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FARRELL Family Tree
Dennis Farrell (deceased)

m. Unknown (deceased)
    c. Lindsay Farrell
        m. Sam Rappaport (deceased) (divorced; died 2003; see Rappaport)
            c. Will Rappaport
                a. Jessica Buchanan (see Lord and Buchanan)
                    c. Megan Victoria Buchanan (deceased) (born 1999; died 1999)
            c. Jennifer Rappaport
                m. Rex Balsom (married 2003; divorced 2003)
                m. Joseph Francis Riley Buchanan (married 2003; divorced 2004; see Lord and Buchanan)
        m. Clint Buchanan (married 1998; divorced 1998)

m. Unknown
    c. Melanie Farrell
        m. Colin MacIver (deceased) (married 19??; divorced 2000; died 2001; see MacIver)

m. Married
c. Child
a. Affair
r. Rape

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