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Monday, January 2, 2006

Due to ABC Sports coverage of The Citrus Bowl, the entire ABC Daytime lineup of daytime dramas All My Children, One Life to Live and General Hospital was preempted today.

This preemption was anticipated and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result of this special sports coverage.

Regular broadcasting will resume on Tuesday, January 3rd and pick up where the action ended on Friday, December 30th.

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Tuesday, January 3, 2006

Jax and Courtney arrive back at Courtney's loft and find Nikolas there. They explain how they got stuck out with car problems until dawn. Jax leaves, and Nikolas tells Courtney that he arrived back in town before they closed the airport. He found Jax's invitation to Carly's party and decided to go there himself. By the time he got there, everyone was already gone, except Emily. Courtney asked if they kissed at midnight and he said yes. The two appear quite jealous of their past partners and Nikolas storms out.

Sonny calls Emily and tells her he needs her to come over right away. She arrives at the house to discover that he just needs her to take the boys while Durant comes over for him to give a deposition on Manny. He doesn't want the boys around. Emily takes the kids to the park, where they start a snowball fight. Liz interrupts them, and Emily sends the boys off to get some hot chocolate. Liz asks if Emily is still having dreams about Sonny, and she admits they are more vivid than before. Emily also admits that she and Nikolas kissed on the cheek at midnight on New Year's Eve. She says Sonny is the one that makes her weak in her knees, though. Liz warns her about a life with Sonny. She tells her to take a close look at Sonny's life to see if she really wants to be a part of it. She leaves, but before too long, Nikolas appears and is hit with a snowball, courtesy of Michael. He tells her about his fight with Courtney, and Emily warns him not to let something little get in the way of his love for her. He decides to go back to Courtney's house, while Emily has another daydream about Sonny. She envisions him asking her to marry him. He's going to get out of the business and become a legitimate businessman. He is shot before anymore can be said, though. Michael and Morgan interrupt her and ask her why she looks so worried. She looks like their mom does when their dad doesn't come home. Meanwhile, Nikolas arrives back at Courtney's loft and finds Jax there comforting her.

Alcazar arrives at Carly's house with a package. It's her new house keys. He has come to warn her about giving a deposition about Manny. She says the truth will speak for itself, but he warns her that Manny's family will come after her. Justice already arrives at Sonny's request. They are both there when Alexis, Ric, and a court reporter show up for the report. Much to Carly's surprise, Alexis is only interested in hearing about Jason's past. She wants to know if Jason changed after his brain injury. Carly can't really answer, though, because she didn't know him before. She makes a good point, though, in saying that someone can change the way they act or look, but deep down they're still the same person.

Jason finds out the Sam gave a deposition to Alexis the day of Michael's party. He is upset that she kept in a secret from him. Meanwhile, Durant arrives to take Sonny's deposition, but the two end up fighting instead. Sonny realizes that Durant is trying to get him to admit information about his own business and could potentially end up going to jail himself. After he leaves, Sonny calls Jason over. Jason is told to kill Manny. He can't make it to the trial. Jason knows this is a mistake, but goes back to his house to prepare to do his job. When he arrives home, Sam sees him getting his gun out and knows what is about to take place. Carly appears and they both try to stop him. Carly decides to go to Sonny's house and tells him to call off the hit. Sam instead goes to the hospital.

Noah comes to get a report from Bobbie and drops it on the floor. They way he is acting, she knows he is drunk, so she searches his pockets and finds his flask. They go into Manny's room and discuss why he is drinking and what pain he is hiding. He doesn't want to answer her and storms out, with her following close behind. Durant arrives soon after and watches as two "maintenance" men install cameras, one outside Manny's room and one inside. Alexis and Ric show up and inquire as to what he is doing. Ric spots the cameras and figures out what is going on. He removes one of the cameras and immediately both Ric and Alexis are taken into custody. At the jail, Ric asks if Alexis wants someone to kill Manny before the trial. Back at the hospital, Durant runs into Sam and the two watch on camera as Jason sneaks into Manny's room.

