Anthony Addabbo
Addabbo, GL have a difference of opinion
Posted Sunday, October 29, 2000 6:17:22 PM
It's become a war of words, of sorts, between recently axed Anthony Addabbo (ex-Jim Lemay) and Guiding Light executives. The subject of their disagreement is, as you may expect, Addabbo's firing.

The exchange of words began when Addabbo told Soap Opera Digest that his contract with Guiding Light was not renewed because "writers get bonuses for creating new [characters]." He went on to say that the Labines, the newly installed writing team for the show, had been given total control of all storyline and character development for the first six months of their contracts.

No so, says Guiding Light's executive producer, Paul Rauch.

"It's not true. It's absolutely nonsense," Rauch replied to the magazine, asserting that "[w]riters have never received bonuses" for creating new characters.

As for the implication that the Labines are running things, Rauch also disagreed with that statement. Rauch does admit that new writers have a tendency to bring in new characters, but said that the new scribes are not holding the reigns.

Some fans speculate that Addabbo's remarks may be nothing more than sour grapes. "After all," says on GL Online user. "He was fired." Others, though, wonder if Addabbo may have gotten some misinformation from an agent or someone behind the scenes.

Addabbo joined Guiding Light as Jim LeMay on December 11, 1998. He is expected to make his final on-air appearance in early December.

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