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Go red, or go home!
by Dawn
For the Week of February 16, 2009
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Dorian announcing that she was the new Mrs. David Vickeroshi was anticlimactic. The only person who was truly surprised was David.
Before I begin, I want to extend my condolences to everyone who is mourning the losses of Clint Ritchie and Phil Carey. It's hard to believe that they are both gone, and they were and will always be at the heart of One Life to Live. They were both a big part of the show when I started watching all of those years ago, and they will be missed. I hope that the powers that be at One Life to Live are planning a tribute for both actors. They deserve nothing less!

After watching One Life to Live last week, I came to the conclusion that you might be able to dress the citizens of Llanview up (and not always well), but you can't take them anywhere. The Go Red Ball is supposed to be a dignified event, but for the second year in a row, all there were all kinds of behavior that would make Miss Manners (and Eunice!) cringe. Whether it was Dorian using her position as co-chairperson to "shock" the Buchanans with her new husband, Marty and Wes crashing the ball, Stacy using her sister's identity, or Téa going simply to observe Vanessa's every move, we saw all kinds of excitement as the ball began.

I have to say that Dorian announcing that she was the new Mrs. David Vicaroshi was anticlimactic. The Buchanans already knew what she was up to had and had already braced themselves for the possibility. The only person who was truly surprised was David, who finding out he was Buchanan and that he was entitled to millions of dollars. I must say that it didn't seem like the Buchanans worked very hard to stop Dorian from marrying David. They hired Rex, which is a good start, but why didn't they hire a whole army of private investigators? Why didn't they make some calls and use the alleged Buchanan power and influence to stall Dorian, beyond trying to stall her plane? They all made a huge point of making sure that David didn't know his true paternity for a long time, but when it really mattered, it's like they all accepted that Dorian was moving in on their territory again. I also don't understand why the Buchanans were so rude to Viki when she asked why no one told her. It's like they were taking their anger at Dorian out on Viki. I understood when they wouldn't talk to her about matters pertaining to Buchanan Enterprises, but David's paternity affects her family, so she should have been included in the conversation. I have a feeling that Clint didn't tell her because he knew that Viki would insist that he tell David the truth. The Buchanans have been acting like David is the worst person ever for months, so maybe they didn't want to hear Viki talk about the right thing to do. Still, I think Viki had a right to be upset, and I hope Clint and Bo apologize for their behavior towards Viki when things settle down.

Meanwhile David figured out Dorian's scheme in about 2 seconds. While the old David might not have minded being used as a pawn to win millions of dollars, the new David might object. Dorian was so busy making sure she was able to marry David, she forgot to consider his reaction the news that he is the lost Buchanan son. David doesn't live his life simply to seek revenge on the Buchanans, so he might need some convincing to take everything away from them. This will truly be a test of David's new outlook on life. Will his newfound wealth inspire him to forsake his new belief system? Somehow, I think it will, especially if Dorian won't take no for an answer. Amazing enough, though, he didn't have a big reaction to the news that he will inherit everything. I wish David would give up his new possessions just to make Dorian squirm. She isn't expecting that, and it would be perfect, since her plans typically backfire. She has become such a petty person since Clint dumped her, and I would love to see her do something other than think about the Buchanans. Dorian already has money, and she barely avoided having charges pressed against her the last time she went after the Buchanans, so her latest scheme makes her look small. She never learns!

While Dorian was torturing the Buchanans, Marty and Wes decided to crash the ball, or at least Marty decided to crash it. I sort of understood Marty's rebellious behavior at the very beginning, but she is acting like an immature brat now. She feels violated and lost, but that doesn't give her permission to crash events and make an embarrassing spectacle of herself. Her sole purpose for going to the ball was to make a scene. Even Wes understood that she used him to make people look at her at the ball, and he didn't look too happy about it. Marty has been wallowing in self-pity and reverting to her old ways for weeks, but she really needs to do something that will actually help her to get better now. She is an adult, not a high school student or college freshman. She has a son that needs her, and she can't shun him forever. Marty plays the "I am the helpless victim" card well, but she needs to act like an adult and take control of her own situation. I have often wondered why Marty was brought back in the first place, but I find it hard to believe she was brought back to become Llanview's new drunken fool.

