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Monday, April 24, 2006

Jax asks Carly if she's going to reveal the truth of John's paternity to Nikolas. Robin comes on strong with an astounded Patrick, who eagerly responds to her passionate kisses. Miguel reminds Jason why it's in his own best interest to eliminate Sonny as soon as possible. At the Quartermaine mansion, Lulu confesses to an appalled Dillon how she knocked Robert cold with a vase. Robin finally pulls away from Patrick as second thoughts begin to weigh heavily on her mind. Sam warns her lover that he cannot trust Escobar. Meanwhile, Ric wonders aloud if his brother is willing to make a preemptive hit on Jason to save his own life. Alice decides to help a delighted Lulu prevent Robert from trailing Luke to the Maarkham Islands. Patrick encourages Robin to loosen up and let some joy into her life for once. Carly elects to keep mum about John when Nikolas drops by to discuss visitations. Ric prods Sonny to take Jason out before it's too late. Robert comes to and finds himself tied to a chair in the mansion's basement freezer. Jax explains to Carly how Dr. Meadows secretly helped him establish himself as the father of Courtney's baby. Robert manages to free himself just in time for Tracy to knock him unconscious again with a frying pan. Robin stomps away from Patrick's place in a huff after Gwen shows up for her date with young Dr. Drake. Jax justifies denying Courtney her dying wish by reminding Carly how his lie is protecting little John. Sonny gets a chilly reception when he crashes a meeting of the heads of the other crime families. Outside, Jason draws a bead on his former boss with a high-powered rifle.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

At the crime family meeting, a shot rang out. Sonny reached to the blood on his jacket, but it wasn't his it was Escobar's. The other family heads noted that since Sonny is under Jason's protection now, Corinthos won't get hurt.

"Don't just stand there looking stupid. Tie him up!" grinned Tracy after knocking out Robert with a frying pan. Alice showed up with handcuffs and locked Robert to a chair in the freezer. At the PCPD, Mac was informed that his brother never made his plane and has gone missing. He was last seen at the Quartermaines. Alexis entered the station and remained suspicious of Durant's motives for offering her the ADA job. Just then, news of the Escobar shooting came in. Durant ordered Sonny and Jason to be picked up for questioning.

Ric went to the penthouse and advised Sam to get Jason to back off from Sonny before it's too late. Sam countered by saying if Ric doesn't get Sonny to cool off, Corinthos may be the one who ends up dead. When Detective Rodriguez showed up, Sam said Jason wasn't home, but he countered that he wasn't looking for Morgan. He wanted to talk to her.

At Carly's house, she explained to Jax that since she hid AJ's paternity of Michael from him, she's not one to throw stones that he lied about baby John. However, the circumstances this time are way different. She warned him that if he's going to change his mind, he'd better do it sooner rather than later, for the sake of the baby. Jax agreed to consider his course of action. They kissed. Just then, Bobbie showed up saying there was a crisis. Bobbie needed a last-minute site for her fundraiser and asked for use of the Metro Court. Carly agreed, and Jax volunteered to cover all the expenses. Bobbie wanted to stay and go over details, but Carly and Jax gave her the bum's rush in order to make love. Afterward, Carly was brainstorming ideas for the fundraiser but Jax momentarily thought she was talking about their lovemaking.

As Tracy denied everyone's accusations that she really loves Luke, Robert regained conscious and claimed he was blind. Lulu and Dillon went into a frenzied panic. Mac arrived in search of Robert but Alice played dumb and kept him in the dark. Oblivious Edward got blustery, then told Mac they'd call him if Robert turns up. The kids brought Monica to examine Robert, who admitted he feigned the blindness. Robert then decided to work Tracy, citing that voluptuous Holly could make Luke putty in her pretty English hands. Tracy bought into Robert's stories about losing Luke to Holly and agreed to free him. The gang had other plans, though, and tied up Tracy. Upstairs, Edward confronted Alice, stating that she was acting suspiciously and asked if she knew where Scorpio was, prompting her to drop the frying pan. She snuck away and returned to the freezer, where the gang decided to gag loudmouth Tracy.

