Beth Ehlers
Beth Ehlers to stay put
by Archived Saturday, May 13, 2000 10:55:06 AM
Good news for fans of Guiding Light: Beth Ehlers has re-signed her contract with the show and she will not be leaving.

Recent reports hinted that fan-favorite Beth Ehlers was on the verge of being pushed out of role as Harley Cooper on Guiding Light.

Ehlers, who's been with the show off and on since September 1987, said through her agent last week that she wanted to remain with the show. Guiding Light's executive producer, Paul Rauch, however, stated that contract negotiations with the actress had hid a roadblock. "Unless she continues to negotiate, we have no alternative but to replace her," Rauch said in a released statement.

The commotion started when Guiding Light put out a casting call for a character by the name of Harley Davidson Cooper, a part that, at the time, was filled by Ehlers. Ehlers agent had questioned why the casting call had been issued because, according to the agent, the execs at GL already had a replacement Harley in mind.

Fans flooded the network with letters and calls voicing their support for the actress --- and apparently it worked.

The terms of Ehlers new contract were not released.

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