Passions Episodes Available For Download: Take Two
Posted Thursday, October 04, 2007 12:29:56 AM
Passions becomes the latest drama series to be available for paid downloads, but it won't be available on Apple's iTunes service. NBC has created a new way for fans without DirecTV to keep up with the show.
Passions fans still lamenting the show's move to DirecTV now have a new option to keep up with the goings on in Harmony. However, it comes with a price tag: fans can now purchase episodes of the sometimes campy soap online.

NBC is offering a subscription service it has dubbed the "All-Access Pass" that will allow viewers to watch episodes of Passions online. The service was designed as a way for viewers who do not have DirecTV to still have a way to view the show. The new service does come with one restriction: a broadband Internet connection is required in order to access the service.

Will you subscribe to NBC's new Passions download service?
 No. There's no way that I would pay to watch Passions.   81% 
 I would, bit I think that the $19.95 per month fee is a little high.   9% 
 Other   3% 
 Yes! I miss Passions and will do whatever I have to to see the show.   2% 
 I can't -- I do not have a broadband Internet connection.   2% 
 No. I have DirecTV and don't have to worry about missing the show.   2% 
 I haven't decided if I will subscribe to Passions as of right now.   1% 

The subscription costs $19.95 per month. New episodes are posted to the site Monday through Thursday. Passions no longer airs any episodes on Friday. Episodes will be available for up to eight weeks, so fans will have plenty of time to catch up on past and present episodes.

This is not the first time that Passions episodes have been available for online viewing. During the show's final year on broadcast television, episodes of Passions were available for purchase through Apple's iTunes's music and video service. The iTunes downloads have since been discontinued.

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