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Monday, December 12, 2005

Armed with information about Courtney and the baby, Luke bribes Jax to sell partial ownership of the hotel to Courtney. Jax goes about trying to find out how Luke got his information but is unsuccessful. Back at Sonny's house, Courtney collapses when a large tree branch falls on her. Nikolas brings her back inside the house and Emily freezes. Nikolas is able to get her confidence back up and Emily starts to take action. They take Courtney to the hospital, where Emily notices a nurse not starting an I.V. like she should. She calls in Dr. Meadows to make the executive decision. Nikolas pulls her aside and tells her she didn't need to go get Dr. Meadows if she knew what needed to be done. He tries to boost her confidences even more. Later he talks to Courtney about ways to get Emily back into medicine.

Manny walks into the operating room unnoticed due to his nurse attire. Carly figures out something isn't right though and barges into the room. Manny grabs her and takes her hostage just as the lights go out. When Sonny comes downstairs after questioning a nurse who was stabbed, he rushes in to try to save Carly. He manages to chase Manny out of the operating room. Sam grabs a fire extinguisher and hits Manny in the back, freeing Carly for a moment. In the end, Sonny ends up shooting Manny in the stomach just as the cops come in to arrest Manny. Carly comes out of it with a small cut on her throat, which Bobbie bandages up while they talk about Carly's relationship with Sonny.

Patrick finishes the surgery on Jason, despite Manny's interruption. He comes out and tells Sam and the others that everything went fine but he's not sure when or if Jason will ever wake up. All the doctors blame Sonny and Carly for contaminating the operating room by coming in. They felt they had no choice, though, as Manny was aiming to kill Jason. Later, Robin sings Patrick's praises to everyone who will hear. She has good cause to do so though, as Jason wakes up and appears to be fine. Noah and Patrick also exchange praise for each other in a shocking moment.

Lulu crashes her new snowmobile at the Quartermaine mansion. When she comes inside, she learns that Jax wants to give Tracy the 15 million dollars to buy Luke out of their marriage. As soon as Luke comes home, Lulu spills the beans to him. Luke is intrigued that Jax is scared enough to try a move like this and that Tracy wouldn't accept. They both tell Lulu they are in the marriage for good, even though it may not be for love. When Luke leaves, Tracy calls the cops and has Lulu arrested for stealing the money to buy the snowmobile from her bank account.

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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Jason tells Sam the doctor's didn't save him, she did. Robin overhears this and tries to leave, but they see her anyway. She comes in to check him and while she's doing so, Sonny and Carly come in. Carly tells her she can leave now. Jason is over her so now that she's saved his life, they're done with her. Robin tells her that Jason is recovering from brain surgery so if anyone should leave, it's Carly. Carly is furious, but Sam interrupts and tells them both to knock it off for Jason's sake. Robin decides to be the bigger person and leave. Carly comes over and tells Jason how she single handedly saved his life by barging in the operating room and becoming Manny's hostage. Jason questions her about this and she does admit that Sonny helped with his gun. While this conversation is going on, Sam and Sonny are watching her behavior. Carly and Sonny leave to let Jason rest and Patrick comes in after much prodding from Robin. Robin and Patrick bicker before entering Jason's room. Patrick takes a stab at guessing Robin's social life and is pretty accurate at describing how pre-occupied she is with her work. Robin is annoyed, but the two go in to check on Jason anyway. Patrick tells him that he will have to stay in the hospital for a few weeks. Jason is not happy, but Patrick won't have him blemishing his perfect record by rushing his recovery. When they leave, Sam goes to Carly, Sonny, and Emily to help her pull off a good Christmas for Jason. They all return with a Christmas tree and presents. One present for each day until Christmas. Emily is also going to try to bring the boys in to see him once he's a little better.

In the lobby at the hospital, Sonny and Emily talk while Carly watches. When Emily leaves, Carly comes over and tells Sonny that men really are blind. She can't believe that he can't see what Emily is up to. He has no idea what she's talking about. She tells him that she thinks Emily is in love with him. Who else would know better who's in love with Sonny than Carly. Carly also takes a moment to talk to Emily, much to Emily's despair. She tells Emily she's been where she is and she knows about the dreams you have when you're in love with someone. She warns Emily not to let Sonny own her. Justice comes to take Carly back to Rose Lawn at Lainey's request, so Carly leaves.

