OLTL Recaps: The week of August 27, 2001 on One Life to Live
Lindsay admitted to setting up Cristian. Todd ended up with Gabrielle's tape. Troy moved into Will's loft. Sam used Will's keys to sneak into Troy's place. Viki revealed that Niki had been “visiting” her. Sam and Troy fought.
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Monday, August 27

At Llanfair, Jessica walks in on Seth and Natalie's conversation; Natalie says they were discussing how Will hurt Jess. Viki arrives and she and Jessica speak alone about Will, while Seth and Natalie kiss outside the door. Later, Seth invites Jessica to a concert, then tells Natalie she will have time alone in Llanfair to do what's needed. He and Jessica leave. Thinking that Viki is also gone, Natalie starts upstairs, and Viki catches her.
Bo, Sam, and Lanie are stunned and angry to learn that Troy will run the hospital's new clinic. Troy tells them it allows him to make amends for Colin, and asserts his separate identity. Sam leaves, warning Troy to stay away from his family; Bo tells Troy he will be watching. Alone with Lanie, Troy apologizes for not telling her of his plans in advance, but she says that they will not affect her. Troy leaves, and Bo tells Melanie he wants to talk.
Lindsay calls Chad to compliment him on their plan, then reassures him that Cris will never find out. Jen comes out of her room and Lindsay tries to comfort her about Cristian; Jen says that she will remain with Cris until the truth comes out. Will arrives and tells them he is leaving Llanview. Lindsay, distraught, forbids it, while Jen asks how he can leave so suddenly. Alone with Jen, Will wishes her success with Cris; later, with Lindsay, he reassures her that she is loved by others and that she is not a bad person. He sends her to his loft to retrieve a box of things for the family; as she leaves, Sam arrives, and Will says goodbye to him as well.
At the Break Bar, Cris casually asks Chad for computer assistance, noting his skill, then confronts him about the illicit website. When Chad finally admits guilt, Cris tells him that he will forget about him in return for Lindsay; Chad, however, tells Cris that he acted alone, for the money. Shauna eavesdrops; when Chad leaves, she approaches Cris and tells him she has information about Chad and Lindsay, but that it has a price.
Asa and Gabrielle are shocked to learn they no longer have the tape. Meanwhile, at the Palace, Todd plays what he believes is the incriminating tape, but discovers it is a video of Starr instead. Blair tells him she will never forgive him for taking her daughter, while Todd retrieves the other tape. Blair and Max, however, are not interested in anything he has to show them, and Asa and Gabrielle arrive to break things up with a false emergency involving Al. When Max and Blair return, Asa keeps them busy while Gabrielle goes to handle Todd. At his penthouse, he opens the door to her with a smile, saying that things are getting very interesting.

Tuesday, August 28

Outside of Llanfair, Jess convinces Seth to let her invite Natalie to the Kortney Kale concert. Seth agrees even though he wanted to be alone with Jess. She reminds Seth that it's hard to be alone during a concert. Inside, Viki catches Natalie sneaking upstairs. Viki sternly questions what Nat is doing. Nat quickly lies that Jess told her she could borrow a sweater. Just then Jess comes inside and sees the tension between her friend and her mother. When Jessica asks what's going on, Nat replies that she was just going upstairs to borrow a sweater and says "is that OK?" "Of course," Jess responds, and insists that she go to the concert with her and Seth. Privately, Viki tells Jess she feels bad for being suspicious of Natalie, and commends her daughter's generosity. Later, Viki and Ben discuss her apprehension about visiting St. Ann's. When Ben leaves, Niki Smith shows up to remind Viki that she needs her in her life. Viki screams and breaks the hallway mirror. Ben comes rushing out.

Jen arrives as Break Bar just in time to see Shawna kissing Cristian. Of course, Jen rushes out upset before she can see Cris ripping Shawna off of him. Determined to get to the bottom of the webcams, he asks Shawna for help. She continues trying to seduce him, but Cris makes it perfectly clear that he is totally in love with Jen, and no one can change that. Shawna's guilty conscious gets the best of her, and she confesses her, Lindsay and Chad's involvement. Meanwhile, Lindsay heads to Will's loft to pick up the belongings he has left behind. She is shocked to find Troy there! He informs Lindsay he has bought the loft and is staying in Llanview permanently. As Lindsay leaves, she runs into Cris and Shawna. They confront her and at first she denies everything. However, when she realizes that they know the whole truth she sneers, "Good luck proving it! I'll call you a liar!" Cris rushes off to find Jen, convinced she would believe him over Lindsay. Unfortunately, Cris finds more than just Jen at their secret rock quarry spot. Al is comforting a distraught Jen and Cris arrives to see the two embracing!

