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Monday, February 5, 2007

Ten hours earlier….

Mac threatens Luke and tells him he will arrest him if he tries to go into the hotel. Lucky tries to talks Luke out of going in. Ric arrives and calls Metro Court to speak with Mr. Craig. Luke tries to convince Lucky that they need to get in there and help Lulu. Ric asks Mr. Craig if he can get him anything, Mr. Craig says he will think about it and hangs up. Ric tells Mac that Mr. Craig did not mention Robin and then starts to give orders to the rest of the police officers.

Patrick operates on Lorenzo. Noah tells Patrick not to rush the surgery. Patrick insists that the only reason he is operating is because Lorenzo has information that can save Robin. Patrick finishes and Noah warns him that he could lose his license if anything happens to Lorenzo due to the quick surgery. Patrick says he doesn't care and is only worried about Robin. Patrick heads to Metro Court and asks Ric to call back and ask about Robin. When he does so, Mr. Craig says that Ms. Scorpio is bleeding but breathing. He is clearly angry that they did not wait for him to call back and, when asked if he can release Robin or allow supplies to be brought in to help her, he says he will think about it and hangs up.

Spinelli tells Jason that the vault will reopen again at 5:27 a.m. Jason calls Skye to ask her once more if she knows what is in the vault and what Lorenzo's condition is. Monica overhears Skye on the phone and then proceeds to lash out at her over Lorenzo's involvement and the danger that Alan and Emily are in. Monica calls Mac and informs him that Skye may have information on the hostage situation and Mac heads to the hospital. Spinelli breaks into the Metro Court surveillance system and he and Jason review the footage from when the mercenaries took over the hotel. He tries to figure out which one of them is Mr. Craig and tells Spinelli to find out all the information he can about him. He says Spinelli that he will go into Metro Court and try to take out the mercenaries himself.

Emily says that Robin needs surgery. Mr. Craig torments the hostages and takes a shot in Sonny's direction but hits the wall. He continues to threaten everyone with the detonator. Mr. Craig says they'll play a new game and he will pair everyone up and the one without a partner loses. Lulu inquires about what will happen if there are even people. Mr. Craig says that he will have to get rid of someone and points his gun at Liz. He then has one of the mercenaries take Liz to another room. Once placed in the other room, Liz turns on the lights and realizes she is in the same room as Alan. He asks her about Robin. He appears to be in pain.

In the other room, Mr. Craig moves Emily away from Robin and pairs her up with Sonny. He makes Carly go and help Robin. After he is finished, it appears that Max is the odd man out and Mr. Craig holds the gun on him. Carly yells that Max needs to help her with Robin and Mr. Craig allows him to go over. Lulu is caught trying to maneuver away from the crowd, and Mr. Craig goes to her but Carly diverts the attention back to her when she again yells that she needs Emily's help. Emily gives Carly a tip on applying pressure to Robin which angers Mr. Craig. He becomes suggestive with Emily and asks what she will do for him if he allows her to help Robin. Nikolas becomes irate but the mercenaries hold him back. Emily says she will do anything and, after moving Lulu over to help Carly, Mr. Craig leaves the room with Emily. Carly tries to anger Robin but it is in an attempt to get her to hang in there. Mr. Craig brings Emily to the same room that both Alan and Liz are in. Once there, he says that he has to bring one of them back to the room and Liz says she will go. She tells Emily that she thinks Alan has a concussion but Emily realizes it is more than that. She tells her father that she is concerned he is having a heart attack. Alan assures her that it is just a panic attack but passes out.

Back at the hospital, Mac arrives and questions Skye who denies that she knows anything of importance. Monica calls her a liar. Once left alone, Skye tries to wake up Lorenzo. She talks to him until he finally regains consciousness. Upon awakening, he cannot remember anything and does not know what she is talking about when she asks about the suitcase and the vault.

Outside Metro Court, Luke tries to go into the hotel and Ric tells Cruz and Lucky to arrest Luke and they do. Later, Patrick starts walking up to the front of the hotel. Inside, Sam and Liz are placed together. Sam asks Liz about the room she was in and Sam recalls that there is a cell phone in room. She tells Liz that someone needs to get in there and Mr. Craig approaches them asking about their conversation. Sam stands up and unmasks Mr. Craig.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Mr. Craig refuses to allow Patrick to enter the hotel, but does allow him to give Carly instructions on how to operate on Robin using items found in the hotel. Mr. Craig tells Carly she can pick one person to help her and she chooses Emily. Emily is in a room with her father monitoring his deteriorating condition. They are reminiscing while he suffers through his heart attack. Mr. Craig comes and gets Emily and tells her that she will be operating on Robin. Patrick gives Emily a list over the phone of items she will need to perform the operation. Mr. Craig tells Nikolas that he must go on a scavenger hunt to find the items in ten minutes or be killed. He allows Sam to go with him. They are able to come back just in the nick of time with all the items. They start the surgery and everything is going fine until an artery is cut and blood starts gushing out. Meanwhile, Lulu is locked in the room with Alan. He asks her why she thinks he killed Rick Webber and she tells him about all the investigative work she's done. He commends her on a job well done, but tells her that neither he nor Monica killed Rick Webber. Lulu is furious that he thought Monica had killed Rick but never spoke up. After all, Laura could have been saved from her coma. Alan tells Lulu to follow the money in order to find the killer.

