Claire Labine
P&G, CBS oust the Labines
Posted Tuesday, November 07, 2000 10:39:14 AM
In a statement released this week, Procter & Gamble Productions revealed that Guiding Light's new writing team has been disassembled.

"Guiding Light and GL head writer Claire Labine have mutually agreed to discontinue their working relationship," stated Procter & Gamble Productions in a press release. "Claire and her head writing team of Matt Labine and Eleanor Labine will continue with the show until a replacement is named."

The Labines' arrival on Guiding Light was heralded as a turning point for the show earlier this year. Storylines penned by the Labines only began airing in August of this year.

GL executive producer Paul Rauch added, "This was a difficult decision for all involved. I have only the utmost respect and affection for the Labines and their writing talent."

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