OLTL Denies Téa Returning to Llanview
Posted Sunday, November 13, 2005 10:38:12 PM
There are rumors about that an old flame from Todd's life may be returning to Llanview to cause some troubles in his love life. If the rumors are true, it could mean trouble ahead for Todd and Blair.

It seems that a recent audition script featured at least one scene between Todd and a woman by the name of "Lucia." According to the character breakdown, at least one published report claims that "Lucia" sounded a lot like the character Téa Delgado.

One Life to Live viewers will remember that actress Florencia Lozano played the role of Téa from January 1997 through March 2000. Téa served as Todd's lawyer but the two later ended up as husband and wife -- twice. The couple's first marriage ended in divorce and the second marriage was annulled.

The rumors were fanned when published the ongoing recast rumors on their web site. Meanwhile, a show rep insists that "there are no plans to bring back the character of Téa."

If indeed the character of Lucia is a stealth recast for Téa, it is unclear if the show approached Lozano about returning to the role. Since leaving One Life to Live, Lozano has appeared in a handful of primetime drama guest starring roles.

Additional information released about Lucia makes it seem less likely that this character will turn out to be Téa. According to the casting call, Lucia is a Latina police officer in her early-mid 30's, who is tough on the job, but soft and vulnerable as well. The character will begin airing in mid-January as a recurring role.

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