Wednesday, January 4, 2006

At Courtney's loft, Nikolas is, let's say, peeved to find his girlfriend with Jax yet again, and lets her know about it. Jax defends Courtney; his subsequent departure kicks off the worst fight to date between Courtney and Nik. When she admits she's seen the old Jax the last couple of days, Nik offers to step aside so they can reconcile. Courtney offers to bow out herself so he and Emily can reconcile! Spent, argued out, and fighting back tears, the two hug, declare their love and soon begin to make love on the floor.

At Sonny's, Carly shares her worry about Jason (walking into a trap) with her ex, who "advises" her to stay out of it for the sake of her mental health. The two share a friendly moment that is cut short with Emily(and the boys)'s return. The males want Emily to stay, so Carly suddenly snaps up the boys and tries to usher her rival out---except Sonny wants Emily there! Emily gleefully accepts his dinner invitation, and all Carly can do is slip out with her tail between her legs. Later, she enlists an unwitting Michael to find out if Emily is still there: Carly is embarrassed when her son blows her cover, and jealous upon learning from Sonny that Emily IS still there. Sonny cooks up a spaghetti dinner, and after some innocent flirting---and wine---Emily declares that she's falling in love with him!!!

At GH, Samantha is beside herself with rage at John, the passerby awestruck at the fury evinced from such a petite girl. John doesn't bat an eye, however, and soon Jason appears. The corrupt D.A. arrests both he and Sam for murder, simply because Manny isn't moving in his bed---of course, Manny is found to be alive and unhurt, nullifying the arrests. When John issues a threat to Jason, Samantha angrily reminds him that Carly will be in grave danger if he doesn't get his priorities straight and convict Ruiz. When the two get home, Jason is not happy Sam interfered in his work and instructs her to a) stay out of it, b) don't lie to him, and c) don't try to "protect" him. She agrees to try, and they enjoy their remaining evening until Carly drops by needing Jason for time #2,714.

In her jail cell, Alexis openly fumes about John and decides to use her incarceration as means to push back the start of the trial---that is, until Ric chimes in with his two cents. He feels they should proceed as planned and let John "wear himself thin." When Durant shows up Alexis attacks him through the bars! John's plans to hold the couple until the next morning are deterred when Ric cites a past ruling. Impressed, his wife agrees to keep him as co-counsel in Manny's trial.

At his hotel, Jax receives a phone call from Dr. Leigh, the stand-in for the injured Dr. Meadows. Apparently there's a discrepancy with Courtney's file, and Jax is needed to sort things out. The file in question is from the paternity test---the results are missing and Dr. Leigh plans to call the lab for a duplicate!!!

Lainey and Justus enjoy a pleasant evening out. Lainey has just visited Mr. Winters, who seems to be doing as well as can be expected. She then outlines the events that led up to her breakdown years ago, which were basically trying too hard academically to please her dad. Justus mentions his own experiences with HIS father, and the two seem to grow closer. A few tables away, Bobbie is all set to dine with Noah until he spots the alcohol. Visibly pitying him, she shares her childhood experiences with her drunken father and cannot muster the strength to deal with Noah's problem, try as she might. She splits; Patrick then appears.

Through Patrick, we learn that Noah's alcoholism was spurred by Noah's unsuccessful attempt to operate on his terminally ill wife (Pat's mom). For the first time Patrick speaks to Noah without attitude or bitterness, admitting he looked up to his father until he became one with the bottle. Noah clearly hasn't let go of the pain and anger. His son leaves behind a number to a rehab clinic which a despondent Noah soon dials---although Bobbie wishes Pat had actually taken his father to the clinic.

Alone in his room, Manny kisses a locket with a photo of Carly and her is clear he has nefarious intentions.

"If you think there's a crime in progress, you should call 911." - a McGruff-like John to Samantha, when she accuses him of setting a trap for Sonny and Jason.

