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For the Week of March 17, 2014
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Sharon and Nick grew closer as Sharon closed in on the truth about ghost Cassie. Victoria tried to save her marriage, but the ghost of Billy's affair kept them apart. Victor thought that Chelsea was seeing ghosts but agreed to search for Adam anyway. Lily refused to give up the ghost of spites past. Against all odds, Kevin thought that his marriage to Chloe had a ghost of a chance.

Last column, I mentioned that I had returned from a trip south. What I didn't tell you was that, much like a soap character discovers a long-lost child, I discovered a step-godson that I had "forgotten" about. I morphed into an instant grandparent the moment he reminded me that I had promised him at twelve that he could live with me when he turned eighteen and finished high school.

So far, so good, since we returned home. He got a job right away. He cleans the bathroom and takes out the garbage in return for room and board. Not only did he have the advantage of growing up in a home with good parents before he got to me, I didn't have to parent his parents either! How did I get so lucky?

The best news of all is that after only two weeks, I've managed to addict him to The Young and the Restless! Now that I'm in my dotage, it's the perfect time to have a strong, strapping, handsome, intelligent young man in my life, if only to talk trash about my imaginary friends in Genoa City!

We were both on the edge of our seats, eager to find out what had happened to Adam last week, after we saw that hand wearing Adam's wedding ring, attached to a body lying in a hospital bed in a creepy room. It was obvious that Adam is alive and that Chelsea has every reason to feel haunted by the ghost of Adam present.

One fan asked about my ideas for a recast, At first no one popped out, but then I thought perhaps Greg Vaughan, who played Lucky on General Hospital and is now on Days of our Lives, or Brandon Barash, former Johnny on GH. Even better would be an established actor who is ready to settle down to a steady paycheck and has a "ghost of a chance" to wow us with his dazzling acting. I welcome your thoughts on Adam's replacement! But be quick. I heard it through the grapevine that Adam will be back on canvas very soon.

I was very sad to read that Elizabeth Hendrickson is leaving The Young and the Restless. Lots of you expressed the same feeling in your email. I wasn't a fan of Chloe's character or her character's very poor advice, but she made me laugh, and I cried with her and sympathized with her, not only when Chloe lost her child, but also when she took Connor. The actress is terrific, and I do hate to see her go, but she is at an age where career decisions are important, so I support Hendrickson's decision and wish her well.

I wonder what will happen to Kevin's character. His main aim lately has been to anchor Chloe. If Chloe is written off, will Kevin go with her, or will Chloe just drift to the background and be talked about as though she's still around, like an unseen, ghostly specter. That would be a good solution -- gone, but not forgotten -- and meanwhile, Kevin could get promoted to detective and become a crime fighter with all the spirited yet ineffective logic that is the long-standing hallmark of the Genoa City Police Department.

Speaking of ineffective detectives, both Paul and Dylan were equally perplexed by Ian's cryptic clue that there was something that neither of them knew. Since Paul's scenes are now juxtaposed with Dylan's scenes, Madame Zelda of Soapbusters fame has just informed me that there is a ghost of a chance that Dylan will find out that he is a son to both Nikki and Paul. (She says to remember that just before we found out that Dylan was Nikki's son, Nikki's scenes were juxtaposed with Dylan's scenes, too.) Talk about pulling Victor's chain! Can you imagine the fallout from that?

If another Soapbusters prediction from a fan is true*, that Sharon is Dylan's sister, then Paul could be Sharon's father too. That would be awesome and give Paul the adult family I've wished for him to have in Genoa City. But wait a minute, if all my wishes are true, why aren't I writing for this soap? Speaking of wishes, those of us rooting for a Sharon and Nick reunion just had one fulfilled.

Even though we know that it will be short-lived, it was great to see a mature version of the Sharon and Nick of old. It's true that the wait for Sharon's secret to become known has been excruciating, but since we know that making love on a soap is the kiss of death for happiness whenever anyone harbors an untold secret, then under Soapbusters rules, the paternity truth has to be revealed PDQ. And surely, eventually, even someone as dense as Nick has got to realize that Sharon is not hallucinating but seeing a real person.

