Roger Howarth
Howarth could return to OLTL later ihis year
Posted Sunday, March 10, 2002 5:39:48 PM
One Life to Live has now confirmed that Roger Howarth (Todd Manning) will be exiting the show by the fall. The announcement comes a full six months after first reported that Howarth would be exiting the show. The actor confirmed the news of his departure in March.

In actuality, Howarth has already left One Life to Live; he filmed his final scenes in Hawaii earlier this summer. Due to the broadcast schedule, however, Howarth will appear on-screen through September.

Howarth had about a month off before moving on to his next gig - a guest spot on the WB's Dawson's Creek. Howarth will appear on the primetime drama series as a professor. According to setside chatter, the professor is a "closeted" homosexual. Howarth is slated for just three episodes, but there is a possibility for more.

There is also some talk that Howarth is already in negotiations to return to One Life to Live later this year. Howarth has made a habit out of coming and going since his 1993 debut on the show. Howarth made his first exit in 1995. He returned the following year and remained in Llanview through 1998. Then, the actor took a two-year leave before returning in the Spring of 2000.

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