Thursday, January 5, 2006

Luke gets a visit from Lucky, who complains about Lulu getting into trouble again when she got picked up the night before for speeding, driving Edward's Bentley again. Lucky tells Luke that he had some cop friend of his not call it in. Luke asks him what he wants him to do about it. Lucky tells him to start being a parent and set some ground rules so Lulu stays safe. Lulu shows up and asks Lucky if he ratted her out to Luke. Lucky tells her she could have gotten hurt driving that recklessly. Lucky leaves. Luke tells Lulu that she is not allowed to borrow Edward or anyone else's car from now on. Lulu doesn't take his attempt at discipline seriously and asks him what he plans to do to her if she does break the rules. Luke doesn't know what to say as a consequence if she does. Lulu tells him that he doesn't need to start acting like the concerned father now and asks him why he really married Tracy to begin with and tells him it was more than just because of her money. Luke keeps drinking and doesn't want to be bothered. Lulu keeps pestering him. Luke pleads with her to tell him what she wants from him. She tells him she wants her mother and leaves the room in tears. Later, Tracy finds him sitting down looking depressed. She asks him what is bothering him. He tells her that Lulu is causing problems and Lucky wants him to act like a parent and set boundaries with her. He admits she was right when she told him it was a bad idea to allow Lulu to live with them there at the mansion. Tracy tells Luke that they have something in common, they are lousy parents. She relates to him by telling him that she totally neglected Ned so she could run off all over the place and that she promised to raise Dillon differently by taking him with her everywhere she ran away to. She tells him that she likes to think Dillon and Ned both turned out the way they did in spite of her not because of her. Luke tells her that he enjoyed spending time with Lucky when he was a young boy and being a father but then Lucky grew up to be a cop and that ended the fun. He mentions the fact that he always runs off during Christmas because he can't handle disappointing Lulu every year. He tells Tracy that he goes to visit a ghost every year, Laura, at the mental hospital. Tracy asks him if Lulu knows that. Luke realizes she never did.

Robin and Patrick head over to the conference room at the hospital where Alexis and Ric are setting up their depositions. Patrick is called in to give his first. Before he goes inside Robin stops him and tells him that she wants to clear something up with him first. She tells him that she hopes that when he is giving his deposition that he doesn't go on about how brilliantly he performed Manny's surgery and makes sure to mention that he noticed a difference in Manny after the surgery. Patrick goes in and gives his deposition and comes out just as Robin moves away from the door after trying to eavesdrop on the proceeding. Robin goes in next. Alexis thanks her for coming in to give her deposition. Alexis asks her for her medical opinion first. Robin explains that she has seen a major difference in Manny's personality since the surgery and that his condition caused the violent and aggressive actions. Robin is floored next when Alexis asks her about Jason. Robin asks her how that question is relevant. Alexis doesn't tell her why she is asking her and asks her about how much she knows about Jason. Robin tells her what she knows about Jason and tells her how Jason was before his accident that damaged his brain many years ago. Robin admits that Jason's change in behavior was like night and day. Alexis asks her to confirm that she was more than friends with Jason at one time. Ric looks over at Alexis and shakes his head to let her know she is going too far in her questioning. He looks over at Robin and tells her that they have no more questions for her and let her go. Robin catches Patrick eavesdropping outside the door and gives him hell for it. Patrick tells her that he could hear how different she sounded when she was talking about Jason and how she wasn't so cold then. He accuses her of not being over Jason yet. Later, Alexis brings back some take-out food from their favorite deli to eat while they work in the conference room. Alexis brings out some candles to make it look more romantic. She blindfolds Ric and feeds him some food. Ric tricks Alexis into thinking they are talking about some case that is a precedent for their defense of Manny. Alexis pretends she knows that case just as he does and realizes the case is actually some tennis match between two players. Alexis goes after Ric for that one but he grabs her and kisses her instead.

