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How to succeed in business in Genoa City? Nepotism!
For the Week of December 3, 2012
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Have you noticed that Devon, Kyle, and Phyllis are all in cushy corporate jobs just because they're related (or were once married) to the CEOs? I have. Clearly, nepotism works in Genoa City. Kevin Fisher, on the other hand, can't catch a break and is back getting into trouble with his computer. We're discovering how to get ahead in business Genoa City style in this week's Two Scoops!

You can tell that there is a new head writer working at The Young and the Restless because suddenly there are characters doing things that they seemingly never wanted to do before. Number one on this list has to be Devon. For what reason would he give up his own music studio, which was a success, to go to work for Jabot cosmetics? This makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. Devon even had ear surgery to improve his hearing to be a better music producer, remember? But now we're supposed to believe he's more interested in perfume and mascara?

Devon appearing in the Jabot offices in a suit and tie and acting like he's gung-ho about this new opportunity is disingenuous. He's a character that has wanted to stand on his own two feet and establish his autonomy. Getting a job from Neil is not Devon's style.

And to make matters worse, Neil really thinks he's doing right by his son. He went on and on about how Devon was a worthy beneficiary of this plum assignment, but to me it sounded like he was trying to convince himself. The bottom line is that Devon only received the opportunity because Neil is his father.

It also seems wrong that Neil wants Cane to become Devon's mentor. Neil marginalized his son-in-law by basically telling him to teach everything he knows to Devon. Cane has worked hard to learn everything he knows about the business and believes he could have been the company's CEO. Jack chose Neil instead, so Cane had to suck it up and accept that.

But now, instead of being on the fast track to a bigger role with Jabot, Cane's getting the shaft. Neil is predisposed to favor Devon over Cane. Asking Cane to groom his successor, Devon, is inappropriate. Neil cannot be oblivious to what he's doing. He's insulting Cane with every earnest request, like having Cane's ideas run by Devon first. At some point, I expect this to blow up, perhaps when Neil walks into his office and finds Cane boffing Lily on his desk. Cane and Lily really, really should have known better, don't you think?

I don't recognize Neil Winters these days. It's not like him to be unfair, but it's coming off that way. And while it's interesting that Cane finally has some conflict in his life, I don't buy this storyline. It takes more than a new suit to make someone capable of succeeding in business. Devon is not cut out for Jabot.

For that matter, is Kyle really right for Newman Enterprises? What kind of experience has he had? He appeared at Newman Enterprises as some hotshot young executive after a one-month internship on Wall Street. Does that prepare him for the corporate jungle? It was about a year ago that Kyle was going off to ice hockey camp and had yet to start high school! Now all of a sudden he's going to be Jack's right-hand man? Did he pick up a college diploma somewhere along the way?

Clearly, corporate experience is not too important in Genoa City. If you have the right last name and connections, you're on your way. Take Phyllis, for example. How much experience does she have? Yes, yes, I know; she once worked for Newman Enterprises. But lately her expertise has been in blogging and muckraking and gossip mongering. How will she use those skills in Newman research and development?

The one thing these three characters, Devon, Kyle, and Phyllis, have in common is connections. Y&R is telling viewers that it's not what you know that matters, but whom you know. Devon and Kyle only have their cushy new jobs because of who their fathers are. Phyllis has a great new career because she was once married to the CEO. It makes you feel bad for a character without connections, like Kevin Fisher.

With Kevin's computer skills and creativity, not to mention ambition, wouldn't you want to hire him faster than Devon or Kyle? I would. Sure, Kevin's got a checkered past, but who doesn't in Genoa City? Still, Kevin can't seem to catch a break. He was completely bamboozled out of TagNGrab thanks to Adam, and Tucker showed no sympathy for Kevin and Chloe when he gave them a nominal buyout and took the company from them.

Considering the fact that Kevin's brother is an attorney, would you explain to me why Kevin signed that deal with Adam without first having the contract vetted by Michael? It's not so long ago that Michael was Victor's top legal advisor. Michael would have seen the traps in Adam's contract and protected Kevin and Chloe. That's assuming that Kevin would have listened to Michael.

Kevin should be listening to Michael now because he's careening headfirst into trouble. It's understandable that Kevin is disappointed about TagNGrab's demise, and it's believable that Kevin would be upset that all his hard work was for naught. However, Kevin has been the author of his own misery when it comes to his financial troubles.

Don't get me wrong. A lot of people run up credit card debt or get second mortgages to invest in small businesses. You hear about it all the time. But that doesn't change the fact that Kevin really should have been discussing his financial solutions with Chloe. She's asked him over and over how he plans to fix the problems they have, and he tells her nothing. From the looks of things at the end of last week, Kevin's broken the law to get some money. That's a quagmire he is not going to climb out of anytime soon, and what's worse, he may lose Chloe in the process.

Truth be told, Chloe's advice when she heard about the bank payment was sound. Kevin and Chloe should sell the house. They could live very comfortably in a condo or townhouse. They're young and only have one child. They don't need a big house, especially one that they inherited and Chloe never wanted.

