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Is Scott Evans leaving OLTL?
Posted Sunday, March 07, 2010 8:06:48 PM
A published report questions Scott Evans' future on One Life to Live. The actor, who has played Oliver Fish since 2008, has reportedly been auditioning for primetime projects. Evans, however, assures fans that he doesn't want to leave the ABC soap.
Over the weekend, the Internet has been buzzing about the possibility of Scott Evans (Oliver Fish) leaving his critically acclaimed role on ABC's One Life to Live.

According to TVGuide Canada, Evans recently tested for a role in the CBS pilot, Reagan's Law. Though there's currently no word on the status of the wannabe series. Conceivably, though, Evans might one day have to choose between his current daytime role and a new one in primetime. In a post on his Twitter page, Evans hinted that tough choices were coming up in the not-too-distant future.

"I have some pretty big decisions to make," Evans wrote. "Things are definitely gonna change."

A source tells that the actor's tweet had nothing to do with his One Life to Live status. However, as fans began to worry that to worry about his future with the ABC soap, Evans took to his Twitter page to attempt to calm their jitters.

"I have no plans to leave OLTL everyone," Evans tweeted. "It's not even really in my hands!"

Though his character is featured in prominent storyline, Evans is not under contract to ABC. His recurring status means that Evans is under no obligation to the network and is free to take on other projects. Conversely, ABC also has no obligations to Evans, and One Life to Live could write off Oliver or recast the role at any time. Considering the popularity of the show's "Kish" pairing, both those options seem unlikely.

Evans made his debut in January 2008.

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