Lucky does his best to help out Lulu, but Mac tells him there's not much to do since she confessed. Mac tells Lucky to start working on Tracy, because the only way Lulu won't go to jail is if Tracy drops the charges. Meanwhile, Luke storms into the PCPD and demands Tracy stop using his daughter as a pawn. Tracy tells him she will let Lulu go if he agrees to a divorce and to stop going after the 15 million. Luke finally agrees at Skye's prodding, but Tracy decides to take back her offer. Luke is happy that she doesn't want a divorce. Mac steps in and says he's tired of hearing about their personal lives and wants them to decide what's going to happen with Lulu. Lulu decides she's had enough and tells Mac he better be interested in Luke and Tracy's life as that's the reason why they're all there. She goes on to illustrate how her father is married to Tracy, but in love with Skye and the 15 million dollars. Skye just wants Luke, while Tracy wants Luke and the money. That leaves Lulu out in the cold. Skye decides this is her cue to leave, and Luke praises his daughter's skills when Tracy announces she will not press charges. Luke goes after Skye and Lulu storms out, disappointed that her father's attention was once again diverted from her. Back at the Quartermaine mansion, Luke asks Skye if it's over between the two of them. Skye says just the opposite and the two kiss.

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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

At Mercy Hospital, Courtney (with Nik by her side) is prepped for her fetus' DNA sample to be taken. However, just before kickoff she begins to have second thoughts-she still can't quite believe that her husband would stoop to the level of altering a DNA test just to beat Nik. Her angst, concern and doubt radiate from her large, blue eyes. But when Nikolas-now cast-free-gives her an out, Courtney decides to step up to the plate and find out the truth once and for all.

At General Hospital, Robin and Patrick talk about a sick kid. Patrick's self-serving blather earns him another scolding from his young colleague (if she's that disgusted by him why is she always following him around?). Drake Jr. then works his way to Jason's room where he openly feigns concern over his patient before asking his first of what will be several questions about Jason's employment. Outside the room Drake Jr. tells Samantha she could do better than Jason the "coffee importer"-presumably meaning himself; Samantha promises Patrick that hitting on her will result in his death. Jason then sends his fiancé home, just in time for Robin to spring a surprise deli sandwich on him. Pat catches her leaving his room and accuses her of targeting Jason romantically, which gets the mobster all riled up (or about as riled up as a brain patient can get). The egotistical Drake Jr. ORDERS him into bed, not at all out of concern for his health but because of the blemish Jason's non-recovery would put on his record.

Patrick spouts more ego at Robin and her feelings towards a "drug dealer." Dr. Scorpio first corrects the "drug dealer" label, then lets him know that his "tough guy with a heart" act is a joke since she knows firsthand what one REALLY is.

At Kelly's, Jesse coaches Maxie on her upcoming Diego testimony. The two are both concerned that Georgie may well try to help him on the stand. Meanwhile, Georgie is visiting Diego. The alleged predator only wants her to be honest when she testifies, he says. (Suddenly, without warning, there is a Dara Jensen sighting! The lovely Dara is going to be prosecuting Diego.) When Dillon-in a SUIT and TIE-finds out what his girlfriend has been up to, he is incensed. But, somewhat reminiscent of Emily and Zander, the girl continues to defend her former captor. The scene plays itself out all over again at the courthouse, even when Lucas, Maxie and Brook Lynn highlight their own ordeals. Georgie's logic: Diego didn't kill anyone. When she indirectly caused Sage's death, she GOT support and Diego deserves at least that much.

Lorenzo stops by Rose Lawn and fills in Carly on his son's crimes; 'Zo blames himself and is conflicted over how to handle the situation. Mrs. Alcazar simply advises him to stand by his troubled son, and as she sees Lorenzo out, she discovers a gift outside her door that turns out to be a home movie of Michael and Morgan with their Christmas tree. When Lainey shows up, Carly proclaims she DOES NOT want Emily "taking her place" and hints that she wants to be at Diego's trial. "What's the point of being in the hospital if you're leaving all the time?" asks Lainey before relenting-only because she's testifying at the trial and can transport her; Carly doesn't seem completely satisfied and we learn why soon.

At PCPD, Lorenzo visits Diego, who seems pleased to see him. The senior Alcazar warns his son to stay calm at the trial, that John would love to see him unravel. Making their way to the courthouse, Lorenzo is happy to see Skye there on his behalf. Justus chats briefly with his former flame Dara-even though they're opposing counsel-then the trial commences. Skye is confused as to why Carly is sitting next to her instead of the next row with Lorenzo, getting her answer when Carly predictably makes a break for it about 40 seconds into opening arguments. One by one, witnesses take the stand-Jesse recounts Diego's escape from PCPD, Brook Lynn emotionally describes her experiences, and finally, Georgie is called upon.

