Ginger Foley
Actor History
Shannon McGinnis
Ginger was twenty-years-old in November of 2005
Died on November 28, 2005
Cause of Death
Complications during surgery following a hit and run
Former Occupation
Former waitress
Former nanny to Todd and Blair
Former housesitter for the Lamberts
Former Residence
Somewhere in Llanview
Marital Status at Death
Single (never been married)
Past Marriages
Ellen Cochran (mother)
Margaret Cochran (aunt; deceased)
Sam Manning (cousin)
Flings & Affairs
Duke Buchanan (flirtation; deceased)
Crimes Committed
Secretly spied on the Mannings so that she could report back to her aunt Margaret.
Sent Starr a text message to get her to the Craze building where Margaret nearly killed her.
Brief Character History

Ginger Foley appeared in town needing help at a bar, which Tess was able to provide. The two became good friends, and it was often Tess whom Ginger would hang out with at the bar while she was house-sitting for the Lamberts, and even after she got a job looking after Todd and Blair's children. Ginger learned that Tess was actually a multiple personality, and although Ginger didn't panic, their friendship sort of dried up after that. Ginger soon became interested in Duke Buchanan, but he only had eyes for Adriana, even though he did kiss Ginger once to make Adriana jealous. Ginger was happy enjoying the life as the Mannings' live-in nanny until the truth came out that she was really Margaret Cochran's niece and had been spying on her the whole time. Ginger was immediately kicked out and became persona non grata in Llanview, with no one but Rex willing to give her the time of day. Spencer supplied her with money to support herself, and Ginger never could figure out why. After threatening to expose Spencer, Ginger was hit by a car and ended up in the emergency room. She died on the operating table, with Spencer the doctor looking after her.

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