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Sherri Saum
Sherri Saum to exit OLTL
Posted Sunday, August 03, 2003 9:18:07 PM
What is your reaction to Saum leaving OLTL?
 I think it's a good move because Keri isn't really needed.   36% 
 I'm not really sure that her exit is that big of a deal.   24% 
 I'm sad. I really liked Saum and her work as Keri.   18% 
 I'm upset because I feel Saum was treated poorly.   17% 
 I don't really believe that Saum is done at OLTL.   5% 
 Other   1% 

   Poll Posted: August 4, 2003
Though a network spokesperson refused to confirm the actress' exit, has learned that Sherri Saum (Keri Reynolds) will be leaving One Life to Live later this year. The decision, shares the actress, was a mututal decision.

"I will miss the great cast and crew from [One Life to Live]," Saum states. "Unfortunately my ambition and [the show]'s vision for me just didn't match. I wasn't happy coming to work anymore, so I asked to be released from my contract a year early."

Saum's Keri joined the cast of One Life to Live in November 2001. She remained in the foreground as a front burner character - until earlier this year. Beginning in February and lasting most of the spring, Saum had very little on-screen time. Her character was presumed dead and, except for a few phone calls, Saum was nowhere to be seen. Online fans speculated that the actress would not return to Llanview, but even when Saum returned to the screen, talk of her impending exit continued to swirl.

Prior to joining One Life to Live, Saum appeared as Vanessa Hart on the since-canceled NBC soap Sunset Beach. Saum has also appeared on Charmed and Girlfriends as well as having appeared in feature films such as Finding Home.

"[Saum's] story is building to a major climax," a OLTL spokesperson stated. The spokesperson advises fans to tune in to find out whether or not Keri will be exiting the show.

A setside source tells that Saum has already taped her final scenes and that her last airdate will be in late August or early September.

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