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January 2008
For more than 50 years soap operas have pretty much looked the same. Viewers have come to accept thatrooms and houses have only three walls and that most "outdoor" scenes are actually shot inside a studio. That is all about to change. On February 29th, Guiding Light takes a dramatic leap into uncharted territory.
February 2008
The pre-nominations for this year's Daytime Emmys have now been announced. From this list will come this year's winners. In a rule change, shows may now have up to three nominees in any given category.
Ricky Paull Goldin
February 2008
In a letter to his fans, Emmy-nominated Ricky Paull Goldin (Gus Aituro) has confirmed a rumor that has been circulating for several weeks: he will be exiting Guiding Light in the not-too-distant future. The news, which was presumably kept under wraps to protect the bottom-ranked soap, is sure to upset the actor's fans.
Ricky Paull Goldin
March 2008
One week after actor Ricky Paull Goldin announced to fans that he would be leaving Guiding Light comes word that the actor has signed a deal to appear as Jake Martin on ABC's All My Children. Jake hasn't been seen in Pine Valley in nearly five years. Goldin received Lead Actor Emmy nominations in 2003 and 2007.
Kim Zimmer
April 2008
Four-time Daytime Emmy winner Kim Zimmer (Reva Shayne) has never been one to hold back on speaking her mind. The actress has expressed outrage over her lack of recent airtime and speculates that someone, somewhere doesn't like her very much. Zimmer has been a GL mainstay for nearly 25 years.
Beth Ehlers
June 2008
It's not the kind of news that ratings-and-financially challenged Guiding Light needed. Long-time GL veteran Beth Ehlers (Harley Cooper) will exit the show this month. The actress is the latest high-profile star to walk from the CBS soap and some are wondering if Ehlers' exit will ultimately extinguish Guiding Light's light.
Beth Ehlers
June 2008
All My Children's latest casting coup comes at the expense of struggling CBS soap Guiding Light… again. Long-time GL veteran Beth Ehlers (Harley Cooper) exits the show later this month. An official announcement on her addition to the AMC cast is expected at any time.
Beth Ehlers
June 2008
Guiding Light is making more industry-changing changes to its behind-the-scenes staff. Months after the show debuted a new production format, the long-running CBS soap has now announced that it will have two head writing teams. The new team consists of two veteran daytime scribes.
Beth Ehlers
June 2008
soapcentral.com first reported last month that Beth Ehlers had joined the cast of All My Children. ABC initially denied the reports, waiting until Emmy night to confirm that the Guiding Light star had come aboard. The network still has not revealed what character she will be playing when she makes her AMC debut.
Marcy Rylan
June 2008
Since changing over to its new filming format in February, Guiding Light has been the recipient of critical praise and fan frustration. Along the Red Carpet at this year's Daytime Emmys, Marcy Rylan took time out to talk to Soap Central about the changes, her opinion of the changes and why some fans have had trouble adjusting.
Vincent Irizarry
June 2008
A year-and-half into his "short-term" role on The Young and the Restless, Vincent Irizarry (David Chow) is exiting the top-rated CBS soap. Irizarry has appeared on Guiding Light and All My Children prior to his Y&R stint. A final airdate has not yet been announced.
Cady McClain
July 2008
She's played a good girl from West Virginia on All My Children and tackled the role of a devilish soap opera vixen on As the World Turns. Now, Emmy winner Cady McClain is rumored to be in the running for the role of Guiding Light's Harley. The show is not going on the record with a comment in either direction, saying only that there are no plans to recast Harley at the present time.
Caitlin Van Zandt
July 2008
Art imitates life for Guiding Light actress Caitlin Van Zandt (Ashlee Wolfe). The actress underwent a real-life gastric banding procedure just a few weeks before her on-screen alter ego had the procedure done. As part of her continued effort to draw attention to the obesity epidemic in the United States, Van Zandt spoke last month at an event in Washington, D.C.
Robert Newman
July 2008
Emmy-nominated Guiding Light star, Robert Newman, is headed back to his stage roots. The actor will appear on stage at Michigan's Barn Theatre in the musical Shenandoah. Newman previously appeared in several of the theater's productions.
Vincent Irizarry
August 2008
Be careful around the punch bowl, All My Children fans. An All My Children spokesperson has confirmed that Emmy-nominated soap vet Vincent Irizarry will reprise the role of David Hayward later this year. The news comes only a short time after Irizarry was let go by The Young and the Restless. Prior to his eight-year run on AMC, Irizarry appeared as twins on Guiding Light.
Marty West
September 2008
Guiding Light is quietly exploring the possibilities of recasting the role of Shayne Lewis, Josh and Reva's son. While the show won't comment on future story plans, some fans are already discussing what they'd like to see the show do if and when Shayne returns. Marty West was the last actor to appear as Shayne, exiting GL in 2004.
Tom Pelphrey
September 2008
On September 30th, Simon and Schuster will publish a paperback version of Jonathan's Story, a book that chronicles Jonathan's life after he staged his death. The mass market release offers readers a new chapter over its hardcover release.
Tom Pelphrey
September 2008
Rumors say that former Guiding Light star Jonathan Pelphrey might be headed to Port Charles. If the rumors are true, Pelphrey would play a new and crucial General Hospital role. Others say the rumors are nothing more than hype.
Crystal Chappell
September 2008
Crystal Chappell has signed a new contract with Guiding Light. The actress, who joined the show in 1999, will stick around Springfield for the immediate future. Chappell won a Daytime Emmy in 2002.
Rick Hearst
September 2008
For the past three months, Emmy winner Rick Hearst's (ex-Alan-Michael Spaulding) status with General Hospital has been very much in doubt. In fact, the actor himself questioned whether or not he had a future with the show. As the end of Hearst's contract grew nearer, some wondered if he might reprise one of his old soap roles.
Jeff Branson
September 2008
Jeff Branson is returning to Springfield. The former All My Children star has landed the contract role of Shayne Lewis. Though his first airdate is still more than two months away, the show is very pleased to have the Emmy-nominated actor on his way to CBS. Meanwhile, Shayne hasn't been seen on-screen in more than four years.
Nicole Forester
September 2008
Guiding Light has lost another of its popular cast members. Nicole Forester, who earlier this year earned her first Daytime Emmy nomination, has confirmed that she has not renewed her contract with television's longest-running soap. The actress joined the show in 2005.
James Earl Jones
October 2008
Guiding Light has lost another of its popular cast members. Nicole Forester, who earlier this year earned her first Daytime Emmy nomination, has confirmed that she has not renewed her contract with television's longest-running soap. The actress joined the show in 2005.
Susan Flannery
October 2008
Emmy-winning star of The Bold and the Beautiful, Susan Flannery, is headed to Springfield -- but viewers of the CBS soap will never seen her on-screen. Flannery will be directing an episode of Guiding Light at the invitation of the show's executive producer. Flannery previously observed GL's new production model.
Grant Aleksander
November 2008
After months of seeing its big stars exit for other shows, Guiding Light has some big casting news of its own. Four-time Emmy nominated actor Grant Aleksander will return to the show in 2009. Before leaving in 2004, the actor had played the role of Phillip Spaulding for nearly 15 years. In between GL gigs, Aleksander also appeared on All My Children.
David Andrew MacDonald
December 2008
David Andrew MacDonald will return to Guiding Light in 2009. The actor's return is the latest in a series of high-profile role reprisals by big-name former GL stars. MacDonald last appeared in Springfield in 2007.

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