DELGADO Family Tree
Leon Delgado

m. Unknown (deceased)
    c. Delmonico Delgado
    c. Enrique Delgado

m. Anna
    c. Anna Rosa Delgado (deceased)
        m. Enrique Miguel Montoya
            c. Roseanne Delgado
                m. Cristian Vega (married 2000; annulled 2000; see Espinoza and Vega)
    c. Jose Delgado
    c. Téa Delgado
        m. Todd Manning (married 1997; divorced 1998; see Lord)
        m. Todd Manning (married 1998; annulled 1999; see Lord)
            c. Daniella Rayburn


  • The matriarch of the Delgado family was Leon's mother, Maria, who was affectionately known to her grandchildren and great-grandchildren as Abuelita.
  • The Delgado family history was changed in 1999. Originally, Roseanne was the daughter of Enrique Delgado and Anna Rosa Montoya, and Téa's only full sibling was Jose. In 1999, it was explained that Anna Rosa had killed herself because Téa had slept with her husband.

  • KEY
    m. Married
    c. Child
    a. Affair
    r. Rape

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