Amy Ecklund Amy Ecklund says Light is over
Posted Monday, December 13, 1999 - 8:23:13 PM
Soap Opera Digest reports that Amy Ecklund (Abby) will not renew her contact when it expires in July 2000.

"There was a play I was going to do this summer, and I turned it down because GL told me I was going to be in a 'big story', and then I didn't work at all," Ecklund notes. "That helped make my decision. If I'm not going to be working [on GL], I'd rather not be working at all. Being back-burner has given me a taste of life [without GL] and I'm not hating it."

Rumors are circulating that she and on-screen hubby Rick (Michael O'Leary) would be a part of a dramatic exit scenario for the actress. What would happen if a big storyline were to come along? "That would make a difference," Ecklund adds.

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