I'm amazed that Nick could only hear Sharon's voice when he was lying in her bed after they made love. Fake Cassie said a lot of words and made noise, including opening and closing a door, before Nick managed to get down the stairs. He didn't hear the scuffle or the door shut, and he didn't feel the cold draft of air that must have filled the room. Nick just assumed that Sharon had had a hallucination and tripped. Later, in the cemetery, he didn't even look for fresh footprints in the snow. If he had, he would have spotted his undead daughter hiding three feet away.

Nick just assumed that Sharon's hallucination was so strong that Sharon could imagine a warm, living body. Sharon didn't help her case by blurting out that Cassie was alive. She should at least have considered a look-alike, but -- big sigh -- "It's only a soap!" Soapbusters to Nick: You know what they say about assuming!

I do agree with Madame Zelda that undead Cassie will prove to be dead Cassie's twin. The "twin a mother never knew she had" is a tried-and-true soap opera plot device, and I can accept it in this instance if it smoothes the path for Nick and Sharon. Once we finally get Summer's paternity and Phyllis' accident cleared up, I think that Nick can get past Sharon's actions and forgive her because of twin Cassie.

There is no doubt in my mind that Nick and Sharon make a great couple and are decent parents -- if you don't count bratty Faith, but she is a child who has had some terrible, though loving, parenting from her mentally unstable mother and her selfish father, who discounted his child's negative feelings toward his intended in his mad dash to wed. Whew, that was a mouthful! Sorry, I was temporarily overcome by the spirit of ghost rants past.

Several of you commented* that there is not a lot of chemistry between NuBilly and Victoria, and I agree, but not because I don't think Tom is doing a respectable job in the role. I think that it often takes time for an on-screen couple to develop a believable relationship, just like it does in real life. I don't expect to see instant chemistry between NuAdam and Chelsea either, but I do expect that actors of the caliber of both Tom and Heinle will find their way to each other and forge a believable bond. So far, the only instant heat I've seen was between Stitch and Ashley.* My face was so flushed after they met that I had to fan myself!

Even though, at present, it is hard to imagine Victoria with anyone but Billy, they've only been together for four years! Victoria has had four other marriages before Billy! He may be her true love, but reuniting old lovers and giving them a chance to romance each other again is always a thrill for us viewers. Look at the many times and the many ways that Victor and Nikki have parted and reunited. They were all fun. Yes, it's time for those two to settle down, but the young ones have a ways to go if they are going to be restless enough to beat Nikki's record of twelve weddings!

Twelve reminds me of the Seattle Seahawks, which reminds me of Michael Robinson's appearance as Chief of Sales for Newman-Chancellor in Seattle. Michael did a credible acting job, and I loved all the football references that they used in the dialogue. The Seahawks had an incredible season. I hate to see Golden Tate go, but he, like Billy Miller, wanted a better offer and did not get it. The Seahawks will probably lose some other valuable players, just like Y&R has lost valuable actors, but I have faith that the Seahawks management will replace those leaving with equal or superior players. I can only hope that Y&R does the same.

The management at Y&R could learn an important lesson from the Seahawks. Y&R has lost several key actors and needs to rebuild its cast. Just like football teams have to fill specific positions on the field, soap operas have to fill specific characters. For instance, you need a patriarch and matriarch; you need Hatfields and McCoys with several generations of family. And like a winning football team needs a superior game plan, a winning soap needs great storylines.

I don't think that the storylines are terrible right now, but I definitely think that Y&R should rethink its draft plan (new actors) and free agency (established actors, like Stafford, Miller, and Hendrickson). Phyllis needs to return to Genoa City ASAP, and Jack needs some romance. I'm tired of him moping around. Get Adam back and prove him innocent. Put Delia's ghost to rest.

Jack had me completely fooled when he had lunch with Kelly the other day. I really thought he was being compassionate, and perhaps moving past Phyllis, so I was surprised when he pulled out that big check. I was yelling at Kelly, "Take the money and run," and so was my godson, but she just tore up the check and huffed off. Genoa City must be one terrific town if you prefer living in a place where you have no friends, except a shrew, and nobody wants to know your name, rather than taking a big check and moving on.

Obviously, Kelly is not over Billy. I have to admit that Watros does the doe-eyed sad sack very well. One reader suggested* that when Kelly grabbed her stomach while she was talking to Jack, it was an indication that she was pregnant with Billy's baby. I think that makes perfect sense, and I wish I had thought of it!