Emily has barely gotten both feet inside of Kelly's before Jax stampedes her with contaminated charm, even going as far as snatching coffee off Penny's tray for her. Emily checks him-she hasn't forgotten his attempted setup of her and Nik. Forced to endure a barrage of questions about her living with Sonny, the young woman quickly gets annoyed and asks Jax to vamoose. Before leaving, the corporate raider becomes a history teacher with Sonny's past relationships the day's subject (he even compares her to the late Lily). Eventually the topic turns to Jax' unborn child-Emily chastises him for thinking a baby can save what amounts to a loveless marriage.

Soon, after the DNA samples have been taken, Nik and Courtney go to-where else?-Kelly's; Jax overhears them talking about the baby outside and wants answers.

Samantha returns to GH, not at all upset to find Robin conversing with Jason. Once Robin goes, Sam shuts the blinds and covers the glass on the door-she plans to get it on with her man right then and there! Fortunately, she takes a little while setting the mood because Carly bursts in on them for the 2,374th time...


Robin: "Your bedside manner stinks."
Patrick: "That depends on which bed...and who's in it."

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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Georgie takes the stand and admits that Diego threatened her life at gunpoint. She tries to add to her testimony that she believes Diego is not a bad person but the prosecutor, Dara Jensen cuts her off by asking a yes or no question. The judge excuses Georgie from the bench. Dillon gets on the stand as well as Lucas and Maxie. They all testify that Diego set them up to take the fall for what he did. Lainey is called to the stand to testify as an expert witness on psychiatry. She testifies that she believes Diego knew what he was doing all along and that what he did was pre-meditated. Justus cross-examines her and questions her about how her testimony seems to contradict her earlier profile on the stalker as being seriously mentally unstable and being impulsive. Lainey admits she was wrong with her profile before but insists that Diego knew what he was doing all along. Justus calls Georgie back up to the stand to use her as a rebuttal witness and asks her to tell the court about her feelings about what Diego did. Maxie tells everyone that she believes Diego is a good person who made very bad choices and that she believes he deserves a second chance and not be sent to prison for many years. Lorenzo takes the stand and testifies that the D.A., Durant has a personal grudge against him for divorcing his daughter and that he is using Diego to punish him. Dara cross-examines Lorenzo and questions him about the crimes he allegedly committed and points out the possibility that Diego learned how to behave by watching his own father not because the D.A. is prosecuting this case. The judge calls for a recess so he can decide on sentencing for Diego. Diego thanks Lorenzo for being there for him and testifying on his behalf. Lorenzo tells him he would do anything for him. Later, Skye comes over and tries to comfort Lorenzo about Diego. Lorenzo feels that he is to blame for what happened to Diego because he wouldn't let Diego work for him. Skye changes the subject to Carly leaving the courtroom early. Lainey asks Skye and Lorenzo if they have seen Carly. Skye tells her Carly took off early in the proceedings and hasn't seen her since. Lorenzo tells Skye he knows where Carly went.

Meanwhile, Diego is handcuffed to a seat in the visitor's room. Georgie walks into the room to talk to him. He thanks her for defending him on the stand after all the trouble he has caused her and her friends. Georgie says goodbye to him and leaves the room. She comes face to face with Dillon, Maxie, Lucas, and Brook Lynn. Brook Lynn is practically in tears and accuses Georgie of being a disloyal friend by defending Diego after what he did to her and Maxie. Georgie tells everyone that she told the truth and that she doesn't believe Diego's life should be ruined just because of what he did out of some misguided loyalty to Sage. Everyone gets on her about sticking up for Diego after what he did to her also. Georgie gets upset and starts crying. She tells them they have no right to point fingers at Diego when they have done some illegal things. She brings up a thing that each person did where there was no consequence for them. Georgie storms off in tears.