When Alexis learns that Sam, Sonny and Nikolas are among the hostages at the hotel, she goes to the hospital to talk to Alcazar. She's able to get no information out of Alcazar, and Skye is upset to learn that Alcazar is not faking it. He can't remember anything about the briefcase and even doesn't recognize Jason. Skye talks to the new doctor, Dr. Russell Ford, and learns that it may be weeks or months before Alcazar gets his memory back. When the good doctor goes back to the nurse's station, he and Epiphany have words.

Jason has Spinelli hack into the hotel's computer system where he learns that the locks will reset themselves at 1100pm. Jason plans on entering the hotel at that time.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

8 Hours Earlier.....

Lulu is thrown into a room with a beaten Sonny. He tells Lulu he was beaten because he told the robbers they were losing control of the situation. He tells not to antagonize them and to keep calm. He tells her that like her father, she is able to keep calm in the face of adversity. Lulu tells Sonny that Carly is performing the surgery on Robin. He tells Lulu that Carly won't give up.

Craig pulls a gun on Liz as she tries to help Robin, but he later relents to let her assist Carly and Emily. With Patrick's coaching, they are able to stop the bleeding, until Craig orders them to stop and forces Carly to stitch Robin herself.

Spinelli and Jason work to access the hospital cameras. Spinelli tells Jason that he wants to help.

At the hospital, Dr. Ford throws an angry Alexis out of Lorenzo's room. She gets dizzy, and the doctor admits Alexis against her wishes. He tells he she must stay the night to fight her dehydration.

Skye shows up at the Metro Court and blasts Patrick for rushing through surgery and damaging Lorenzo's memory. In the course of her rant, she reveals that Alexis was admitted to the hospital. Ric hears this and goes to see Alexis.

After finishing the surgery, Carly is taken to Sonny, and Lulu is brought back to the lobby. Liz and Sam are forced to clean up. They find a knife, and Sam conceals it.

Carly tries to break Sonny out of the handcuffs, and is finally successful. He is proud of her, and acknowledges that the robbers underestimated her. He apologizes for tricking her into marriage, and admits he did not want her to love Jax because he wanted her to love him. He tells her that she is his whole world.

At the hospital, Ric and Alexis argue over Molly's future home. He pleads with her to get a continuance as Dr. Ford comes in and forces Ric to leave. Alexis and the doctor talk about marijuana use. He tells her that his wife had ovarian cancer, and pot was the only way she could bear the side effects of chemo. Alexis asks how his wife is doing, and he tells her that she died six months ago.

Outside, Mac and Patrick discuss the surgery performed on Robin. Mac tells him that if Robin survives, it's because of him.

Sam is forced to sit with Father Ruiz. They talk, and she tells him that she resented Liz for being pregnant because she can't. Given the crisis that they are in, however, she realizes that Liz's current predicament is much worse than her own. She asks him if he knows how to use a knife to kill, and slips him the weapon.

Jason gets a call from Michael, who saw the news report about the Metro Court. He is worried about his parents, so Jason goes to visit and offers him words of comfort.

Later, Spinelli tells Jason he will go with him so that he can rescue Lulu. He believes she would do the same for him.

Skye talks to a disoriented Alcazar, as she prays for the safety of the hostages, as well as her new family.

Robin is holding steady as Patrick prays for her outside. Robin wakes up and screams in pain.

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Skye worries when Lorenzo asks her about the shipment but then doesn't remember the code. He then starts to get upset when he thinks she is mad at him. Dr. Ford comes to see her to tell her that some cognitive specialists are coming to see Lorenzo and give him some tests to see the extent of his possible brain damage. Meanwhile, Tracy shows up at the police station and agrees to bail Luke out of jail if he promises to go and visit Skye at the hospital and find out what she is hiding concerning the shipment Lorenzo had stored in the hotel vault because she isn't telling everything she knows. Luke thanks her and heads to the hospital. He confronts Skye about what she knows. Skye tells him everything she knows. Luke wonders if Alcazar told her everything he was up to. He isn't pleased with Skye because she should have warned her family and Lulu to not go near the hospital if she knew that it could be dangerous. Skye claims she could not have anticipated that Mr. Craig would have undermined Lorenzo and created a hostage situation to get the briefcase. Luke tells her he is familiar some of the briefcases she described and believes some of them self-explode if the wrong code is put in or if no code is put in within a certain time frame. Luke heads back to where the police are staked out across from the hotel. He tells Lucky that he needs to get inside the hotel and save everyone because the cops won't do anything.