Jason and Sam try to have an evening alone but Sam has a premonition that because they are having so much fun that means Carly must be coming over any moment now to interrupt them. She asks Jason to go open the door to their apartment. Sure enough Carly is on the other side of the door. She tells Jason she is glad he was home. She orders him to go down to Sonny's place and stop Sonny from getting romantically involved with Emily right now. Sam tells Carly off for trying to interfere in Sonny's life and using Jason again to do it. Carly tells Sam to butt out since she doesn't know what she is talking about. Jason tells Carly he won't go see Sonny for her. Sam goes upstairs to avoid dealing with Carly. Carly pleads with Jason to stop Sonny and Emily from getting involved. Jason asks her if she wants Sonny back and if she does to just admit it. Carly doesn't know what to say and hugs Jason. He tells her she needs to back off and stop interfering and start her new life without Sonny and learn to let him go. Meanwhile, at Sonny's mansion, Sonny and Emily have dinner and more wine. Emily starts to have too much wine and reveals to Sonny that she is falling in love with him. Emily starts to backpedal when she realizes what she just revealed. Sonny tells her he is flattered by what she told him and that she doesn't need to apologize or feel uncomfortable. He tells her he doesn't have feelings for her and that they can only be good friends. Emily feels humiliated by her outburst and tries to just leave. Sonny tells her she can stay but she doesn't feel comfortable. Sonny insists she let one of his men give her a ride home if she wants since she has had too much wine to drive her car. Emily tries to run out of the room but knocks a lamp over and falls down on the floor face first. This makes her feel even more mortified. She allows Sonny's bodyguard to drive her home. However, she drives to the hospital instead. Patrick starts hitting on Liz, who makes it very clear that she is happily married and that her husband is a cop. Patrick backs off. Liz sees Emily holding her head and runs over to see if she is o.k. Emily tells her what happened at Sonny's. Liz suggests that eventually Emily's friendship with Sonny will be strong enough to withstand this embarrassment. Emily feels that it is going to be difficult showing her face over at Sonny's. Meanwhile, Sonny calls Jason to ask him to stop by so he can discuss Emily with him. Jason goes over. Sonny tells him what happened earlier with Emily. Sonny tells Jason that he told Emily that he didn't have feelings for her. He tells Jason that he still wants to be friends with Emily. Jason tells Sonny that he trusts him to know how much Emily can handle. Sonny tells him that he let her go. Jason notices that Sonny is nervous and asks him what else he wants to tell him. Sonny tells Jason that he lied to Emily when he told her he didn't have feelings for her. He confesses to Jason that he does have feelings for Emily but has no plans to act on them. Robin shows up at Jason's place to talk to him. Sam answers the door and tells Robin that Jason is gone right now. Robin asks her if she can come in and wait for him. Sam doesn't have a problem with that. Robin tells her that she just finished her deposition in Manny's case. Sam assumes that Robin told Alexis that Manny is an evil creep and the surgery didn't change that. Robin tells Sam that she told the truth, Manny is a different man since the surgery and that his medical condition caused his violent actions. Sam is floored by this bit of information and starts to tell Robin off for defending Manny to her when she should be testifying against him instead. Robin tells Sam she is a hypocrite considering that she condones Jason's violent lifestyle but can't see Manny is in the same business. Jason comes home just as Robin defends her actions claiming that she gets hammered for being honest and telling the truth and that she did the right thing by telling AJ he was Michael's father and she won't apologize for it. Jason tells Robin that it wasn't about doing what was right for her but that it was about Michael and that because of her actions, she tore Michael's life apart in the process. Meanwhile, Carly comes home to find Michael dressed up in his coat like he is heading outside. She asks him where he thinks he is going. Michael tells her he left his video game over at Sonny's and Max is going to bring him over there to pick it up. Carly tells Michael he is not going anywhere and thanks Max for coming over anyway. Michael gets upset with Carly and tells her that she doesn't have a right to just come home and order him around. Carly tells Michael that he needs to apologize to her for disrespecting her right now and tells him she will not let him do whatever he wants all the time. Michael storms off upstairs. He sees the window and has an idea. He climbs out the window and heads out towards the docks. Carly comes upstairs later with cheesecake for them to share and realizes he isn't there and the window is wide open. She goes to Sonny's to tell him off for spoiling the kids and not setting rules. Sonny gets defensive with her. Carly suggests they talk about being on the same page regarding discipline for the boys and suggests that they talk to the Michael about it. Sonny tells her that will be difficult since she didn't bring Michael over to discuss it. Carly realizes that Michael didn't go over to Sonny's at all. She tells Sonny that Michael climbed out of the window after a fight they had and she assumed he came here to get his video game. Sonny realizes Michael is out there somewhere unprotected and unsupervised. Michael walks on the docks and his basketball rolls off the pier onto the snow-covered ice. Michael attempts to get it and loses his balance and falls off the pier onto the ice, that breaks on impact and he falls into the icy water.