Nikolas and Courtney run into Jax at Kelly's. He asks Courtney what she was talking about concerning the baby. Courtney tells him she was just mentioning to Nikolas that she is so looking forward to the baby's birth. Jax talks to them for a few minutes and mentions that he heard that Emily and Sonny may be an item. Nikolas and Courtney dismiss that idea in front of Jax but when they talk alone at Kelly's, they voice their concerns. Nikolas worries that Sonny will hurt Emily. Courtney suggests he go to Emily himself and ask her if he is so concerned. He decides to do that. However, Courtney finds him standing outside Kelly's when she comes out. She asks him if he talked to Emily. Nikolas tells her he decided not to talk to Emily and realized it was not his place to interfere in her life and tell her what to do regarding Sonny. He tells Courtney that all of his focus is on her and the baby. Courtney tells him that she got a call from the lab and learned that they are working on the paternity test right now and should know the results within the next few hours. Meanwhile, Emily returns to Sonny's. She has a fantasy where Sonny greets her at the door and kisses her as he is helping her with her scarf. She comes out of her fantasy to find him looking at her. She walks into the living room. He tells her they need to talk. Emily looks at him and wonders what he means. He points to the mistletoe and asks her who put that up. Michael and Morgan come downstairs. They tell Sonny Leticia put it up herself. Alexis walks in with Kristina to visit Sonny. She talks to Sonny while Emily takes the kids to go get some decorations. Alexis voices her concerns about Carly coming over during the holidays while Kristina is visiting him. He tells her that Carly will be around to see the boys but that she isn't unsafe. Alexis worries that Carly will be a bad influence on Kristina. Sonny promises to keep any contact between Carly and Kristina to a mimimum. Alexis is reassured and leaves. She runs into Jax at the hotel and tells him that she went to Sonny's and they had a civil conversation between them and that she just proved to him that he can have a civil relationship with Courtney without living with her when the baby is born. Meanwhile, Carly barges into Jason's hospital room while Sam is trying to have a private romantic evening with him alone. Carly dismisses Sam and expects her to leave the room so she can talk to Jason alone. Jason doesn't feel Sam should have to leave but Sam insists on leaving them alone to talk so she doesn't get a headache listening to Carly. Carly tells Jason that Emily is falling in love with Sonny and she expects him to do something about it. Jason listens to her rant about how Emily is Sonny's type. Jason doesn't want to believe her and thinks she is overreacting to things and that she is just jealous as usual. Carly insists that Emily and Sonny have a different kind of relationship than they had before Emily moved in to take care of the boys. Jason tells Carly to leave now and that she will not be allowed to just barge in whenever she feels like it and that she is to treat Sam with some respect. Carly agrees to be more respectful of Sam. Later, she shows up at Sonny's and finds Sonny and Emily and the kids having fun and looking like a family. She comes in and the boys and Kristina go running over to hug Carly. Emily brings the kids to go do some holiday decorating so Sonny and Carly can talk. Sonny asks her what she is doing there. Carly tells him she hates staying at Roselawn knowing her kids are growing up and doing things without her. Sonny understands her frustration but points out to her that she needs to go back to Roselawn and finish her treatment so she can be home by Christmas, which is what Michael wishes will happen. Carly agrees that he is right. Lorenzo storms into Sonny's and accuses Carly of using his pain over Diego's hearing to get out of Roselawn so she can sneak away to be with Sonny. Sonny yells at Lorenzo to stop accusing Carly and refers to Carly as "my wife." Carly and Lorenzo look at Sonny in disbelief after he mutters it. Meanwhile, Robin gets into an argument about one of her patients. Patrick feels that the young boy would benefit from surgery but she feels that there are other options and that he didn't show any compassion toward the patient. Patrick points out to her that it doesn't pay to get emotionally involved in his patients'lives when he may have to perform delicate brain surgery on them. Robin feels he should have shown some compassion toward this patient. Patrick tells her she can go ahead and get close to her patients then if things go wrong and the patient dies, she can go drown herself in a bottle of scotch, referring to how his father Noah handles things. Robin watches him leave and is galled by his ego. Later, Sam finds Patrick in the hallway. She tells him that Jason insists on getting out of the hospital as soon as possible. Patrick notices that Robin is right there and makes it a point to mention to Sam the idea of having sex in Jason's hospital room. Robin tells Sam that if she has any questions about Jason's recovery, she should ask her not Patrick, since he has no real interest in his patient after he performs surgery on them. Sam walks off to go back to Jason's room. Patrick makes a comment to Robin about how flushed she looks after his conversation with Sam. Robin makes a dig about how he doesn't seem to care about where he has sex including hospital rooms. Patrick makes another comment about how she seems to be thinking about when she caught him having sex with another employee on the operating table. Patrick tells her that she shouldn't worry since he took the necessary precautions so he wouldn't catch anything. Robin goes pale and storms off very upset. Sam returns to Jason's room. He tells her about what Carly told him. He tells Sam that he doesn't want Sonny getting romantically involved with Emily because he feels Sonny will break her. Sam tries to play devil's advocate and suggests that Sonny and Emily could be good for each other. Jason disagrees. Emily shows up to visit him. He tells her to come in and that he wants to talk to her and has a very stern voice when he asks her to come in. Sam decides to leave the room.

