ESPINOZA Family Tree
Manuel Santi (deceased)
Older brother of Carlotta (see below), born Manuel Espinoza.

m. Isabella Katerina Maria de Santi (died 2004) (deceased)
Manuel took Isabella's name to protect his family from his crimes.

    c. Antonio Vega
    Born Manuel Santi II, adopted by Carlotta and Diego (see below).

    c. Augustico Santi (died 2004) (deceased)
    Raised as Augustico Espinoza, introduced on-air as a Santi.
        m. Jessica Eugenia Buchanan (2004; annulled)

m. Dorian Cramer (invalid)

    c. Adriana Cramer
    Adopted by César and Ramona Colón to protect her from Manuel.
Carlotta Espinoza
Younger sister of Manuel (see below).

m. Diego Vega

    c. Antonio Vega (son; via adoption)
        m. Andrea Harrison (married 1997; divorced 2000)
        a. Keri Reynolds (died 2003) (deceased)
            c. Jamie Reynolds Vega (born 2003)
        m. Jessica Buchanan (married 2006)

    c. Cristian Alejandro Vega (born 1976)
        m. Roseanne Delgado (married 2000; annulled 2000)
        m. Natalie Buchanan (married 2003; divorced 2005)

m. Married
c. Child
a. Affair
r. Rape

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