At Todd's penthouse, he recounts to Gabrielle how he ended up with her and Max's taped sex session. Apparently he was on the highway when he saw the two of them racing up to Asa's cabin. He followed them there, saw what was going on and snatched the tape. Upset, Gab asks what he is going to do with the tape. Todd tells her that depends on who it will hurt the most. Gab tries to feed him a line that she only made the tape as a lasting memory and a sweet farewell before Max marries Blair. Todd laughs at her and tells her he knows she made the tape to hang Max...

Wednesday, August 29

Cris spies Al and Jen in an embrace and wants to speak with his girlfriend but she doesn't want to see him. Al speaks for her and orders Cris to leave as Jen is too upset. Cris denies having done anything and the boys begin to argue. She finally agrees to hear Cris out but she reveals that she also happens to know about Shawna. He tells her that the incident at Logan's was a set-up and that Chad was the one behind everything. She doesn't believe him especially since she saw Shawna kissing Cris at Break Bar. Jen thinks that Cris could have come up with a better story since Chad wouldn't have a reason to set him up and doesn't buy anything that he has to say. She stalks off.

Todd is too smart and realizes who is behind filming Gabrielle in bed with Max and why; he doesn't accept her story of it only being a film of a memory. She tries to get him off the track by bargaining but when he tells her he only wants a truthful explanation she decides to try to seduce him instead. Obviously, this won't get her the tape, Todd tells her, but if Blair can go down with Max that would help.

Melanie waits for Bo to tell her something about their wedding. She's excited until he suggests that due to Troy being at the hospital, he's decided that she should just go back to her maiden name since they won't be married for awhile. He understands that her nerves are over the edge with the new doctor around, much like Nora's. Melanie is perturbed at Bo's mention of Nora again and asks Bo if he's changed his mind about getting married. He's emphatic about his feelings for her and says they can get through anything after what's been going on around them recently. They agree to wait for the "right time." Later, Melanie tells a nurse that she'll be getting married soon.

Allison is remembering her past with Viki when Rae stops by to see her. She admits that she's scared to see Viki and Rae advises her that there are no guarantees that Viki will forgive her. During their conversation Allison realizes that Rae has lost a child too and though Rae tells her about it, she'd prefer to concentrate on Allison's situation.

Viki admits to Ben that Niki has been present, taunting her and inviting herself to go along to see Allison. She also admits to seeing her yesterday but denies that her alters are coming back. She has always BEEN them before, she hasn't SEEN them. Ben refuses to let Viki visit Allison on her own if at all, but Viki wants to confront her past. Ben doesn't want her hurt and doesn't care about the fact that Allison was a victim too. When Ben asks, Viki tells him she's not afraid that Niki will reappear but Ben decides to accompany her to St. Ann's. Upon their arrival, Rae greets them but thinks it best that Ben not go into Allison's room as she could be intimidated by his presence. Viki agrees with her and once in the room she calls out to Allison, sitting in a chair with her back to the door. As the woman turns around, Viki sees Niki, not Allison.

Thursday, August 30

Break Bar-Seth, Natalie, and Jess walk in and Natalie is holding her hand. Jess then apologizes profusely for slamming Natalie's hand in the door and goes to the bar to get ice. Natalie reiterates to Seth how she is going to get Jessica and she is going to get her chance alone in the house. Jess then comes back and insists on taking Natalie to the hospital where her Uncle Larry will treat her for free. They then leave bound for the hospital. When they later return, Natalie spills her purse on the floor. As Jess bends to pick it up, she notices that Natalie has put Seth's address on the hospital forms and demands an answer.

Llanview Hospital-The three walk into a waiting room, and Jess goes off to search for Larry. Meanwhile, Seth and Natalie kiss passionately and are walked in on by Dr. Troy McIver. Troy bandages Natalie's hand and writes her a pain prescription under the new free clinic. Jess then returns to say she couldn't find Larry, and is shocked to see Troy. Troy explains how he already helped Natalie and her "boyfriend" to which Jess looks confused. Natalie hurriedly says that Seth isn't her boyfriend, and Troy apologizes for assuming. When they are alone, Natalie tells Seth that was way too close, and they then leave for the nurse's station to fill out forms. Meanwhile, Jess has stayed behind and is apologizing to Troy for staring, saying she was the one who found Colin's dead body. Troy apologizes to her for Colin and says he is going to do his best to make up for what Colin did.

