Roger Howarth
Todd doll causes backlash
Posted Wednesday, May 08, 2002 8:25:10 PM

A rag doll modeled after One Life to Live character Todd Manning created controversy of soap opera proportions last week.

The doll, described as "all-cloth doll with brown felt hair and blue eyes" stood 20 inches and was dressed in a blue shirt and black pants. The doll looked like a pint-size version of actor Roger Howarth -- and even came complete with Todd's trademark scar.

ABC removed the doll from its online store on Wednesday, May 8th over concerns that selling the doll was insensitive. Todd, of course, had once committed rape and some advocate groups felt that selling the doll glorified sexual assault.

Though fans can no longer purchase the Todd doll, a version of Todd's daughter, Starr , remains available.

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