Inside the hotel, Robin wakes up in extreme pain because of the surgery done on her. She makes a lot of noise which bothers the hostage-takers. They order Emily and Liz to get Robin to shut up or they will shoot her and kill her now. Liz asks them if she can go to the hotel gift shop and get some painrelievers for Robin. They say no to it since aspirin won't help Robin. Lulu stands up and suggests that they give Robin some alcohol which is set up right there in the lobby to help numb Robin. They say no but Sam stands up and yells at them to let Lulu bring Robin something to help numb the pain and then Robin will stop yelling out in pain. However, Mr. Craig comes in the room and objects to Lulu bringing anything over to Robin since she is always causing trouble with her mouth. Meanwhile, Sam tries to pass the knife she got from Liz that was used for Robin's surgery to Father Mateo. Mateo whispers to her that he can't use the knife on anyone. Sam is disgusted that he can't do what he used to do naturally when he was younger and in gangs to help them. Sam hides the knife again when Mr. Craig comes over and asks them what they are whispering to each other about. Sam explains that Mateo is the identical twin brother of the man who tried to rape and kill her and that she doesn't trust him to be just like his brother still. Mr. Craig asks Father Mateo if he secretly lusts after Sam like his brother did. Father Mateo says no and that he is praying to God for Mr. Craig's soul right now. In one of the other rooms, Carly and Sonny talk. Sonny pours out his heart to Carly. Carly almost succumbs to Sonny but then pulls away as they are about to kiss and tells him that they aren't good for each other even if they love each other and that she is supposed to marry Jax when he gets back. Sonny tells her that it will be different this time because he is a different man than he was when they were married before. Carly tells him that things start out promising with them in the beginning but then she does something he doesn't like and he can't forgive her and then it ruins things. Sonny thinks it will be different this time and asks her to consider staying with him for the kids if nothing else. Mr. Craig comes in the room. Sonny puts his hands behind his back to pretend he is still handcuffed. Mr. Craig asks them what they have been up to in the room. They don't tell him. Mr. Craig asks Sonny if he was still willing to help him escape. Sonny tries to buy him off in exchange for Carly's freedom. Mr. Craig tells him he can't do that since it wouldn't be fair to the other hostages to let Carly go and make them stay behind. Sonny makes a smart remark which gets him a blow to the face. Carly tries to go to him but Mr. Craig holds her back. He tells Sonny that they are more alike than he thinks. Carly defends Sonny and tells Mr. Craig that he is nothing like Sonny, who is loving, and loyal to his friends. Mr. Craig orders Sonny to give him the number of the person that he needs to contact to set up a plane to be ready for his escape. Sonny gives him the number. Meanwhile, Jason and Spinelli plan how they are going to get into the hotel without being seen by the police or Mr. Craig. Mike shows up at Sonny's office with a blueprint of the hotel that he had and claims he used one of the back rooms of the hotel to play poker and gamble and knows a way for Jason and Spinelli to get inside without being seen. Jason thanks Mike. Mike asks Jason he can thank him by getting his son out of the hotel alive. Spinelli shows Jason some hi-tech headphone pieces that can be used as a mini radio device so they can communicate with each other quietly. He tests the things. Jason asks Spinelli to find out what he can on Mr. Craig to see if there is anything they can use to get to him. Ric shows up with a warrant to detain Jason for 48 hours to keep him from going into the hotel to try to stop the hostage-takers on his own. Jason gets a call on his cell-phone from Sonny, who has a phone held to his ear by Craig himself. Sonny asks Jason if it is safe to talk. Jason signals him that it really isn't. Sonny tells him what he wants Jason to do and Jason says o.k. Ric waits until he hangs up with Sonny. He thinks that Jason was okaying the plan to get inside the hotel. Ric surprises Jason when he rips up the arrest warrant and tells him he can go inside the hotel and do what he can to save the hostages. He tells Jason that he hopes Jason gets himself killed but saves the hostages because then it would be a win-win situation for him. Jason doesn't respond to Ric so Ric leaves. Jason and Spinelli head out to the hotel to put their plan in motion. Meanwhile, Patrick is scared about Robin's surgery and fears she won't survive the surgery and get out of the hotel alive. He prays to God that she survives this. His friend Pete finds him standing outside with Mac and the other cops. He suggests that Patrick leave for awhile and take a break. Patrick tells him he doesn't want to go anywhere with Pete and that he loves Robin so much and can't imagine his life without her. He tells Pete that he told himself he would never allow himself to love a woman like his father loved his mother where her death could destroy him like it did to his father. Now he knows what his father went through. Meanwhile, Robin drinks some vodka out of the bottle and starts to not feel any pain from the surgery. She is surprised when Emily tells her that Carly helped save her life by sewing up her wound with Patrick's guidance over the phone even though they couldn't remove the bullet. Robin asks them to make sure Patrick is taken care of if she doesn't make it and that whatever woman becomes part of his life will have a miserable time in the beginning and jokes that maybe that misery should be put on Carly. Emily and Liz laugh and tell her that she needs to live because she wouldn't be able to stand it if Carly and Patrick got together. Mr. Craig wants to move people around again and they make Nikolas go and take care of Alan in one of the other rooms. Mr. Craig gets Nikolas mad when he makes a crude remark about how Nikolas can tell Alan all about what he does with Emily when they are alone together. Nikolas throws Mr. Craig against the wall and threatens him to keep his mouth shut about Emily. The only female hostage-taker comes in and holds a gun on Nikolas to get him to release his hold on Mr. Craig or they will kill him. Craig warns Nikolas to watch his temper or he will be killed. He pushes Nikolas into the room with Alan. Alan isn't too pleased to have to spend time with Nikolas. Nikolas tells Alan that Emily did the surgery on Robin and Robin survived it. Alan tells Nikolas he wants him to tell Emily that he loves her and is very proud of her. He also tells Nikolas that he should have told Emily how much she means to him already and that they don't know if they will get out of the hotel alive and that he should tell Emily what she means to him. Alan starts getting more chest pains and has a hard time breathing. Nikolas checks on him and calls for help. One of the masked men comes in to see what Nikolas wants. Nikolas asks him to go and find a defibrillator in the hotel so they can help Alan. The man refuses to help him and tells Nikolas that he doesn't care if Alan dies because it means one less person he has to watch. Later, Patrick argues with Ric about calling Mr. Craig and asking for a way to get Robin out of the hotel in exchange for something Craig wants. Ric tells him that Mr. Craig doesn't want to negotiate and isn't making any demands so they can't do anything but wait. Later, Liz starts cramping up which concerns Lulu, who asks if she can get some water for Liz because she is dehydrated. Mr. Craig objects to it since he doesn't think water will help Liz. He ends up sending Lulu into another room. Sam stands up and yells at Mr. Craig about not being reasonable about Liz and points out that no one wants to have to deal with Liz going into labor so just let her have some water. Liz gets her water. Mr. Craig warns Sam to back off and tells her she isn't very bright if she thinks he won't hesitate to kill her. Sam smiles at him and tells him she isn't scared of him. She distracts him enough and Max helps also. Sam manages to knock the gun out of Mr. Craig's hand and puts him in a choke hold and puts the knife she had hidden against his throat. As this is going on, Sonny and Carly distract one of the men who come in to get Carly and knock him out and take his gun. Jason and Spinelli get to one of the back entrances of the hotel. Spinelli uses one of his gizmos and disengages the alarm to unlock one of the doors to get inside the hotel.