Sonny returned home to Emily, who panicked when she saw the blood on her beau. He quickly explained it wasn't his. Normally he wouldn't discuss business with Em, but since it involved her brother, he would. Sonny explained that Jason killed Escobar in order to protect him. Just then, Ric arrived and declared the police are on their way. Sonny cleaned up, and Mac arrived to question Sonny.

Just as Sam was brought in to the PCPD for questioning, so were Diego and Georgie. Apparently Diego charged with stealing a car. Alcazar and Skye showed up, but Lorenzo wouldn't let Skye post bail. Meanwhile, Alexis advised Sam not to say anything to the police and that now is the time for her to leave Jason. Sam appreciated the concern, but refused to abandon her man. Skye quizzed Georgie about why she was with Diego and reminded her that she's a married woman now. Alcazar pulled Diego aside and got the truth out of him Diego did steal the car. Lorenzo paid the bail, but warned Skye to steer clear of his firstborn, as Diego instructed Georgie never to call his father for assistance again. Ric showed up at the station and formally dissolved his law partnership with Alexis, now that she's the ADA and he's working for his brother again. They kissed, and he agreed to bring home sushi for dinner.

Jason sent a message via Bernie to Sonny saying that he'd continue to protect him and his family, but he is not to participate in any more business activities. Sonny told Em he needs to handle this tonight and sent Max out to retrieve Jason. Sam showed up at Sonny's, saying no one knows where Jason is at the moment. Sonny was not pleased. Sam explained that Alexis helped get her out of the police station, and that Jason never got a message to meet him. Sonny refused to accept the fact that Jason no longer works for him, and threatened to kill Jason if he doesn't listen and adhere to Sonny's wishes.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Robert and Tracy spend an uncomfortable night tied to their chairs in the Quartermaines' freezer. In the morning, Edward tries to release Robert but is foiled by the ever watchful Alice. Lucky has a nightmare about his wife romancing Patrick. Carly asks Nikolas to help out with the hospital benefit. Meanwhile, Manny secretly makes plans of his own for the upcoming fundraiser. Warning his brother of the dire consequences should he carry out a hit on Jason, Ric suggests another way for Sonny to rid himself of his former friend. Lucky panics when his morphine drip is removed. Noah and Patrick butt heads after the elder Dr. Drake steals a surgical patient out from under his bristling son's nose. Tracy and Robert finally manage to extricate themselves. Jax laughingly accuses Carly of being jealous when she objects to him participating in the benefit's bachelor auction. Though Sonny refuses to turn Jason over to the cops, Ric urges him to make an official statement about Escobar's murder. Robin complains to Epiphany about being stuck in a rut. Alexis is surprised when Sonny comes to the precinct house to volunteer information about Miguel's untimely demise. Loading his gun, Lucky informs a startled Nikolas that he's certain Liz has been cheating on him.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Lulu shows up at the hospital to see Robin. She pleads with her to call Robert and persuade him not to go after Luke. Robin is amused by how worried she is about Robert. She tries to reassure her that Robert and Luke go way back and that they are always trying to one-up each other. Lulu asks her to try to stop Robert but Robin tells her Robert won't listen to her and will do what he wants. Robin points out that their dads are never boring. Meanwhile, Robert gets on a plane heading to the Maarkam Islands. He sits next to an older woman and a flight attendant approaches him with a glass of scotch he didn't order. She tells Robert that she thought he would want something strong to drink. Robert downs the drink and then the flight attendant tells him that the drink is compliments of Luke. Robert starts to get dizzy and his vision blurs. He realizes that Luke had his drink drugged. He curses Luke just as he passes out. His head ends up falling on the shoulder of the older woman next to him. Robert dreams about his past life with Holly and how he fell in love with her and then flashes back to when he last saw her at the police station after she was arrested. He wakes up to find airport security dragging him away after informing him that he is being arrested on suspicion of being a terrorist because they found a gun in his belongings. Robert claims he is innocent and that Luke Spencer set him up. Meanwhile, Lulu returns home to find Dillon talking to Tracy. Dillon thinks something was going on sexually between Tracy and Robert in the walk-in freezer because of how he found them. Tracy tells him that she was only helping Robert get his handcuffs off. Dillon feels much better after hearing that. Lulu asks Tracy why she would help Robert escape since she knows he is going to go after he father now. Tracy tells everyone including Skye and Lorenzo that she doesn't care what happens to Luke. Later, Tracy packs her bags and tells the family that she needs a little R&R after what happened and she is going on a trip. Lulu guesses that she is going off to find Luke. Tracy doesn't deny it and tells them she thinks that the Maarkham Islands would make a nice place to vacation. Edward tells her that she is not a real member of the family anymore if she brings Luke back with her.

