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River Carpenter
Actor History
Alexander and Zachary Bliss
1994 to 1995
Ryan Marsini
1996 to 1999
Matthew Twining
July 2003 to August 4, 2004
Other Names
William Sloan River Carpenter (full name)
Resides At
Marital Status
Single/Never Been Married
Past Marriages
Andrew Carpenter (adoptive father)
Cassie Callison (adoptive mother)
Beth Garvey (biological mother; deceased)
William Sloan Carpenter (adoptive brother; deceased)
David Renaldi (adoptive maternal grandfather)
Herb Callison (adoptive maternal grandfather)
Dorian Cramer (adoptive maternal grandmother)
Sloan Carpenter (adoptive paternal grandfather)
Rebecca Carpenter (adoptive paternal grandmother; deceased)
Lou Cramer (adoptive maternal great-grandfather; deceased)
Sonya Roskova (adoptive maternal great-grandmother; deceased)
William Carpenter (adoptive paternal uncle; deceased)
Adriana Cramer (adoptive maternal half-aunt)
John Carpenter (adoptive paternal great-uncle)
Melinda Cramer (adoptive maternal great-aunt)
Addie Cramer (adoptive maternal great-aunt)
Maggie Carpenter (adoptive paternal first cousin once removed)
Ian Armitage (adoptive paternal first cousin once removed; deceased)
Mark Carpenter (adoptive paternal first cousin once removed; deceased)
Kelly Cramer (adoptive maternal first cousin once removed)
Paul Cramer (adoptive maternal first cousin once removed; deceased)
Blair Cramer (adoptive maternal first cousin once removed)
Kevin Buchanan Jr. (adoptive maternal second cousin; deceased)
Zane Buchanan (adoptive maternal second cousin)
Starr Manning (adoptive maternal second cousin)
Brendan Thornhart (adoptive maternal second cousin; deceased)
Jack Cramer Manning (adoptive maternal second cousin)
Flings & Affairs
Adriana Cramer
Shannon McBain
Crimes Committed
  • None
Brief Character History

River Carpenter started his life as an abandoned baby left in the manager at St. James Church. Found by Cassie Cramer Carpenter, she and her husband, minister Andrew Carpenter, took the child in and made plans to adopt him. Although, they had some trouble when the biological mother, teenager Beth Garvey, sought to claim her baby, when the mother learned she was dying she gave River back to the Carpenters to raise. While River was still young his parents divorced and his mother was later sent to a mental hospital. After her release, River went to live with her.

Years later, a teenaged River returned to Llanview to live with his father. However, since he and Andrew repeatedly clashed, River went to live with Cassie's mother, Dorian. It was at this point, that River met and fell for Adriana Colon, the goddaughter of Dorian's former maid, Carlotta. He and Adriana got together and became lovers, but he messed things up when he cheated on her with Shannon McBain. River left town after being accepted at Juilliard.

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