It's a known Soapbusters axiom that unprotected sex and one-night, adulterous, stands always result in pregnancy, especially if the wife of the male cheater has tried unsuccessfully to get pregnant, and/or not being able to conceive a child together is the one dark spot in their marriage. If it's a female cheater, she gets pregnant, and her husband is infertile.

Kelly and Stitch* had a revealing moment when she called him a murderer. I went back and reviewed recaps of when Kelly met Billy. She told Billy that if she had bought Sam a basketball hoop instead of a bicycle, her son would still be alive. She didn't actually say how Sam died. Later when she found out that Stitch's wife, Jenna, was divorcing him, she said that she had not meant to reveal the truth to Stitch's wife; it had "slipped" out. She added that Jenna was going to find out sooner or later.

I can think of some explanations; either Stitch was responsible for the injury that killed Sam, or he was the doctor who could not save Sam. But why would he have Sam's birthday in his calendar, and why are Stitch and Kelly so familiar with each other? I suppose it's also possible that they are Sam's parents, but Stitch doesn't seem like a man who has lost a child. Maybe they are siblings*, and it was Stitch who failed to keep careful watch of Sam. Hopefully all will be revealed next week or sometime before I'm way past old and gray.

I don't know what evil spirit has invaded Lily's brain, but she has certainly been exhibiting an exaggerated sense of her own importance*. Despite needing Jabot more than Jabot needs the Athletic Club, Lily insulted Hilary and went above both Neil and Hilary's heads directly to Jack because Lily thinks that she is more important to the project than Hilary is. I'm guessing that Lily is in for a very rude awakening. If I know anything about the corporate world, and I do, Lily is about to find out that she's the peckee, not the pecker, in this pecking order.

I don't understand how someone who is that conceited and self-centered can possibly be either a good mother or a good wife. If she didn't have that "smokin' hot body," would Cane kick her and her shrewish behavior to the curb? Lily needs to cut Hilary some slack and get over herself. Everyone else has.

I've never warmed to the Ashbys. The whole family could leave town, and I wouldn't even wave goodbye, but Hilary is growing on me. That girl can act; she's pretty, and she wears clothes beautifully -- okay, okay, I've admitted many times that I'm shallow about things like that! Both she and Sharon wore black underneath blinding white tops that looked stunning. I loved imagining that I could look as good in those outfits as either one of them and not soil the outfit with food, drink, or ballpoint pen -- Yes, I am delusional, but I am loving it!

Hilary makes me have warm feelings for Devon (in a big sis way), or maybe, I'm just like Esmerelda, and he's only interesting because he's got tons of money I'd like to help spend. Nope, don't think so. In my opinion, a Devon/Hilary pairing would be interesting even if he were poor. Devon would still be an annoying dweeb in need of a good woman, but I love those kind of romantic stories.

I got over my crush on Neil really fast when readers pointed out* that Neil is a serial "marry-er," and I had fallen for his spiel. They reminded me that Neil would dump me like a hot rock as soon as another damsel in distress appeared. Luckily I returned to my senses and saw the man behind the marriage curtain.

My latest crush is Colin, or "Bad Boy-o Scorpio" as I like to call him. If Colin is telling the truth about his love for Jill, she could do a lot worse. Maybe Colin can give up his murdering, thieving ways and settle down with her. Let's hope he's not behind the Bonaventure mess. I think that Ian Ward should be the brains of that operation because, ultimately, Victor will have to take Ian down in order to retain his "top dog" status. Meanwhile, I'm dreaming of Colin until my fickle nature finds another seasoned hunk to adore.

Finally, am I the only person who finds it odd that Sharon's former shrink was discussing Sharon's confidential information in a public place, with someone who was not Sharon's doctor, while Victor eavesdropped? I'm not very impressed with Leslie or Avery, either, after Avery spilled the beans to Leslie about Dylan's parentage -- in the same coffee shop -- and then Leslie took it upon herself to tell Nikki what to do. What part of confidential* don't these people understand? If I ever say that I'm going to see a psychiatrist on a confidential matter, will someone please tell me to get my head examined?

