Lark Madison
Actor History
Anastasia Horne (July 1997 to Spring of 1999)
Amy Weber (July 1999 to Fall 1999)
Former Candy Striper
Resides At
Formerly the Scanlon House
Marital Status
Single/Never Been Married
Past Marriages
Frank Scanlon (adoptive father)
Neil Scanlon (adoptive brother)
Christina Baldwin (adoptive sister)
Suzanne Madison (biological mother; deceased)
Francis Xavier Scanlon Sr. (adoptive grandfather; deceased)
Mary Scanlon (adoptive grandmother; deceased)
Joe Scanlon (adoptive uncle)
Flings & Affairs
Jake Marshak (dated; deceased)
Crimes Committed
Stole from Eve Lambert's room
Brief Character History

Lark Madison was a student in teacher Frank Scanlon's class. When he noticed a bruise on her arm, he had her taken away from her abusive mother, and let her move into the Scanlon home. She quickly made friends with Jake Marshak; the two slept together. When he learned she was underage, he angrily broke it off. Lark had a crush on Frank; when he began exhibiting wild behavior due to medicine which saved his life after he fell off the roof (saving Lark), he manipulated Lark's affections so she would do his dirty work for him. He eventually cleaned up his act, and adopted her as a daughter.

Lark was a suspect in the General Homicide murders. Around the time of the investigation, Lark visited her mother in the sanitarium. She was found dead after angrily lashing out at Lark. Frank's girlfriend Julie, and Greg Cooper were the culprits behind the murders. Lark has been away at college for a few years, and is rarely, if ever spoken of.

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