Jim Davidson
Davidson's Alonzo written out
Posted Tuesday, January 29, 2002 6:36:46 PM
Updated Friday, February 01, 2002 9:11:57 AM
A report made exclusively by earlier this week has now been confirmed: Guiding Light has fired Jim Davidson (Alonzo Baptiste).

Davidson's dismissal comes hot on the heels of the firing of Wesley A. Ramsey (Sam Spencer) and the decision not to renew Susan Pratt's (Claire Ramsey) contract.

Davidson confirmed his ouster from the show during festivities to celebrate Guiding Light's 65th anniversary. The actor says that he'll return to the west coast -- GL is filmed in New York -- and focus on the upcoming pilot season.

Davidson joined Guiding Light in September 2001 as the long-lost Winslow brother and rightful heir to the San Cristobel throne. Davidson will make his final on-air appearance during the final week of February.

Also leaving with Davidson are Erin Cottrell (Camille Baptiste) and Thom Christopher (Colonel Dax).

All three departures are storyline dictated and are an appear move to close the book on the show's San Cristobel storyline, of which fans have been extremely critical. According to a show insider, the writers were unable to wrap up the loose ends of the San Cristobel plot in such a way that there would be a need for the three characters in Springfield.

The roles will not be recast.

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