Mark Dobies
Mark Dobies let go from Guiding Light
Posted Friday, June 22, 2001 10:03:04 AM
It looks like another sign of a new writing team cleaning house. On the job just a little over a month, Lloyd "Lucky" Gold has apparently started work at deciding which characters he will keep and which he will cast aside. has learned that Mark Dobies (Noah Chase) has been let go.

Dobies joined the cast in March of last year and his character was quickly put in place to romance Emmy winner Kim Zimmer's Reva Shayne. Noah's short time in Springfield has been filled with action. Noah was revealed to be a secret government agent -- and his former wife showed up in town to cause trouble for him and Reva.

According to a source, Dobies will last appear on air in August. The departure is said to be storyline dictated.

Officially, a Guiding Light spokesperson declined to comment on the report of Dobies' ouster. A message on Kim Zimmer's official web site seems to confirm this report.

The news of Dobies' release comes just days after the announced ouster of Paula Garces (Pilar) and Ryan Brown (Billy III). For more information on their releases, please read out related story in the News section.

Dobies' exit is expected to come in early August.

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