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Welcome to the GH Online's Family Tree section. In this section you will be able to browse through some of the most prominent family trees throughout Port Charles' history. Of course not all of the family trees for every family are included, but you will find that the those listed here are more than extensive.

Each Family Tree provides detailed history of marriages, relatives, and children for all the members of the given family. When available, you'll be able to further your research by visiting the indepth character profiles from the Who's Who section.
At the bottom of each Family Tree page you will find a "Key" box that will explain all of the abbreviates and codes found in the tree. You'll also find a "Branching Out" section that will allow you to swing from one Family Tree to another.

Understanding the Family Trees

Some of the family trees have a tendency to really branch out. But don't blame us! It's those wacky citizens and all of their marrying and cheating ways that make the trees so..so..well so bushy!

Here's a look at a portion of the Devlin family tree as well as an explanation on how to read the chart.

Bennett Devlin (Deceased)

	m. Nicole Devlin
		c. Julie Devlin

			a. Frank Scanlon

According to the tree, Bennett Devlin married Nicole Devlin. This is represented by the letter "m". As you move down the tree, you see that with Nicole, Bennett had a daughter, Julie. This is represented by the letter "c" which stands for child. Continuing with Julie, you see the letter "a" pop up. This means that she had an affair with Frank Scanlon. If they had had any children together, this would appear below.

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Below you can choose from a listing of Family Trees. Please note that the list of families is constantly growing and being updated as needed. So while you may not see a profile for a family that you are looking for---it's on the way!

If you think that you'd be interested in acting as a volunteer in creating the various profiles, please drop us some Feedback and let us know that you're interested in helping!

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