Martha Frazier, RN
Actor History
Cicely Tyson (January to December 1966)
Ruby Dee (January 1967 to December 1967)
Registered Nurse
Resides At
Unknown, last known address in Springfield.
Marital Status
Married (Dr. Jim Frazier)
Past Marriages
Unknown; in her talks to Bert Bauer and Robin Fletcher, she hinted at more relatives in Springfield.
Martha and Jim hinted at a least two; but ages, sexes and names are unknown.
Flings & Affairs
Crimes Committed
Brief Character History

Registered nurse Martha Frazier was first introduced in 1966 as the wife of Cedars hospital administrator, Dr. Jim Frazier. Martha had met Jim shortly after Jim's stint in the army during the Korean War. Jim was a very successful doctor, moving quickly up the ladder of career success at Springfield's Cedars Hospital. Jim had served in the Korean War with Dr. Paul Fletcher and Ben Scott. Paul and Jim were also close friends from medical school and it was Jim that enticed Paul away from Los Angeles to Springfield with a job offer---Cedars' Chief-of-staff. Martha became close friends with Paulís wife, Robin, helping Robin navigate her way through the social circles of Springfield, a necessity as the wife of Cedars' chief-of-staff. Many times Robin would come to Martha needing advice in dealing with Paul's teenaged son from his first marriage, Johnny. Although, Martha tried to be a good friend for Robin, she was unable to help her when Robin took a bad fall, while cleaning Johnny's room, that led to a miscarriage.

Martha also befriended Bert Bauer, when her husband, Bill moved the family to Springfield when Bill accepted a transfer with the public relations firm he worked for. Martha would be furious at her husband when she learned that Jim knew about Bill and Maggie Scott's affair and that he also knew that Ben Scott was alive and advised his friend not to reveal himself to his teenage daughter just yet. Meanwhile, Martha suggested that Jim hire Bill and Bert's younger son, Ed, who was fresh out of medical school. Martha also became a mentor for young nurse Leslie Jackson.

Although, for a time after Jim accepted another position in the company that owned the various Cedars hospitals, Martha would be seen still giving advice to Bert, Robin, and Leslie, Martha would not be seen after 1967. It is assumed that Jim and Martha are still married and still living somewhere in Springfield or at least the Midwest.

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