Nikolas finds a drugged up Lucky loading his service revolver while in his hospital bed. Nikolas grabs the gun and tells him that he doesn't need a gun while he is in the hospital. Lucky accuses Liz of lying to him and practically accuses her of having an affair with Patrick. Nikolas tells him off for acting so crazy and blames the pain meds that Lucky is taking for causing his paranoia. Lucky claims he tried to call Liz at home and she didn't answer. Nikolas reminds him that Liz has been working double shifts and probably turned off her phone to get some sleep. Lucky calms down a little but still thinks that Liz is keeping something from him. Nikolas leaves and later on Robin comes to check on him and give him his next round of pain meds. Lucky grills her about whether she has seen Liz or not. She tells him Liz is working right now. Lucky asks her about Patrick and accuses him of flirting with Liz. Robin tells him that Patrick flirts with every woman at the hospital and that he has nothing to worry about concerning Liz. Lucky asks her if Liz flirts back with him. Robin tells him that Liz is married to him and loves him and wouldn't flirt with Patrick. Robin leaves Lucky after being paged. Lucky hides more of his pain meds under a magazine to horde them for later. Robin finds Liz at the nurses' station later on and suggests she go and see Lucky soon because he seems to be missing her a lot. Robin's tone suggests that she is jealous of Liz because of Patrick flirting with her and is taking it out on Liz. Nurse Epiphany witnesses the exchange and calls Robin on it. Robin acts all professional but she knows that Epiphany is right. Liz checks on Lucky and notices he is acting strangely and seems heavily drugged. She gets into bed with him and shoots paper with him at the waste basket. He bothers her when he asks her where she has been and why she wasn't home last night.

