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Welcome to the Emmys, Passions
Posted Sunday, May 20, 2001 1:38:59 PM
Because so much happened behind the scenes of this year's Emmys, we've set up chatter items for each of the soaps. Click on a soap's name and you'll be taken to a page of Emmy gossip about that soap.

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Soap opera wide gossip.


When the Emmy nominations came out last year, fans of Passions bemoaned the apparent shun of the show by Emmy voters. In its first year of eligibility, Passions received zero Emmy nominations. [Note: Originally, Passions did not qualify for any Emmys. However, later, a nominee in the Outstanding Original Song category was yanked because it did not meet eligibility requirements and a song from Passions was entered into the category] That all changed this time around as the critically acclaimed soap received eight Daytime Emmy nominations this year, including a nod for Outstanding Writing Team.

Though Passions did not capitalize on any of those Emmy nominations this year, the show did earn itself respect with the nominations. Passions placed behind only As The World Turns, All My Children and The Young and the Restless in terms of total nominations this year. It placed well ahead of other soap newcomer, Port Charles, which earned only one Emmy nomination in a non-soap category.

Also this year, Passions received its very first nomination in an acting category. Josh Ryan Evans (Timmy) earned a nomination in the Younger Actor category.

Other fields in which Passions had been nominated this years are: Outstanding Drama Series Direction Team, Outstanding Achievement in Musical Direction and Composition for a Drama Series, three Outstanding Original Song Nods (For "Brown-eyed Beauty," "I Could Live Without You," and "No Puedo Olvidar.") and Outstanding Achievement in Live & Direct to Tape Sound Mixing for a Drama Series.


Some reporters behind-the-scenes at this year's awards questioned whether or not Emmy voters would take Passions seriously because of its untraditional storylines. Many felt the show had its best chance to win Emmy gold in the Directing Team category. After all, it can't be easy working with all those special effects day after day.

One of the items circulating amongst the media was a report that Paul Korver (ex-Christopher, As the World Turns) has landed a part on the show. According to an NBC spokesperson, however, Korver isn't going to be appearing on the show.


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