St. Anne's-Viki walks into Allison's room, and mistakes her for Niki Smith. She begins to tell "Niki" that she's not going to let her take over, and Allison becomes frightened and calls for Rae. When Rae arrives, Viki calms down and listens to Allison's account of what happened the night she took Jess. Allison tells her she drugged Viki's tea, and sneaked past the sleeping mother with the baby. She repeatedly apologizes, saying she was brainwashed by Mitch, and asks for forgiveness. Viki says she needs some time alone, so Rae and Allison leave the room. Viki then sees Niki again, and Niki begs to take over for a while so she can get even with Allison. We then see a nun go tell Allison that Viki wants to see her alone, and it is unclear at this point whether Viki has given way to Niki. Allison goes into the room, and Viki tells her she forgives her, but won't let Allison hug her. They shake hands, and an excited Allison goes to share the news with Rae. Meanwhile, Niki appears again to Viki, telling her how wimpy it was to just forgive Allison. Viki tells her she has conquered her anger, and that she doesn't need her anymore. Niki then disappears. In the waiting room, we then see Allison call someone on her cell phone and tell them that Viki has forgiven her and that it's all set. Ben then walks up on the tail end of her phone conversation, and it's unclear how much he heard.

Coffee House-Ben meets with an agitated Sam who tells him how upset he is that Troy McIver has decided to stay in town. He also tells how Troy bought Will's loft, and how he is convinced that Troy is up to something. Ben asks if Sam has keys to the loft, and when Sam says yes, Ben tells him to break in and investigate. Sam hedges, not wanting to do anything illegal, and then Ben leaves to go back to Viki.

Troy's apartment-Troy is seen unpacking some boxes, and comes upon a picture of himself with Colin. He looks at the pic lovingly and says,"I'm sorry, bro," and then leaves. Later Sam, cautiously enters the loft using his keys and begins to look around. He is looking at the picture when Troy walks in and demands to know what he is doing.

Friday, August 31

A skeptical Ben took note when Allison adopted a different persona while on the phone. However, Ben chose not to tell a relieved Viki about Allison's cryptic call; instead, he supported Viki's personal triumph. Viki told Ben that she really thought she had turned a corner by forgiving Allison. Meanwhile, Rae informed Allison that she would be able to leave St. Ann's in a few months. Later, Allison placed another phone call and informed the other party that she would be getting out soon. Allison then perused her scrapbook, which had an old clipping depicting the death of Mitch Laurence.

In the coffee shop, Cristian revealed to Antonio that he and Jen had broken up. He didn't want to tell Jen about what Lindsay was doing to her. However, Antonio made him realize that Jen would be better off if she knew the truth. Antonio ultimately convinced Cristian to put a halt to Lindsay's manipulations. A beautiful, young woman sitting near Antonio captured his attention. Just as he was about to talk to her, she disappeared.

Lindsay was overjoyed to find out that Jen and Cristian had split up. When Jen told her about finding Cristian and Shawna kissing, Lindsay thought that she was right about Cristian all along. Jen went to her bedroom to lie down as Cristian arrived to do battle with Lindsay. Cristian confronted Lindsay about all of her misdeeds. In her smugness, Lindsay admitted to setting Cristian up. Lindsay told him that she orchestrated the website in addition to Shawna's antics, but she gloated that Cristian had no way of proving it. However, it was an awful miscalculation on Lindsay's part, as she turned around to see Jen standing there.

Sam didn't back down when Troy confronted him about being in his new apartment. Troy was ready to call the cops, and he demanded to know what Sam was doing there. Sam maintained that he was only trying to protect Nora. Things went from bad to worse when Sam provoked a violent response from Troy, who decked Sam. Troy, dander up, told Sam that he would do as he pleases, and if that meant seeing Nora, then so be it. Sam flew off the handle and hurled Troy through the window.

Seth lied to Jessica that Natalie used his address on the form because Natalie was homeless and sleeping on a bench in Angel Square. Natalie and Seth privately celebrated when a stunned Jessica suggested that she approach Viki about letting Natalie live at Llanfair. Natalie was thrilled at the prospect and how it boded so well for her plan.

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