Sam shows up at Sonny's right after Carly gets there. Sam yells at Sonny and accuses him of betraying Jason by lying to the police about seeing Jason kill Escobar. Carly defends Sonny to Sam and tells her that Sonny would never call the cops on Jason and have him arrested. Sam notices that Sonny isn't saying anything and that means he is guilty. Carly confronts Sonny and asks him what is going on. Sonny admits to what he did and claims he did it to save Jason's life because in their business he is expected to kill Jason and get his business back. Sam curses at Sonny and leaves Carly alone with Sonny. Carly lays into Sonny for having Jason arrested. Sonny tells her that Jason is no longer his friend or employee but that he is keeping him in jail to protect him. Carly takes Jason's side and thinks Sonny should have given Emily up to save their friendship. Sonny tells her he will not give Emily up because Jason wants him to. He tells her that he has a business to protect and that Jason has been acting differently for a long time and making decisions without his consent for a long time now. He also tells Carly that Jason is using Emily as an excuse to take over his business. Carly accuses Sonny of living a lie and storms off. Emily comes in the house and overhears the whole fight. She is standing near the door when Carly walks out. She asks Sonny what is going on. Sonny tells her that he told the police that Jason was the one who shot and killed Escobar and that he is doing it to keep Jason safe. Emily disagrees with how he is handling this whole thing with Jason and tells him that she believes that Jason is not ambitious and that he just wants to protect her by doing this. Sonny disagrees with her about Jason's true motives. Emily suggests they break up and that way everything will be back to the way it was. Sonny tells her that this is business and has nothing to do with her. She disagrees. Ric shows up to tell Sonny that Durant wants him to go to the police station. Sonny asks him to go and represent him but Ric tells him he needs to go with him in person or Durant won't leave him alone. Ric asks her to stay there and wait for him so they can finish their discussion. Emily tells him she will but after he leaves she packs her bags and tells Max she is leaving Sonny right now. Max tries to persuade her to wait for Sonny to come home but she tells him she has to do this right now. Ric and Sonny arrive at the police station. Justus is meeting with Jason at the same time. He tells Jason that an eye-witness signed a statement saying he/she saw him shoot and kill Escobar. Jason tells Justus that whoever that person was, he is lying. Durant greets Ric and Sonny. He tells Sonny that he needs him to identify Jason as the killer in order to keep him in custody. Sonny doesn't want to do this but realizes he has to keep Jason in jail in order to take his business back. Jason comes out of the visitor's room and sees Sonny. Sonny tells Durant that Jason is the killer. Later, Carly heads to the hotel. She starts yelling at the employees for not having the auction set up already. Jax witnesses how bad her mood is and asks her to tell him what is really wrong. Carly tells him what Sonny did to Jason and how angry she is because she feels so helpless to stop anything. She tells him she wants to go to the police station and use herself as Jason's alibi but she can't do that because she would be betraying her ex-husband and the father of her sons. Jax listens and comforts her. She asks him if he is lying about his feelings for her. He tells her he has lied to women in the past about his feelings but he isn't with her. Jax holds Carly. Carly surprises Jax by asking him to marry her.

Friday, April 28, 2006

Carly kicked off the Tony Jones Surgical Wing fund-raiser. Various gents appeared on stage to be auctioned off to the ladies. The women made their selections: Liz got Alcazar, Georgie was with Noah, Lulu selected Dillon, Emily chose Patrick, Sam picked Ric, Maxie got Diego, Robin ended up with Jax and Bobbie paired off with Nikolas. Carly was alone. Many uncomfortable conversations ensued. The mood changed when Carly pulled Max on stage and announced to the attendees that she loved him. They kissed passionately, the music swelled and the crowd all jumped to their feet and applauded. Psyche! Poor Max was only dreaming. After Carly announced a ladies' choice dance, things lightened up. And she asked Max for a dance, it was for real this time.

At the Q mansion, Manny spied on Skye.

Robert insisted to his interrogator that MIA Luke was probably holed up in a cheap hotel room with some booze and a woman. (Elsewhere, the camera panned to a closed door with a "Do Not Disturb" sign and a bottle of tequila; a woman moaned suggestively off camera.) The investigator decided to play hardball and brought in a sexy brunette who implied that she wold give Scorpio a harsh questioning. Once they were alone, she straddled and kissed him. Robert was delighted to see the woman named Elsa until she slapped him. She chided him for leaving her behind when he ran off with a dictator's daughter years ago, but he charmed his way out of it. Elsa assured her colleague that Robert was on the level. Meanwhile, a freed Robert burst into a room with a gun. "Spencer?" he gasped.

Durant called Sonny to report that Jason was released. Sonny contacted an armed associate and told him to get ready, then Sonny waited in the dark with a pistol. Someone showed up at his door, it was Michael. The boy asked why his dad was mad at Jason. Sonny tried to explain. After Michael was upstairs, Sonny placed another call to his associate. There was no answer, so he left an urgent message: The hit is off.

Jason showed up outside the auction, a delighted Sam made a beeline to him. Someone with a gun was watching them, the little red laser dot, was aimed right at Jason. Sam made her way to him and they embraced. Suddenly, Jason looked up with a stunned expression the back of Sam's pretty white party dress was stained with blood.

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