YouScoops: Letters from the email bag
About Billy Boy:
After reading some of the hateful comments about David Tom's Billy, I wanted to say how much I like his performances. Aside from the character he plays (we may not always like that!), I noticed how he stepped into this very difficult, pivotal role and delivered powerful scenes. -- ELISE

We love Billy no one can replace him he's perfect for the character…the guy who's played him for the past 6 or 7 yrs was the best ever … -- KATY

All about Kelly:
I am so happy that Cady McClain is getting the character of "Kelly" on Y&R!! I go way back to All My Children many years ago when she played the role Of "Dixie". Cady has always been a favorite of mine and I wish her well!!! -- SANDY

I was hoping the Kelly character would go bye bye. Can't say I am crazy about anyone being her... -- DODIE

I wouldn't be surprised if Kelly is pregnant with Billy's child if you noticed how she held her stomach. It would make more sense to pair Jack with Kelly. -- CATHY

With a side of Stitch:
You said..."The only other reveal about this mysterious couple was that Stitch and Kelly talked of Sam on Sam's birthday. No clues there." about Kelly and Ben. I thought that was the biggest reveal so far. Ben told Kelly the reason he remembered Sam's B-day was because he got a reminder on his phone. Which means that he would most likely be Ben's nephew. Ben also calls Kelly by the nickname of Kel. So if they aren't related the only other thing I can come up with is that they had a relationship before he married his wife and hid it. Thanks for the Two Scoops. -- LINDA

It may sound kind of out there but I have been wondering if maybe Stitch is Kelly's brother and they had a falling out after her son's death. Lily asked Kelly once if she had family to support her in her loss and she said in a rather bitter way "Not exactly." They also seem to have a relationship that has existed for a while to me...she casually refers to him as "Ben" and not "Stitch" or "Doctor." She also recently commented to him about a personality trait of his...I can't remember the exact line but it was something to the effect "You always have been..." He also vehemently told Dylan that he would never cheat on his wife so she isn't a former fling. I don't know but I could see them as estranged siblings...she felt he let her down in her time of need and paid him back by revealing a marriage wrecking secret of his to his wife. Just a theory... -- MICHELLE

Love Steve Burton..yeah and Oh my God! Thank you For Doctor Ben!!!! Stitch is so Hot and he can act!!! WoW Thank you Y&R... For two great leading men. Sad Watros is leaving. She had great chemistry with everyone -- CHERYL

Supporting Sharon:
I am a big Sharon fan and hate what they have done to her. And how easily everyone glosses over their own horrible behavior but vilify Sharon. I was thinking the same thing as someone else -- Sharon had twins and did not know it. Pretty soon a mother/daughter reunion and all will be forgiven. -- MURRY

Sharon. She is not evil. She is crazy. The "sane" people around her have all done things just as bad or worse. Phyllis has deliberately killed or tried to kill. She somehow gets a pass on everything. Sharon has only killed or maimed accidentally. And everyone in town has basically added to her insanity. Nick has been as abusive as everyone else. Any trouble she has caused has been a reaction to being persecuted or just because she is CRAZY. I am so tired of everyone hating her. They are collectively and individually far worse than she is. I would like to see her find a brand new love, someone from out of town and tell everyone else to drop dead, I don't need you or your garbage any more, I am going to have a healthy relationship and live a triumphant life. -- JUDI

Not feeling it for Neil:
Leslie and Neil: Congratulations for understanding your man. The only woman Neil ever wants is one he does not have (particularly if she is with his brother). Once married, it is only a matter of time, usually not very long, until he cheats. You want to keep Neil in love with you, DON'T marry him -- JUDI

Neil explaining marriage to Leslie was a joke. How many times has he been married?? It was as though he was trying to grind her into submission. If I were Leslie, I would run as fast and as far as I could to get away from that controlling person. -- COLLEEN

What?? Are you nuts?? Neil is your new crush? Honestly, I don't know which was worse for me -- boring, bland Neil, or begging, whining Neil. He reminded me of nothing so much as a boy on prom night telling his girl that if she loves him she'll give him what he wants, regardless how she feels about it. She had already explained herself to him, and rather than giving her some time for her feelings on marriage to evolve, or to build further trust in their relationship, he demanded "now now now! you agree to do it my way or I'm taking my toys and going home!" This is not the kind of guy who makes a romantic love story! Why would ANY woman believe his protestations that marriage before God is so sacred to him?? -- ERIN

Thank you ladies for bringing me to my senses and pointing out the error of my ways! I have seen the light. Hallelujah!