Friday, February 9, 2007

Mr. Craig decides to move everyone around again to make sure they don't get comfortable and start to plot against the mercenaries. He takes Sam into one of the hotel rooms and starts to unzip her outfit. Sam calls him a name, thinking he is about to rape her. He is not and he tells her so. He tells her how amazing it is that she thought she was going to be raped, but she was willing to do anything in order to stay alive. They go back into the lobby where everyone else is. Alan has been taken out of his room and also into the lobby. Before Mr. Craig got there, one of the other mercenaries took mercy on Alan and allowed Emil to go and get a defibulator. Mr. Craig is furious when he learns that this has been done. He decides to make Emily decide who gets to go home, her father or her best friend. Liz is dehydrated and desperately needs fluids. She is cramping badly, and everyone fears is that she will go into labor early and lose the child.

Jason and Spinelli get into the hotel and end up in the room where Sonny was beaten. Jason finds blood on the floor and wonders what happened. He decides that he needs to get up into the air ducts in order to see what's going on in the lobby.

Dillon decides that he is going to help rescue Lulu, but Lucky and Luke shoot him down. They realize they can see through one of security cameras and are thrilled to see Liz. Scott walks up to Tracy to find out what is going on. He confesses his undying love for Laura and tries to tell Dillon that Luke and Laura's marriage wasn't all it appeared to be. Meanwhile, May or Floyd threatens Ric and tells him he doesn't know what he's doing. Ric asks for him to give him a little more time, and reluctantly the mayor agrees.

Three, the mercenary locked in the vault with Maxie, begins to see her in a new light as she starts talking about her life. She talks about Georgie and how their mother left and Mac is taking care of them now. She also mentions how Robin is like a sister to them. Then she starts talking about Lucky and how she spent the last year trying to get Lucky to love her and she knows right now he‘s doing whatever possible to get Liz out.

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