Friday, January 6, 2006

At Jason's, Robin reminds Jason that it is he and Carly's fault that Michael went through what he went through---their lie to AJ set the wheels in motion. Jason lays into her for interfering all those years ago---ultimately things die down, and both Jason and Samantha express gratitude towards the young doctor for saving Jason's life. Robin returns to GH just in time to find Patrick making a dinner date with a colleague. When he has the "audacity" to urge Robin to smile more, she slaps him in the face!!! However, it only seems to arouse him and he forwards a dinner invitation to Robin---which is promptly rejected.

Still simmering over the confrontation with his mom, young Michael is in the park where he's accidentally dropped his basketball onto some thin ice. Trying valiantly to reach it from an adjacent ramp, his small arms lose their hold and he plunges in!!! He struggles to escape the frigid lake, but only a heroic effort from a passing Emily keeps him from submerging. The two are completely alone in the vast park as Em desperately breathes into her lifeless nephew. Coinciding with his parents' arrival, Michael finally coughs and gasps; Carly takes him back to her place (conveniently, he won't be punished for running off) while Emily returns to Sonny's to dry off and warm up.

Sonny and Carly put an apologetic Michael to bed, then Sonny reassures his ex when she doubts her effectiveness as a mother after being hospitalized so long. A while later, Michael suffers a nightmare and awakens with a numb arm, prompting Carly to call Patrick over. Thinking he's about to get laid, a suave Dr. Drake is all too happy to cancel his plans; Robin soon learns of his "housecall". In the end, all he does is examine Michael, who is fine. Robin then shows up to offer a truce to an annoyed Carly---her jaw nearly drops as Patrick comes down the stairs! Ms. Benson does nothing to change Robin's misconception of..."you know".

Tipped off by a staff member, Luke goes to Shadybrook where his troubled daughter has voyaged. Concerned, he heads to Laura's room and finds Lesley Lu on the floor, more tears than skin visible on her face. Golden blonde hair scattered against the cold wall, it is almost like watching a young Laura as Lulu sadly shares happy memories of years gone by with her mom. Luke finally sees exactly how much pain Lesley Lu is in and assuages her fear that her presence will worsen Laura's condition. As father and daughter, the two enter Laura's room together (she is unseen, even from the back) but leave the hospital separately---Lesley Lu runs off.

Luke finds his "little girl" at Kelly's, and the two seem to bond somewhat as Luke shares tales of his pre-Lulu road adventures. Demanding honesty, Lesley Lu asks him this: what exactly caused Laura's breakdown, and could it happen to her? Without mentioning Rick or anything pertaining to the attic, Luke only blames himself. Lesley Lu beams when her father relates how much she's like Laura, but much too strong to ever get sick.

At GH, Ric plans to subpoena Jason, who expectedly failed to show up for his deposition. But Justus has filed a motion to keep Jason from testifying altogether! The Lansings get a judge to ignore it and head to Jason's for the depo. Alexis takes first crack at him and gets nothing but hostile, evasive answers. Ric manages only a series of "I don't know's" out of the mobster. As Alexis warns Samantha to get Jason to cooperate with them, Jason goes outside and warns Ric that he (Jason) WILL get Alexis to back off Sam if Ric fails to himself. It is clear the two men each know exactly what that means.

Sonny heads home and thanks Emily for her rescue before presenting her with a passionate, long-awaited kiss.

"We'll be taking Sonny's deposition next so you might wanna warn him so he can come up with answers as clever as yours." - Ric, to a less-than-forthcoming Jason.

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