I must say, that I was impressed with how John wooed Blair enough to get her to go to the ball. Anyone who regularly reads my columns knows that I am not a fan of John McBain and never will be. However, he took the damsel that wasn't in distress to the ball instead of going after Marty. That was big of him, and it amazes me that the thought even occurred to him. The moment obviously didn't last, since Blair and Todd were drinking together at the bar, but bringing Blair roses and asking her to go the ball was a nice gesture on John's part. This will probably be the only time I ever commend John McBain, so don't get used to it!

Then there is Stacy. Good grief. Why is she here? She arrived in Llanview and lurked in the bushes before letting herself into Gigi's house. When did ringing a doorbell to announce oneself go out of style? When did needing permission to enter one's home go out of style? To make matters worse, Stacy didn't understand why Gigi was rattled when she discovered her at the ball. She let herself into Gigi's house, STOLE Gigi's dress and ticket and created an awkward situation at the ball. Why is Stacy surprised that Gigi wasn't rolling out the welcome mat for her? I have a feeling that Stacy is one of those people who perpetually tells people that she is misunderstood. She does things that are marginal and then asserts that no one understands her intentions. I worked with a woman like this, and her act got old very fast. She would say whatever was on her mind even if it insulted people, and she would explain that people just didn't understand her and expected people to feel sorry for her. Please! Stacy manipulated Gigi by playing the long lost sister card and then by shocking Gigi with the news that her parents died. I feel like Stacy might have lied or exaggerated the truth about this; I can't explain why. I am not sure why a person would ever tell such a cruel lie, but something didn't seem right when she told Gigi. It seems that Stacy might have an axe to grind with Gigi, and I think she will do more things and then claim that she is misunderstood. I think that either Stacy is jealous of Gigi's new life, or she is mad at Gigi for leaving her behind to deal with her parents. Either scenario seems likely at this point. I don't like this character so far, but I will give her a chance. The cast of this show is already too big, and Stacy seems like an unnecessary addition, but she isn't connected to the Montez family, so that's one good thing about her!

In spite of my disdain over having too many characters, I have thoroughly enjoyed Téa's return. I wouldn't mind if Florencia Lozano were put on contract. In the past, Téa has been a whiny character that didn't really impress me. However, she has returned as a bold, fiery character that won't take no for an answer from anyone. I still think her love for Todd is unhealthy. She finds a way to justify just about everything he does and won't admit that he is wrong sometimes. I was relieved to hear say that she didn't understand why he did what he did to Marty; that was progress coming from her! However, she is one amazing attorney at all turns. She is the one person who has stayed by Todd's even when all of Llanview was pitted against him. She is the one person who didn't turn a cold a shoulder when he needed an ally the most, and she didn't let anything impede her ability to defend Todd. She even incriminated herself when the cops discovered Lee Halpern's body so Todd wouldn't be a suspect. Now, she has moved on to working for Ray Montez on a full-time basis. She didn't waste any time, as she dragged Todd to the ball and managed to dance with John McBain to try to get answers about Vanessa. She does whatever is necessary to make sure she wins a case, and I loved how she managed to catch John off guard by dancing with him, while making Blair jealous. Did I mention that she can also throw a good punch? Marty didn't know what hit her! I hope Téa doesn't disappear for years at a time after her current run is over. Llanview needs a cunning attorney, and Blair and Marty need someone to get in their way!

Random Thoughts: 1. I loved seeing Roxy and Shane bond, and I like Shane's new haircut. GIgi's reaction was exactly how many mothers would respond in that situation. 2. Moe and Noelle's wedding was cute, but I think Viki and Charlie should have been there to witness it. 3. I don't think ANYONE should stand next to Marty near a body of water. It's bad luck! 4. Why can't Vanessa and Lola go away? They are a waste of space!

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