The going of Chloe:
I am sorry to hear that Elizabeth Hendrickson is planning on leaving Y & R. Although I don't like the way she has been acting lately, I hate to see her character being written out of the show. I feel so bad for Kevin -- he just cannot seem to get a break. He loves Chloe and after the life he has had, he finally deserves some happiness. So if Elizabeth is leaving, then why not just re-cast the character and give Kevin and Chloe a nice life at least for a while? Maybe Chloe could get pregnant (of course by Kevin!) -- If that happened, Kevin would be on top of the world !!! -- JOAN

If true, I'll miss Chloe. Y & R needs a resident loud mouth ditz. When she's not kidnapping infants and taking them to Paris, she's just like her mom, Esther. -- JOHN

Chloe leaving sucks...just another great one leaving the Y&R...never said if they were recasting her or if she is just going away leaving the door open for a return. Hate losing all the actors I so love to watch!!! -- MAGGIE

Glad to see her go...never liked Chloe. -- MARIE

A touch of "flava"
Why don't you bring in (Drake) the rapper as Devon's cousin and let Michael Erlich sing. He has a nice voice, also let Joshua Morrow, Bryton James, Michael Erlich sing as a group. Need some flava in the show. Let Cane, Tyler, Dylan and Stitch strip tease. -- PEACHES

I think you're on to something, Peaches! That's a man band I would love to see.

Lily Vanilli:
My goodness! What crawled up Lily's you-know-what and took residence??!! She really is one nasty b*tch! Sure, Hilary did some rather awful things, but Lilly needs to get over herself. And now, she's mad at Leslie for dumping Neil. So what! It's Leslie's life, has nothing to do with Lilly. She needs to grow up, stop flinging her hands all over the place and raise her kids. And really, who would want Cane anyway. He's so vanilla. -- COLLEEN

It's only a soap. Who needs actual evidence?
Since Leslie and Avery are in a law "partnership" Leslie cannot take the Ian Ward case due to conflicts (Avery being Dylan's girlfriend). Despite the poorly written line for Avery "that she would not interfere with Leslie's choice of clients." The prosecutor would have demanded that Leslie step down and the judge would have agreed. Second, the tape most assuredly would be thrown out due to chain of custody. For it to be properly served, Nikki would have to have given it to Paul first (police) -- not her son. But I grouse about the legal procedures all the time (Sharon being tried for murder that took place in Hawaii -- don't get me started). And then I tell myself "it's a soap." Sometimes that helps. -- MURRY

Final thoughts
After reading these insightful emails, you now know where I get all my good ideas, so keep those Soapbusters cards and letters pouring in, folks! Help me preserve the illusion that I am a legend in my own mind!

I have a big shout-out to Donna, who lives in Australia where Y&R is about six months behind us. She reads ahead at Soap Central, just like we do. It takes a strong person to wait six months for a reveal, which I can barely wait a week for! Way to go, mate!

Until next time, dear friends, remember that there is always that ghost of a chance that if you soap, soap, soap, soap, Soapbusters will wash your cares away -- at least temporarily!

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Y&R casts child actor Dax Randall as Neil's son, Moses | The Young and the Restless
Y&R casts child actor Dax Randall as Neil's son, Moses
Posted Monday, November 21, 2016 5:20:14 AM
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The Young and the Restless has recast the part of Neil's son, Moses, with child actor Dax Randall.

Thanksgiving is going to be quite a special occasion for The Young and the Restless' Neil (Kristoff St. John), because his son, Moses, is coming home for the holidays.

The CBS soap has cast young actor Dax Randall in the role, which is set to begin airing on Tuesday, November 22.

Sadly, those hoping for a full family reunion may be disappointed: Moses' mom, Sofia (Julia Pace Mitchell) won't be joining in on the Thanksgiving appearance.

Reps for Y&R haven't dished on how long Randall's Moses will be sticking around in Genoa City, but for Neil's sake, we're hoping he'll at least stay through Christmas.

Check out a reel of the tiny tot's work below, and then let us know what you think about Y&R bringing Moses home for Thanksgiving.

What are your thoughts on The Young and the Restless? What did you think of this week's Two Scoops? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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