Meet the team is the Internet's most-visited soap opera web site. Launched on March 23, 1995, provides the latest news, comprehensive daily recaps, sneak peeks and previews, character profiles, interviews, and more for all of your favorite past and present soaps.

On January 8, 2010, launched Soap Central Live, a live, weekly Internet radio program in partnership with the Voice America Talk Radio Network. Every Friday at 6pm Eastern/3pm Pacific, host Dan J Kroll talks with the biggest stars from the world of entertainment.

Founder/Editor-In-Chief: Dan J Kroll
Editor: Lisa Svenson

News Desk: Liz Fisher, Chanel S. Garner, Liz Masters

Daily Recaps: Chanel S. Garner, Pam Parker, Mike Bradford, Carrie Spaulding, Elizabeth Marince, Diane Puglisi, Marissa DiPilla, Liz Masters, Anne Carpenter, Isaac Mayo, Jenny Smith

Two Scoops Commentary: Adam-Michael James, Tracy B. Lovell, Laurisa M, Tony S, Liz Masters, Tamilu Waite, Teddi Giggy, Maggie Boone, Lynda Hirsch

Character Profiles: Adam-Michael James, Sue McLean, Jessica Cattarozzle

Soap Central Live: Created and hosted by Dan J Kroll in Association with Voice America Talk Radio
Engineers: Randy Jackman, Ryan Champion, Matt Weidner
Booking: Bren Coombs, Katrina Walker
Transcription: Tracey Davenport

Video: Dajuan Bahame

Photography Director: Kat Guarino,

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