Jason Tam
Jason Tam rejoins One Life to Live this month
Posted Wednesday, September 08, 2010 6:07:06 PM
Not every exit is a permanent exit. As previously reported by, but disputed by Internet gossips, Jason Tam will return to One Life to Live later this month. The actor first appeared on OLTL in 2007.
A One Life to Live spokesperson confirms that Jason Tam (Markko Rivera) will return to the show later this month. The announcement quashes rumors that the actor's exit earlier this year was something more permanent.

On July 19, Tam's on-screen persona was ushered out of Llanview to attend film school in Los Angeles. The story twist was created to help explain Tam's real-life time off from One Life to Live. Tam has been participating in The Public Theatre's Shakespeare Lab in New York.

Jason Tam joined the cast of One Life to Live in May 2007. He returns to viewers' television screens beginning September 24 -- and since that's a Friday, there's bound to be drama.

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