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For the Week of February 7, 2005
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Harley is taking a huge chance with her life as she heads to trial for Phillip's murder. If she takes the plea bargain that Jeffrey offered her last week, she will probably get a lesser sentence, but she won't find out if she really killed him.

For those of you over a certain age (or with good taste in music at any age) I know you are thinking of the Johnny Mathis classic. But I'm talking about the chances that characters we know (and love) in Springfield are taking these days. Hopefully they'll lead to a happy ending, but you never know.

Let's start with the biggest taker of chance Springfield has ever seen. Miss Reva Shayne (as she so often calls herself instead of Mrs. Reva Shayne Lewis Lewis Lewis with a Spaulding and Cooper thrown in there for good measure). If she went to Vegas, we know she'd do double or nothing on every bet. She's a fly by the seat of your pants kinda gal. And Jonathan is certainly cut from the same mold.

Now I'm not saying that they need to share an ice cream cone and look at old family photos, but I can just hear the phone call she'll have to make when she really has to go to jail. "Joshua, Jonathan and I saw this great car. No, it wasn't ours, but it looked like it would be fun to drive so we hot-wired it...." Poor Joshua wouldn't know what hit him.

Joshua has sewn a few wild oats of his own - but thankfully grew up long ago. But Reva, ever the wild and crazy one - the wearer of red dresses and driver of a very scratched up red convertible will never learn. Until it's too late. Until her whole family either deserts her - or they kill Jonathan. Whichever comes first.

Watching Jonathan is like watching a train wreck. You don't want to look, but you do. And wonder why in the world anyone would put up with his nonsense. You want to help those that survive the wreck, but sometimes you can't help but just sit there and stare - helpless to help at all.

In the end, you know that something will have to happen. Something huge that might make Reva wake up and smell the coffee. But what will remain of the wreckage that became her life after Jonathan returned to town? Reva is taking a lot of chances with Jonathan. That he'll come around and trust her without hurting her. That her family will still be talking to her when it's said and done.

Harley is taking a huge chance with her life as she heads to trial for Phillip's murder. If she takes the plea bargain Jeffrey offered her, she would probably get a lesser sentence, but won't find out if she killed him. I have to admit that I would want to know what happened no matter the cost. Hopefully she and Gus can get to the truth before she is sentenced. You know there will be a trial - it's nearly sweeps time. But how it turns out is anyone's guess.

Cassie continues to take chances in her relationship with Edmund. Despite the fact that she is not pregnant (thank you, GL, for sparing us the whole paternity storyline) she hasn't come clean about the night before her wedding. Of course, she doesn't know all that happened. Even if Jonathan tells her something, you always have to be suspicious of what he says.

Edmund is taking an even bigger chance with the night of the fire - and his attempt to kill Jeffrey O'Neil. Unfortunately for him, Dinah knows all. And since Dinah wrote that message on Jonathan's cast, he'll be digging for all the dirt he can on Eddie.

Michelle is certainly taking chances these days - and is a lot braver than I would be!! I cannot imagine not knowing a thing about your past and just blithely going about your life. But that lack of knowledge is certainly part of the reason for her out-of-character behavior. But when her memory returns - as it seems to be - what will she think of the chances - and choices - she has made?

Holly thinks that the past is behind her now that (she thinks) Sebastian is gone. But her mind is playing tricks on her - or is it? GL goofed a bit when they left Sebastian in the opening montage - you knew he was alive then. But what will happen when Sebastian really returns to Springfield? Will Holly's life really hit the skids? Maureen Garrett's scenes this week at Towers were wonderful - filled with all of the desperation that Holly must feel over her time with Sebastian. Let's hope that GL can keep this talented actress busier in 2005.

Surprising no one, Alan has taken more and more chances with his family the closer we get to trial. The board room theatrics certainly showed how desperate he's become to get Harley convicted - no matter if she's guilty or not. Does this mean he's hiding something? Knowing Alan, I'd say he is. To let his ex-wife/ex-daughter-in-law Olivia back into the fold at Spaulding, you know he has something up his sleeve!!

As we enter the all important sweeps time, you know that all of these great stories are really going to heat up!! It's hot and spicy time in Springfield and I can't wait for the fireworks to begin!!! Until next week....

Keep the Light Shining and Have a Great Week!

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