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Whoah, momma! Skye shocker
Posted Saturday, December 16, 2000 - 7:53:03 PM
In an amazing turn of events, Skye Chandler is in for the shock of her life. Her world is about to be turned upside-down.

For much of her life, Skye has chalked up her oft-times peculiar behavior to being the daughter of billionaire troublemaker, Adam Chandler. Now, she'll have to find a new explanation for that behavior.

Skye Chandler is Rae Cumming's daughter.

Skye doesn't know it, but she was adopted. When Rae finds out that Skye's her daughter, she'll be faced with a true dilemma: How do you tell one of your bitter enemies that you're her mother?

Outgoing One Life to Live executive producer Jill Farren Phelps hints that Rae will not tell Skye the truth immediately.

All My Children fans who do not watch One Life to Live will be left in the dark by this revelation. This is not the first time that another soap has played fast and loose with an AMC character. In 1995, Jeremy Hunter (played by Jean LeClerc) was killed off on Loving. To this day, there has been but one passing reference to Jeremy's death on All My Children.

The truth about Skye's paternity is sure to cause some shockwaves for Adam Chandler. According to Megan McTavish, head writer for One Life to Live and former head writer of All My Children, Adam is not Skye's biological father. So just who is the daddy?

There's a bit of irony in this plot development. Earlier in 2000, All My Children featured another paternity storyline with Adam Chandler. That time around, it was Adam who turned out to be the surprise father of a child. Adam was unable to understand why another townsperson, Jake Martin, wasn't able to give up on the notion that he was not the biological father of the child in question. So, how will Adam cope when the shoe is on the other foot?

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