties file out of the judge's chambers, Judge Shindo stops Courtney and requests that she return after a short break so that they may talk privately. When Courtney rejoins Judge Shindo, she is asked whether she believes Bridget is ready to take on the responsibility of Hope. Courtney reluctantly says that, no, she does not believe Bridget is ready to tackle motherhood. She goes on to tell Judge Shindo that she thinks Jason and Sam would make wonderful parents. When asked if she believes that Jason could provide the baby with a safe home she admits to the judge that he couldn't. Jason is not happy to hear Courtney's recounting of the meeting and soon leaves the courthouse. Courtney returns home to find Bridget trying to find the right place for a mobile she had purchased for Hope on the way home. Courtney is stunned to hear Bridget tell her that she in part wants Hope with them so that she can replace the baby Courtney had lost. Courtney quickly tells Bridget that she never had any intention of having Hope live with the two of them. Bridget was free to stay with Hope for a day or two but no longer than that.

Having left the courthouse before Jason, Sam arrives at the penthouse to find a woman calling herself Rita Sullivan and claiming to be Bridget's grandmother waiting in the hallway. She tells Sam that she'd been in Europe and had recently been contacted by Grace Powell who informed her that Bridget had given birth. She tells Sam that she had been trying to help Bridget for years but because her daughter and husband had problems and Bridget was a difficult child she had failed. Just as Jason approaches the front door, Rita tells Sam that she is there to because she wants Hope to live with her.

Emily unlocks her bedroom door and cautiously steps out of her bedroom. As a wary Emily slowly walks through the cabin she takes note of the strawberries and cream, champagne and candelabra Connor had arranged for her the previous night. She shudders with repulsion at the sight. She makes her way to the front door and cautiously unlocks it then steps out on to the porch looking for signs of Connor. She is startled when he steps out from behind the door and asks her if she was looking for him. Emily asks if he'd been out and he admits that he had been after thinking he'd heard something. He then asks her why she had locked her bedroom door. Emily is shaken. She asks him how he knew it was locked but Connor evades answering, instead rehashing the night before and acting the wounded party. He tells Emily that he was only trying to make her feel better because he knew how much she missed Nikolas. That she had completely misunderstood things. Emily doesn't believe him but rather than argue with him she suggests they just stop being nice to each other. A knock at the door heralds the arrival of Lucky and Liz which brings a momentary end to the argument. Sensing the tension between the two, Liz and Lucky are a bit concerned when they take in the romantic table setting. Connor defensively tells them that he was just trying to be nice then grabs a bottle of champagne and plunks down in a nearby chair to watch the exchange between the three all the while taking generous drinks from the bottle. Emily meanwhile brushes off Liz's concerned questions and concentrates instead on Lucky's announcement of good news. They tell her that Luke is closing in on Helena and that the plan is to have her follow Lucky and Liz back to the safe house where Luke will apprehend her before she can do any harm. Emily is uncomfortable with the thought of having to spend another night with Connor and asks them if they have to remain at the safe house. Given the plans, she realizes that she does. She once again brushes off Liz's look of concern over her unusually tense behavior. After Lucky and Liz leave, Connor is visibly upset. Emily looks worried when he suggests that it won't be long until she's reunited with Nikolas and he loses her forever. Things quickly deteriorate as Connor begins twisting past events to make it appear that Emily had been doing everything in her power to keep him in her life. She tries to set him straight on his misconceptions but her words fall on deaf ears. Connor tells her that he knows what it's like to be prince and that he knows everything there is to know about being Nikolas except being with her. Emily becomes alarmed as Connor crudely suggests that since Nikolas had been intimate with his wife Mary he should return the favor and be intimate with Emily. She is unable to escape him before he grabs her and savagely kisses her. Emily fights him but is unable to keep Connor from following her to the floor and aggressively groping her. Emily is finally able to reach his discarded bottle of champagne and hit him over the head which momentarily stuns him. She runs for the basement and locks the door before Connor can stop her.

Lucky and Liz return to his room above Kelly's. Liz is concerned about Emily as is Lucky but hesitate returning to the cabin for fear of tipping off Helena. When Liz notices an old painting of hers in his room she's pleasantly surprised. Lucky tells her that his grandmother had recently found it in the house...the rest had been lost in the fire. As they reminisce about their time together when she had made the painting, Liz and Lucky are drawn closer together and end up in a passionate embrace. They are interrupted by a knock at the door. Skye is there to tell them that Helena had been spotted in the tunnels of Wyndemere. Skye tells them to go to Wyndemere and act as if they are gathering supplies for Emily and Nikolas then head to the safe house. Liz and Lucky play their roles perfectly at Wyndemere.

Connor stumbles to the basement door and pounds on it while apologizing to Emily and begging her to open come out. He blames his actions on the champagne. Emily meanwhile is in the basement desperately trying to find a way out. The only door she finds has a locked padlock on it so she runs to a tool chest nearby. She pulls out a screwdriver then slowly goes up the stairs armed with her weapon. Connor is no longer knocking and begging her to open the door. She calls his name then slowly starts to turn the lock when she doesn't hear any sound on the other end. Just then Connor crashes through the basement door, tearing it off of its hinges. Emily, takes a wrong step and stumbles down the wooden staircase momentarily stunning herself and losing her weapon. Connor walks up to her and salaciously looks her up and down. Emily is watches him but is powerless to defend herself as he violently rips her skirt from her body and forces himself on her. She screams in horror as Connor rapes her.

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