Kristen Alderson
Alderson rejects claims that she wants to leave OLTL
Posted Monday, May 25, 2009 1:25:21 AM
One Life to Live viewers have literally watched Kristen Alderson grow up before their eyes. The actress has spent eleven of her nearly 18 years playing the precocious Starr Manning. Now, some online rumors question if the young actress will soon be bidding farewell to daytime television.

For the past eleven years, Kristen Alderson (Starr Manning) has been a fixture on One Life to Live. Now, however, rumors have surfaced indicating that the actress may soon be bidding farewell to Llanview.

"I'm definitely not planning to leave One Life to Live," Alderson told Soap Opera Digest in an effort to dispel the rumors of her imminent departure.

Alderson also refutes online claims that she and co-star Brandon Buddy (Cole Thornhart) do not get along.

The rumors of Alderson wanting to exit daytime seem to have started when the actress mentioned that she'd be interested in pursuing work in primetime. Alderson explains that she'd be interested in doing guest appearances - all while still reporting to work every day at One Life to Live.

And wouldn't she want to say? Last year, Alderson got what could very well be called her first "adult" storyline on One Life to Live: Starr's pregnancy.

"It's a very adult storyline," Alderson told Soap Central in a Red Carpet interview at 2008's Daytime Emmys. "It's a very big issue and we feel very honored to be doing such a powerful storyline."

Unfortunately, Alderson's work in that front burner storyline did not earn her an Emmy nomination this year. In fact, the actress has yet to secure a single Daytime Emmy nomination.

"I submitted the episode when Starr first found out that the baby had died," Alderson told Michael Fairman just days before this year's Emmy nominations were announced. "She was in the hospital and she was talking to Blair and Marcy, wondering why the baby had not come back yet, and she is all excited. Dr. Joplin comes in with the horrible news, and we all figure it out right then and there. I think what was so great about the scenes was that everyone did such a great job. It was so realistic! I tend to get caught up in the scenes, as well. So, I watched my tape, and I am really happy with it. The other years that I have submitted my stuff, they would go, 'Oh, you deserve it!' But, I never felt worthy of it. But now, I really feel confident with what I submitted."

Photos: Donna Svennevik/ABC

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