Keating Will Join PC in August
Posted Friday, July 13, 2001 6:38:51 PM
Updated Friday, July 20, 2001 2:00:14 PM
ABC has now confirmed a report that first appeared on Soap Opera Central in June: Emmy winner Charles Keating (ex-Carl Hutchins, Another World) will be joining the cast of Port Charles later this summer.

The rumors that Keating was being wooed by the show first cropped up in June. A spokesperson for ABC declined to comment on the reports.

Keating will appear in what is being called a "wickedly divine" recurring role. Keating will not be a vampire himself, but rather play a resident of Transylvania named James. Lucy and Kevin will meet up with James on their quest to learn more about vampires.

It does not look like Keating will stick around PC for very long. The actor has said in recent interviews that he does not want to return to daytime television in a permanent basis.

Keating's first airdate will be August 16th.

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