Katherine "Kit" Vested
Actor History
Nancy Addison Altman (September 1969 to February 26, 1974)
Died, after accidentally being shot by Joe Werner, on February 23, 1974
Former employee at Cedar's Hospital
Resides At
at time of death/at the Werner cottage with Joe Werner
Marital Status
at time of death, Single/Divorced (Stanley Norris
Past Marriages
Stanley Norris (Divorced; deceased)
David Vested (Brother)
Flings & Affairs
Peter Wexler (dated)
Joe Werner (affair; deceased)
Crimes Committed
Killed Charlotte Waring [August 1973]
Attempted murder of Sara McIntyre and Joe Werner [February 1974]
Brief Character History

Kit Vested was the much younger wife of businessman Stanley Norris. An emotionally disturbed young woman, seeking treatment from psychiatrist Dr. Harold Eberhart, when Kit learned from Peter Wexler that Stanley was having an affair with Peter's wife (something Kit already suspected) she divorced Stanley. Unfortunately, Kit didn’t get much money out of the divorce settlement and very little emotional support. Though she and Peter briefly found solace with each other, the relationship ended right after his wife, Margie, committed suicide. After being admitted to Cedars following a drug overdose, Kit formed a close friendship with Charlotte Waring Bauer and would also meet Dr. Joe Werner, a man she'd form an unhealthy attraction to. Wanting to break up Joe's marriage with Sara McIntyre, Kit confided in Charlotte. Though Charlotte promised to help Kit win Joe for herself, she secretly had designs on Joe herself. One day, Kit was shocked to see Joe entering a hotel with a woman.

Delighted, Kit informed Charlotte that she wanted to ruin the Werners' marriage by sending Sara a letter about the affair. However, unbeknownst to Kit, the woman with Joe was Charlotte! Though Charlotte talked Kit out of sending the letter, later, Kit was horrified to learn that Charlotte sent it herself!! Angry that her friend double-crossed her, Kit murdered an unsuspecting Charlotte by poisoning her tea. Though Charlotte was rushed to the hospital, Joe was unable to save her from what he thought was a heart attack. Guilt over Charlotte's death caused Joe to sink into despair and he left Sara. Seeking to take advantage, Kit encouraged Joe's drinking and kept him secluded in his cabin, unwilling to let friends and family visit him. She also made plans to get rid of Sara by murdering her! She made a phone call to Sara and tricked her out to the cabin. After poisoning Sara, Kit tried to shoot her but was fatally wounded while struggling with Joe over the gun.

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