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Friday, December 16, 2005

At GH, Lucky and several other cops are prepping to move Manny to county jail. (He was shot, remember?) The perverted killer makes suggestive comments about his nurse-Liz--and Lucky orders her to leave; she is terrified that he has to be involved and wishes he'd leave, also.

As Carly talks with Sonny (at his home) about the kids, a boiling-hot Lorenzo storms in and tears into his ex for using Diego's trial as means to get out of Rose Lawn and hassle Sonny. When Sonny sticks up for "my wife", both visitors are stunned. 'Zo finally leaves, and after Carly demands Sonny not fight her battles for her, she wants confirmation that Emily is in love with him. Lainey then arrives and is not at all happy about Carly's treatment of Rose Lawn as a "hotel." Of course, Carly argues her own points but doesn't resist going back to the hospital-provided they make one last stop.

In his GH room, Jason wants his sister to admit she feels for Sonny, but she denies it, explaining that while she's witnessed Sonny's sensitive, compassionate side the two of them are-and will remain-friends. Later on, when Sonny comes to visit, Jason gets Sonny's assurance things are platonic and he will not hurt Emily in any way. When Samantha takes Jason out for his first post-op walk, they pass the group of lawmen taking Manny away. "I'm not done with you, not until I kill you and help myself to your woman," says the evil criminal to Jason. Suddenly there's a small melee and Ruiz comes away with a key to his cuffs...but doesn't use it just yet.

At the Metro Court, Jax tries to make cosmetic changes to the hotel but Luke won't allow it without Carly's consent, and earns Jax' ire with continued blackmail taunts. He warns Luke he could easily make Luke's life as hard as Luke is making his own. It is here that Carly makes her "last" stop. The new co-owner has nothing but insults for the hotel décor and wants to make sweeping changes. Jax doesn't care. She reminds him she is co-owner; Jax still dismisses her. When she asks what Uncle Luke has on him, he splits. Carly then tells Luke he ain't getting his finders' fee until she sees proof she's part-owner (like a contract). Making an unscheduled SECOND stop, she goes to visit Jason who tells her to stay out of Sonny and Emily's business...period.

Skye arrives; Luke has set up a romantic evening for the two of them in a hotel room. Skye has other plans, however-she will not rendezvous with Luke until he's divorced or proves to her she should be his mistress! Luke is truly stunned that their previous kiss didn't mean what he THOUGHT it did.

At Kelly's, Nik assures Court that no matter what the test results say, he will be her child's father, though he can't help but agree how much easier things would be if Jax were out of the picture. Court gets a call-the results are IN! Just as the two go to leave, Liz enters, in desperate need of a friend. Courtney goes off solo, and Nik lends his longtime pal an ear. After learning of the potential switch, Liz bolts the minute Emily walks in the door. When Nik hints she's into Sonny, she blasts him for it and leaves. Courtney soon returns with the results-naturally, Jax happens in right behind her. The couple share their belief that the test could have been compromised-"By YOU" says Nik. Jax is highly offended Courtney would think of him this way-or at least he pretends to be-and storms out. (We don't see or hear the results in today's episode).

Georgie returns to her friends, who give her and Dillon some alone time. The budding director apologizes for coming down hard on her, but maintains his opinion of Diego is unchanged. That seems to be enough for Georgie, and Lorenzo makes it back just in time for the trial's resumption. Diego is sentenced to ten years!!! Eventually he is taken back to the PCPD where he respectfully rejects his father's offer to accompany him to prison. When Manny comments on how he'd like Diego and his "nice mouth" as a cellmate, 'Zo goes for his throat but is stopped-allowing Manny to discreetly transfer the key from his mouth to his hand in the commotion. Georgie insists on apologizing to Diego, against Dillon's wishes and Mac's orders to leave-and she does. It is here that Manny makes his move, grabbing Maxie (who's come to get her sister) and an officer's gun! With the girl as hostage, he shoots up the police station and makes a break for it. But Diego, in an act of heroism, tackles Ruiz and frees Maxie! Undaunted, Manny heads for the door and suddenly starts dancing. Seconds later he goes down in a heap, and nobody can figure out what's wrong with him (he was NOT shot). Dillon was nicked in the arm by a bullet, but Georgie's tourniquet proved more painful then the wound itself.

After speaking to Jason, Sonny returns home. He struggles to find a way to gently tell Emily that her work is done, it is time for her to move on with her life. Her head slumps and her young, beautiful face cannot hide her sadness, but Em doesn't fight him. Rather, she quietly packs, and soon leaves.


"You have terms?" - an astounded Luke, after Skye makes it clear she's only going to be with him on her terms.

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