And while we're on the subject of Kevin's finances, why is Crimson Lights not making any money? Everybody in Genoa City goes to the coffeehouse at least once or twice a day. Don't they pay for those lattes and brownies? Michael had lunch there the other day with Fen. Surely he paid for those burgers, right? (Is there a kitchen where they cooked that food? Where?) Maybe it's time for Kevin to raise the price of a cup of coffee or expand the menu?

The money from the sale of the house -- or a new and improved Crimson Lights -- could finance Chloe's half of the business with Chelsea, clear up Kevin's debts, and get them into a new home. What's wrong with that? Sadly, I think that solution makes too much sense. Kevin is too self-destructive to do the smart thing.

I sense that Adam is also bound and determined to ruin the good thing he has going with Chelsea. Once he placed Sharon into Dr. Watkins' care, he should have backed away. Noah has asked him to disengage, but Adam seemingly cannot let go. It's created a rift in his marriage to Chelsea, and things are bound to get worse. To me the problem is that Adam wants it all, being Chelsea's husband and Sharon's savior.

Chelsea is entitled to bitch about the current situation, but her constant haranguing Adam and then marching upstairs in anger is just driving him away. Have you watched the way he's been yanking his hair in frustration? I'm surprised he hasn't developed a bald spot! Something's gotta give, and I suspect it'll be the marriage, especially when Adam learns that Chelsea threatened to tell Victor that Sharon burned down the ranch. I don't see Adam as understanding or forgiving when he hears that Chelsea betrayed his trust.

Speaking of Victor, isn't it about time he stops pushing his children to rescue Newman Enterprises and just does it himself? Victor seems perfectly healthy again. He's actually looking better than Jack. Instead of browbeating Nick and coercing Victoria, "Herr" Newman should just retake Newman Enterprises in his own devious way. Then he won't be beholden to anyone. And considering Jack's vulnerable state, it should be a piece of cake for Victor.

As the holidays are upon us, I'm predicting that Jack's going to be this season's character in need of a visit from the ghosts of Christmas. He's already been getting regular visits from John, but maybe he should also have his life re-examined by characters he's mistreated, like Ashley and Patty. Jack needs to get his priorities in order because he's out of whack with his fixation on business.

I have newfound respect for Nick Newman after the way he stood up to his father. It was about time and perhaps indicative of Avery's positive effect on him. The Avery-Nick romance is one of the bright spots of the show right now, although some of you still want Nick to return to Sharon or Phyllis…yet again. But I'm liking this change of pace. It's nice to see two attractive characters just connect in a normal way. Compared to Nick's relationships with Sharon and Phyllis, the romance with Avery has a lot going for it, starting with honesty. Let's see how long it is before something -- or someone -- mucks it up for them.

While I was enjoying Nick and Avery, I was disappointed when Nick subtly encouraged Victoria to dump Billy. Granted, Nick had just learned that Billy had kept the truth about Victor's amnesia from the Newmans and let them suffer thinking that Victor was dead, but it's not like Billy didn't have reasons for exacting some revenge on his father-in-law. Victor's crimes against Victoria and Billy are legendary, like having her arrested on their wedding day. Victor also had Chelsea entrap Billy with a baby before Billy was tossed into a Myanmar prison. By comparison, Billy's actions in L.A. were mild.

And yet to the Newman family, Billy is a screwup who's not good enough for Victoria. I'm trying to figure out why Victoria continues to forgive her father. Of course she loves him, but Victor has been a horrible parent. Remember, too, Victoria still doesn't have custody of Reed because of Victor's interference.

Maybe if Victoria and Nick spent a little time with Adam, the black sheep, they'd see Victor without filters. Adam has issues and will forever be out to prove himself, but I think he understands Victor much better than his siblings. They could learn a thing or two from him…if they ever bothered to speak with him.

That's it for this week, fellow fans. So, till the next time, let's take a look at some letters from the mailbox. And remember to click here to send me your thoughts. They could very well appear in a future column!

And don't forget you can also share your opinions on our new 24/7 feedback line. Call 267.341.7627 and record your comments or questions, and they may appear here in a future column, or they could be played during our weekly all-things-soap radio show, Soap Central Live!

  • Why is Phyllis getting away with everything she has done with running down Paul and Christine and tampering with evidence? She should be held accountable even though she lost her marriage to Nick. So who is the worst one, Phyllis (for attempting murder) or Sharon for burning down the house? -- Sabiha

  • What you overlook about Chelsea's attitude about Sharon is that it's not just that Adam lied to his new wife about hiding his house-burning, crazy ex... it is that he did so when Chelsea herself is still recovering from losing her baby in that crash. I suppose I can't blame you for forgetting, though, since it is an event that seems to have been forgotten so quickly by all involved (writers included). Your first baby dies when your car is hit by some self-absorbed, blonde heiress bitch, who didn't seem to be punished in the least. Now why should anyone spare that a moment's thought? As for Adam, please... how much lying did he do to his loving wife during the whole thing, no matter how easy the truth would have been, or when it seemed to be coming out? Just why would she trust him? Think he would be so forgiving if she started lying so much to him? -- David

  • Victor is reprehensible. If I were Billy, I would try a little blackmail of my own. When Victor threatened to tell Victoria about L.A., wanting him to leave the house, Billy should've told Victor, 'Okay. But if I do, I'm taking MY son with me.' Give Victor a taste of his own medicine. What an odious creature! -- Colleen


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